Chapter 285 – 15 year old Inglis and the Eastern Front (16)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1920 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 848 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Wh-, WHAT………?! Is that the truth, Lady Inglis?!」

When Inglis revealed the truth regarding the Hyrule Menaces and the Holy Knights, Redas shouted, his voice shaking the lodging house.

「It is without a doubt. I understand that it is hard to believe, regardless…」

「Indeed, in all the anecdotes I heard, every single Holy Knight who fought Prisma died in battle, but… they all died due to how fierce a battle against Prisma is!! So I believed that my baby brother Silva would surely be able to break through such a tragic trend, and yet…!」

「Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Hyrule Menaces are purposely designed in such a way that the Holy Knights would never turn their weapons to the Highland. They are made so that the Prisma won’t disrupt the operations of Midland, especially since this is where the Highland acquire their food, while also keeping the Holy Knights, the strongest force on Midland, controlled. And it is rather effective if I must say so. It has kept the relationship between the Midland and the Highland steady for many years.」

「Grr……! If so, Lady Inglis! You mean to say that Hyrule Menaces are as much guardian deities for the people of Midland as they are grim reapers for Silva and other Holy Knights?!」

「That is one way to see it, yes. That is precisely why this fact may only be revealed to a limited number of people. Should the public know of this, there will be many who will resent and even rebel against the Hyrule Menaces. That is a concern for any ruler. In fact, there is no other real way to protect a Midland country except relying on the Hyrule Menaces! In order to keep the country united, having the people believe that Hyrule Menaces are their goddess is the only way. The fact that even someone of your stature, Mister Redas, is in the dark is proof of that. Perhaps, only the Holy Knights themselves and the royal family are in the know.」

「N-, no way… Even if you, of all people, told me, I still can’t believe it!」
「But, Sir Redas, th-this is the truth! Leone’s older brother…… Sir Leon himself said it before… that what Miss Inglis said is the truth! He immediately understood what Miss Inglis was about to say……」

「Yup. You have it right, Liselotte.」

「No way…… Big brother… I, I never knew…… So this was, this is what’s tearing you up…」

Leone’s voice trembled as she threw her gaze away.

「……Perhaps, Mister Leon felt that the current situation is not enough for him to truly protect the people of Midland! Indeed, he might be able to continue being a Holy Knight and protect the people of this country from Prismas, but he would never be able to protect them from the Highland and the Highlanders…」

「Y-, yeah… Right…… he should’ve come and talked with us, then……」

Leone’s hands, clasped tightly on her chest, were shaking minutely. Her face was away from Inglis so she couldn’t tell, but Inglis was sure Leone was taking her all to hold back her tears.

「It didn’t change the fact that he had put you and the entire Arlman town in a tight spot! I’m sure he feels that he has no right to face you.」

「……That sounds like him. He’s usually so carefree, but he’s more sincere than anyone else!」
「……I know.」

Inglis smiled, gently placing her hand on Leone’s shoulder. From the opposite side, Liselotte offered her a warm embrace.

「However, big brother Rafa is different from Mister Leon! Even if he could do nothing to correct the relationship between the Highland and Midland…… he sees himself as someone who has to stand strong to protect the people against Prisma. There is no correct answer, it is all about perspective. They both know that, which is why big brother Rafa didn’t reproach Mister Leon, and Mister Leon asked me to go and save big brother Rafa.」

「Yes, yes…」

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「They must have been fighting their own battles in places we don’t know, have they…」

Leone and Liselotte nodded deeply at Inglis’ words. Rafinha, wordlessly, came closer to Inglis and hugged her tight.

「Rani… it must be shocking for you. I know it’s a bit hard to chew on, but are you doing okay?」

「……I’m sorry, Glis!」


「Something like this… it must be hard to keep it to yourself. I’m sorry I never noticed it.」

「Rani…… Thank you. You’re kind…」

Suddenly being told about this under these circumstances, must have been shocking for her, and yet Rafinha was worried about Inglis first and foremost. Seeing her growing up to be such a kind and resolute girl was a good thing. As someone who has watched Rafinha growing up, Inglis was proud.

「I am okay. I’m sorry I kept it from you. Miss Ripple had asked me to keep it a secret, you see…」

「……I’m kinda mad about that bit, though!」

Rafinha then fiercely tightened her arms around Inglis.


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