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Chapter 194 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (47)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3113 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1560 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「…So they’ve come.」
「Inglis’ prediction is spot on, huh…」
「As-, as expected of Miss Inglis……What keen insight.」

King Charleas nodded whilst Redas was astonished. Talk about perfect timing. Inglis’ words would become even more convincing as what she had said turned out to be true. Now the suggestion she would present would have a better chance of being accepted.

「N-no way! Alucard is waging a war with Charalia……but, why, why would they…」
「Kgh! That is just madness!」

Pullum and Lahti seemed to be the most particularly jarred by this news.

「Now that it comes to this!」

As though he had made some kind of resolve, Lahti made his way to King Charleas.

「Your Majesty! You can……I mean, please take me hostage! And then……using me, you can……!」

Ingis promptly went behind Lahti and dropped a chop to his nape.


Lahti collapsed with a flop. She couldn’t have him say a word more. It hurts her conscience, but he had to be stopped, even if it was by force.


I’ll let Pullum take care of him.

「Wh-, what’s the matter with this young one?」
「He comes from Alucard. I believe that he wants to offer his own body to be used as a shield if that means he could stop the invasion from Alucard.」
「I see… But still, a human shield, you say……we can’t have that. It could provoke our opponent and we’ll lose confidence from our own men for doing such an inhumane deed.」

If Lahti was seen as an ordinary citizen or a child of some Alucard noble, then taking him hostage would normally mean using him as a shield against the incoming Alucard troops.

In other words, his presence wouldn’t do much in the bigger picture. But, if the King knew that Lahti was a prince, then everything would be totally different. He could be used as a strong bargaining chip.

However, Inglis wouldn’t let that happen. She expected him to play a different role altogether.

「Yes, I think so too… At any rate, we should come up with a countermeasure against Alucard as soon as possible.」
「Right. I shall return to the Royal Palace immediately and hold a military conference. Redas, come with me!」
「Please hold, Your Majesty!」

It was Marquis Walford who raised his voice. He had been watching the whole thing from the sideline.

「What’s the matter, Sir Walford?」
「This is a national crisis!! The Knights of Ymir shall lend you our aid! Do make use of our strength!」
「Umu! That would be great. I thank you for your loyalty, Marquis! Now, you shall join me at the conference.」
「Yes sir!」

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The National Military of this country was made up of two major Chivalric Order; The Holy Knight Order and the Imperial Guard Order. Aside from that, the lords of each territory had their own private military, so did Ymir.

In the situation where the Holy Knight Order was unable to make any major moves as they were facing the Venefique Army in the eastern border, Knights of the Imperial Guard Order had to become the main force in dealing with the Alucard Army in the north.

That being the case, the defenses of the Royal Capital and the surrounding feuds that were under the direct responsibility of the Imperial Guard Order would have no other choice but to be stretched thin.

Hence, the feudal lords would be required to move their own private military too, either they send it to the Royal Capital for national defenses or deploy it directly to the Northern Front. Either way, everyone had to deal with the current state together.

That being said, each feudal lord must first be able to protect their own territory as a prerequisite. It was only natural to think that they didn’t want to lose their military force fighting a war that didn’t happen within their land. For them, it would be ideal if the whole matter was brought to a conclusion without them having to do anything.

Not to mention, it was commonly known that there was discord within the Kingdom between the Royal Faction that sided with the King and the Prince’s faction that sided with Prince Wayne.

The nobles associated with the Prince Faction wouldn’t want to make a move to aid the Imperial Guard Order unless they were under direct fire. After all, the more King Charleas lost face, the more Prince Wayne gained strength.

And so, looking from that perspective, it was only natural to see Marquis Wilford as someone who was affiliated with the Prince’s faction. After all, his son, Raphael, was a Holy Knight who belonged to the Holy Knight Order, the Order that was under the direct command of Prince Wayne, and everyone knew that Raphael was the Prince’s trusted right hand.

Marquis himself might be indifferent to the situation at the central politics, as he was a noble from a backwater territory, but objectively, people would see him as taking the Prince’s side.

And that Marquis Wilford, someone who was considered a huge player in the Prince’s faction, was the first noble to offer his cooperation in this situation. King Charleas must have appreciated it very much.

This should create a flow of cooperation between the two factions. This was good. With this flow of conversation, what Inglis was about to propose should have a better chance to pass.

「Your Majesty. I, too, have a proposal I’d like you to hear.」

Inglis called out to King Charleas.

「……Say it. Your words carry value, Inglis.」
「Thank you very much. I need you to approve Rafinha and me to go to Alucard.」
「What are you going to do there? Are you going to negotiate a ceasefire? With Alucard’s standing, wouldn’t it be difficult?」

The Kingdom of Alucard had its reason for not pulling back so easily. And that reason was to obtain a Hyrule Menace as well as powerful Artifacts to protect the people.

「It’s not that, we will sneak in and create a situation that forces Alucard to withdraw their troops.」
「Hou? It would be ideal if that were possible. However, what situation do you speak of? As you have said earlier, they have circumstances that prevent them from withdrawing their troops.」
「We will erase those circumstances. For example, if we defeat the allegedly Prisma that terrorizes their land, they won’t have to ask for a Hyrule Menace. Or we can raise a coup and change their political policy, making a decision to restore their relationship with the Highland as it was before and essentially stopping the invasion. Worst come worst, we can attack the Alucardian army from behind and disrupt their ranks.」
「I see your points. But then…」

It seemed that there was something that caught King Charleas’ mind. Inglis, personally, knew what that something could be.

「There are some military forces within Alucard that oppose their new policy. Hence, we could proceed by lending our support to them. I believe, that way, we won’t bring the fire to the ordinary citizens of Alucard.」
「Yes, that is important. We must avoid arousing the hostility of the Alucard people. If that’s possible…but then, how do you expect to make a deal with their opposition’s force?」
「Fortunately for us, I personally know an intermediary!」
「I see. Then it’s more than plausible!」

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King Charleas would have never thought that this intermediary person would be the guy who collapsed right nearby, but that was also why Inglis couldn’t let Lahti say anything unnecessary.

If his identity was revealed, Inglis would never be allowed to bring Lahti back to his country even if she proposed this operation. If anything, she would question the King’s sanity if he allowed her to. And since Lahti was the only person who could take the role as an intermediary for Inglis, she wouldn’t be able to carry the mission out if he was detained.

Telling a lie about having an intermediary was a problem of its own. Inglis should only do her things within the boundaries of truth. Otherwise, she might even get Rafinha in trouble.

And then, just as much she needed Lahti, she needed Ian as well. He was the one who knew the most about the current political weather within Alucard. He was to be her guide. If Lahti asked him for his help, he wouldn’t double-cross them.

Most of all, Inglis was interested in the technology that Abel used to replicate Ian. If there was any research facility left, by all means, she wanted to go there. She would like to duplicate herself and serve as her own training partner.

A powerful Magic Stone Beast that laid Alucard into devastation, most likely a Prisma. Soldiers that have been empowered by body modifications, much like Ian and Diego. Alucard’s army that seemed to be gathering at the national border. And the research facility that Abel might have left behind…

Oh, the North, what a land of dreams. To be honest, I feel that the incident this time is anti-climatic. That’s why, I want to walk down the path of dreams, to the North! I believe that there are many good battles waiting for me there.


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