Chapter 272 – 15 year old Inglis and the Eastern Front (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1914 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 864 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

The distance between them was shrinking. No new magic stone beasts were born, but, between Eris and Ripple, someone shuddered faster than the other.

「Ugh! Eris…」
「I know, Ripple. This is…」
「Yup… It could even start moving anytime now!」

Both Eris and Ripple had spent a long time as Hyrule Menaces. They no longer even pondered or counted how many years had passed. They had even faced Prismas in their full strength more than once or twice.

That was why they knew. This overwhelmingly powerful force said to be capable of destroying a nation. Despite never wanting to experience it again, they had been confronted with similar presences many times in the past. And that presence was exactly what they felt from the Prisma in the ice coffin in front of them.

It wouldn’t even be a surprise if it suddenly woke up and came out of its coffin. The fact that it was still inert within its ice bed was simply a fickle quirk. How long this fickleness would last, they had no idea.

Perhaps, it might stay that way for years or even decades if left alone. Or, perhaps, it might even wake up and start moving at the drop of a hat. There was no way for either Eris or Ripple to know what the Prisma was thinking.

「Yet another time to fight a Prisma! And, once again……」

Each time the Prisma resurrected, it would be the time the Hyrule Menaces would show her true power. A Holy Knight would wield a weaponized Hyrule Menace in his hand, confront the Prisma as the last hope for the people, and ultimately throw away his life.

Should he win or lose, the Holy Knight could not be saved either way. Eris had seen it many times. No matter how many times she tried to resist it, it was a fate she could not change.

This time, it was Raphael’s turn. And it will be soon… Eris could never get used to it, no matter how many times she experienced it, nor could she get used to the pain in her heart.

Eris’ hands began to tremble, and Ripple gently grasped them with her own hand. Eris was often seen as a brusque, apathetic outsider, but that was not the case. She was much more sensitive and gentler than any others. While it was inevitable as they were Hyrule Menaces, for the Holy Knight and their loved ones, it was no different than being their grim reaper.

That pained her so much that Eris’ solution to it was to keep a certain distance away to avoid getting involved with the Holy Knight and everyone around. It was because of how concerned she was that Eris became much more upset about death than anyone else. And Ripple made it her mission to support her.

「If anyone can change anything, it’s that girl, Inglis! I’m sure she can change something this time! Her personality aside, her power is really unbelievable, I say!」
「Y-, you’re right! Yes. That’s all we can do for now……」
「Either way, let’s go back and report about this! Let’s try not to irritate the Prisma and keep it as it is. In the meantime, why don’t we have Inglis come over?」
「Won’t Raphael object to that? I don’t think he wants that girl to face too much danger…」
「……That sounds like him. In Inglis’s case though, I think she’ll get happier the more dangerous a place you bring her to, so this might give him a chance to get closer to her, you know?」
「Well, that’s a problem they need to sort out by themselves. And that is only if the Prisma starts moving. Anyway, instead of Raphael, let’s talk to the Special Envoy first about summoning her. We also need to tell everyone about the current state of Prisma.」
「Yeah, I guess. Maybe that’s a better idea… if only the Venefian Army would stay quiet for a while.」

While it was true that the case of Prisma had been the crisis they needed to face, the Holy Knight Order was originally sent out to suppress the Venefian forces that had advanced to the border. After all, the one who brought Prisma here was the Holy Knight Order.

It was intended to limit the damage to the city of Arlman, where it was originally enshrined, and to keep the Venefian forces in check… The outcome was hard to say. It will only be decided from now on.

「That would be ideal. If the Prisma started to move, then this is no time for people to be fighting each other.」

Hyrule Menaces are meant to protect the humans from magic stone beasts. She didn’t want to see any conflict between humans on the Midland, and she really didn’t want to have a hand in it. However, if they were the ones who kept attacking, she couldn’t be so idealistic.

「Either way, let’s go back!」
「Yes, let’s do that.」

Ripple took the helm, and the flygear turned and headed toward the flagship. A little bit further away…

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(Please… please……)

Someone’s voice echoed in Ripple’s head.


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