Chapter 237 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (10)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2387 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1038 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「It’s my turn now! Here I go! Leone, please do the thing when I gave you the signal, okay?」
「Sure. I’ll try my best! Leave it to me!」
「Glis, now! You can go now!」

Rafinha changed the trajectory of the light arrows and prepared a gap for Inglis to jump out.

「Got it! Thanks!」

Inglis kicked away the hull of the Flygear without hesitation and took off. She didn’t wait until she landed to converge Ether on her palm as she controlled her posture midair. The aim was, obviously… the tail of the Dragon God Vufailbane.



The Ether Strike soared through the air as it raised a tremendous roar, going towards the giant tail.

Following the trajectory with her eyes, Inglis landed on the ground. At the same time, her Ether Strike collided with Vufailbane’s tail.

The result…was the same as before. While it did leave behind some scars, the Ether Strike was bounced off by the abnormally tough dragon scales. Of course, that was well within calculation!

A moment’s breath after releasing Ether Strike was enough time for Inglis to activate the next Ether battle technique.

Ether Armor!

When Inglis, enveloped in the waves of Ether that gave off a slightly different color than usual, kicked the ground, the dirt and snow under her feet flew apart explosively.

The next moment, she was already on the trajectory of the Ether Strike that had been bounced off, it was right under her nose. But she already twisted her waist, ready to swing out a kick.


As Inglis brandished her kick, the bounced Ether Strike was bounced back with an even sharper speed and flew towards the tail of Vufailbane again.

It was not Ether Break, where the power of two Ether techniques of the same wavelength were superimposed to increase the destructive power of each technique explosively. It was an applied technique to control the trajectory of Ether Strike by striking the technique back using a repulsive Ether wavelength.

She had previously used this technique when she engaged an enemy force led by Hallim, and personally, she rather liked it.

The reason was that it was actually a highly difficult battle technique that required the ability to manipulate two different wavelengths of Ether that would repel each other, despite how it looked like all she did was forcefully change Ether Strike’s orbit by hitting it hard. This was proof of her own improvements in technique. Perhaps she would call it Ether Reflector.

She judged that she could use this technique this time too.

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The reflected Ether Strike struck the dragon scales and bounced again.

「Once more!」

Inglis went ahead of the trajectory again, this time striking with her fist. It bounced back, and she hit it again with her palm.

「There’s more to come!」

Next, she elbowed it with a vigor. She also slammed her heel down on it when the light bullet was bounced up at a steep angle.

「Still not enough, huh!」

The Ether Strike went back and forth repeatedly between Inglis and the tail of the Dragon God.

From the perspective of Rafinha and those who remained on the Flygears, her movement reached a point where it was completely impossible for them to follow. All it seemed was a big light and a small light rampaging around the huge tail of the Dragon God. The roar of the attack echoed the air like a storm.

「Inglis is awesome! I can’t follow her with my eyes at all! I can’t even tell what is what!」
「Really, that Glis. She did that movement before, but now she brought it up to another level!」
「Perhaps she held back her strength before.」
「Indeed. We were in the middle of a town, after all…」
「But, that Dragon is just as amazing, it only got scratches even though Glis is being serious!」
「Yes. Maybe it really is rivaling even Prisma, like Inglis had said.」
「Although its wound is definitely growing bigger!」
「I’m taking the steering wheel now, Leone! At this rate, your part is up soon!」
「Got it! Please do!」

Leone gripped the hilt of her black greatsword Artifact tightly and put her strength into it.

「Now, it is time!」

Inglis muttered to herself. With each collision, the Ether Strike lost a little more power, while the scar on Vufailbane’s tail grew wider. The body of Dragon Gods boasted incredible resilience, but the speed at which Ether Reflector caused damage to it exceeded even that.

The gradually spreading damage was concentrated at a height about as tall as an adult human from the ground. The dragon scales in that area burst open, exposing the flesh inside. Inglis was reflecting her attack at it with unparalleled accuracy.

Eventually, as the light of the Ether Strike lost its power… The wound on Vufailbane’s tail had also spread to the extent that it completely encircled the tail.


Exactly as she aimed! Now it was a battle with time until Phantom Dragons gathered around and regenerated the wound!

「Leone! Please!」

Inglis looked up at the Star Princess unit that was waiting in the air and gave the signal. Leone already had her black greatsword Artifact at the ready, while Pullum had her lyre Artifact ready to support her.

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「Yeah, I got it, Inglis!」
「Here we go! Accel mode!」

Rafinha, who had taken the wheels, declared loudly. The Star Princess unit made a higher-than-usual driving noise.

「We’ll plunge in at full speed!」

When Rafinha powerfully slammed down the control stick, the Star Princess unit fiercely dove towards the tail of Vufailbane like a meteor.

Of course, its target was the wound Inglis had carved with Ether Reflector. Leone swung her black greatsword Artifact with all her might. As she did, with the Gift of her Artifact, the black blade grew thicker and longer, instantly turning it into a giant sword. Its length surpassed the diameter of the Dragon God’s tail.


Leone’s black blade, carrying the full force of Star Princess unit’s accel mode, bit into the exposed flesh of Vufailbane and neatly cut off the giant tail.


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