Chapter 183 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (36)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2213 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1006 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「However, Alucard doesn’t have the resources to make that happen! We were scraping by even before this! That is why we follow the orders of Archlord Abel! If things go well, we will be bestowed a Hyrule Menace! For that purpose, His Majesty the King has made his decision. For that purpose, I will devote myself for him!」
「What, so now we doom the rest of the world to save our own a̲s̲s̲?! Like hell that mild-a̲s̲s̲ father of mine would resort to…!」
「Lahti, don’t say that!」

Not only Pullum, but even Ian jumped at Lahti for his slip of the tongue. On that front, it seemed that Ian really was here under the will and the order of the King of Alucard.
If, taking account of what he said, Lahti was the Prince of Alucard, it meant that he was an individual the people of Alucard must protect at all costs.

That was probably why Ian seemed to take issue with something when he was conversing with General Diego. It was because there was a chance for Lahti to be caught in the crossfire.

Considering the fact that Lahti was now here in the isolation space, Ian must have taken his action in the best possible moment.

「You don’t seem too surprised, Inglis.」
「Mister Ian already said it when we first met.」

Ever since she had become suspicious of Ian, Inglis took interest in the words he said. She had a hunch that it was the case.

Besides, for Inglis, something like a ‘Prince’ was not something she was interested in. Had she been Rafinha or other normal girls, perhaps that title would excite her, but Inglis couldn’t care less. The only thing Inglis looked for in a man was whether or not he was strong, and whether or not he was willing to have a serious fight with her.
In that sense, perhaps she was more interested in Ian than Lahti.

「……Don’t tell to anyone, got it? We came studying here hiding our identities, you see.」
「Okay, I understand. Then, can I start the fight already?」

Just what kind of power did a body mechanized like a Flygear possess? Compared to Rahal and Faris, both of which had transitioned from Midlanders into Highlanders, just how strong was he?

Was this what would happen when someone was tuned to be specialized in combat?
Or was this simply a way to force absolute obedience in exchange for power for those who didn’t have enough achievements to be given the body of a Highlander?
Now that Ian and his friends had become like that, it would prove difficult for them to sustain their life without the technology of the Highland.

To put it shortly, they had to give absolute obedience if they wanted to stay alive.

The Highlander with the name Abel was a young boy in his appearance, but he had a rather sadistic personality. Turning people into such things just for fun seemed all too plausible for him. Either way, Inglis would know after she fought him.

Considering that Ian created the same kind of subspace as Faris did, Inglis expected him to be at least just as strong, but personally, she wished he was much, much stronger than Faris.

The toughest, worst crisis, which was the kissing scene, Inglis had overcome it.

Next, she would like to thank Ian for relinquishing the play so exquisitely whilst she enjoyed her fight against something she dubbed as mechanical soldiers, something she had never seen before, but the circumstances at hand wouldn’t allow her.

「Ho-, hold on! Give me some time to knock some senses——!」
「Forgive me, but I’m worried about Rani. I need to get somewhere where I can see her as soon as possible!」

If she remained here, Inglis couldn’t see Rafinha, who was probably fighting against the aggressors outside. If only she could see her, she would take her time enjoying her own fight here. However, everything has priorities.

First of all, Inglis had to secure a place where she was sure Rafinha was safe. Unless that was fulfilled, she couldn’t have her fun with peace of mind.

「……I-, I got it then. As lame as it sounds, there’s nothing we could do anyway.」
「That’s not true. I’ll leave the rest to you.」

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Inglis patted Lahti on the shoulder then stepped forward.

「This is a warning. Mr. Ian, if you want to keep me out of your business, then please return me to the previous space. Once I am sure of Rani’s safety, I will be more than willing to enjoy our fight slowly. However, if you don’t do what I demand! I will spare nothing.」
「……I can’t do that. Besides, regardless of how strong you are, within this place, you won’t be able to exert your true power like before. It is impossible for you to defeat me.」

Ian replied calmly, somewhat nonchalantly.

「Well, I will go ahead and beat you up you then.」
「Do your wor——」


At the same time as the sound roared, Ian’s eyes opened wide in astonishment.


Inglis’ spear hand pierced Ian’s chest, protruding through his back. She was at her full speed, her Ether Armor activated, holding nothing back.

For the sake of Rafinha, she had to abandon her way of facing her opponent’s biggest strength head-on and coming out victorious. She had no hesitation to do anything.

「I-, impossible…I couldn’t even see! Wh-, what the hell is that power?!」
「I’m sorry, but I can’t explain due to the limited time.」

Inglis’ hand blade, infused with Ether, sliced off Ian’s body into numerous pieces. The mechanized body made a rattling sound as it fell pieces by pieces, not a word coming out.

「A-, amazing! B-, but……it ended so quickly…」

Both Lahti and Pullum looked pained, their faces downcast.

「No, it’s not over yet.」

Inglis was the only one who didn’t lower her guard.


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