Chapter 170 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (23)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3431 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1471 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「This won’t do! As a student of the Knight Academy, you should focus on your training!!」
「Geez, you’re so naggy, Glis. Even Mother said it’s fine.」
「I have been tasked! The Marquis asked me to make sure there won’t be any pest get near you, Rani!」
「My, you didn’t need to worry about it. He’s just jealous that someone else is going to take his daughter from him.」
「You should be worried about it, Aunt!」

This was backfiring. Rafinha would only grow rebellious against Inglis.

「The Marquis asked me so because he treasures Rani! And I am of the same opinion! It is still too early for Rani for such things!」
「Ahahaha… I’m sorry, big sister, Rafinha. Inglis just doesn’t want Rafinha to be taken away from her as well. She’s just like the Marquis.」
「Th-, that’s not it, Mother! I am just doing my duty as her Squire!」
「Fufufu. I’m sure my husband will just say the same thing.」

Perhaps that was true. The way the Marquis saw Rafinha and the way Inglis saw Rafinha was probably the same.

「Thank you, little Glis. You really do cherish Rafinha, don’t you? You too, Rafinha, listen to what little Glis said, okay?」
「Eeh? But you said the opposite before!」
「It’s fine! It’s little Glis who’s been treasuring the most you all this time, isn’t it?」
「Well, that’s true, but…」

Apparently, Glis’ Aunt was siding with her. And then, her mother Selena turned to Leone and Liselotte who came with them.

「Are you two, their friends? Forgive me for the late introduction. I’m Inglis’ mother, Selena. This is my sister, Irina.」
「Thank you for always looking after our daughters.」

They greeted them properly, ladylike, and with the manner of adult women.

「Many thanks for your kind attention. I am Liselotte Alt……」

Rafinha then interrupted Liselotte who was just about to say her family name.

「Mother, Aunt, let me introduce you! This is Liselotte, and this is Leone.」

Rafinha deliberately omitted their family names as she introduced them. Leone’s family, the Olpha Household, was greatly scrutinized by the public due to Leon’s resignation from his position as a Holy Knight.

The mothers were well aware of Leon’s actions and what actually happened in Ymir, even if it was from hearsays. So they shouldn’t have a bad impression of Leon and the Olphas…

Even so, it was also true that it would be hard for Leone to say her own family name to them. That was why Rafinha interrupted Liselotte and introduced them without saying their family names. They might find it out sooner than later, but there was no necessity for it to be now.

As if trying to give her a hint, Rafinha secretly winked at Liselotte. Liselotte seemed to grasp it just from that.

「Ah…….Right! It is us who have been helped a lot by them.」

Rafinha’s kindness and consideration for people like this made Inglis feeling a bit proud of her.

「I, too, have been treated well by them.」

Leone smiled and nodded.

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「Ah, that’s right Mother. You see, the Weissmall Troupe is in the Capital now! Both of us are going to perform, so you two have to come and see! And then, you see!」
「Hold on, Rani. Why don’t we change places first? We’re running out of time…」
「That’s a good idea. Your rehearsal is approaching, so……why don’t you four take a tour around the Capital, have a good cup of tea at a fashionable cafe, and then go to the rehearsal once you’re done.」
「No, we’re going to the cafeteria! Hurry!」
「You’re right! Principal, can we put our mothers’ share of tea in the all-you-can-eat deal?」
「O-, of course……it won’t hurt.」

Principal Miliera judged that just some cups of tea would be fine. It was hard to say no here, with two of her students’ parents present. It wasn’t long until the rehearsal start, and the speed at which Inglis and Rafinha ate should considerably slow down as they were catching up on a lot of things with their mothers. As a result, the damage to the budget would be considerably less, or so she hypothesized.

But then…


Two large plates of piled high-up pasta arrived on their table in the cafeteria.

「Long time no see! Double Extra-Large All-Topping Super Spicy Pasta!」
「Looks so good……!」

Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!

Inglis and Rafinha furiously thrust their forks into the plates in front of them.

「Waidh? Idh whooks sho ghaud waidh? Whee awwaws eeid deys, yeh shee! (Right? It looks so good, right? We always eat these, you see!)」
「Dhe Pwinshepaw khynly awfered us an aww yew caun eeid diya, wheeh wah a yafsafa! (The Principal kindly offered us an all-you-can-eat deal, which was a lifesaver!)」

Leone and Liselotte who watched it from the side sighed to themselves.

「Th-, they’re just like always… they can’t even talk properly with all these stuff in their mouths, and yet……」
「I-, I thought they would be behaving well with their mothers present……their appetite won over them, didn’t it?」

Unaware of their comments, Inglis and Rafinha were just smiling wide.


The mothers called them with a low, groan-like voice. They would surely be scolded for being so improper, thought Leone and Liselotte, but…

「「Ask for two more portions!」」


「Dyah me, iwhs weayyi gud! Aun iys fweeh dho, hau dewayfuw (Dear me, it really is good! And it’s free too, how delightful.)」
「Whuih wewwe wowwiyed abhot yehr meaws, bhud dish shouwd be fain! (We were worried about your meals, but this should be fine!)」
「Waight?! (Right?!)」
「Hafwing yhouh dwoo yoyning aus heyah maggs idh evwen dashdiah. (Having you two joining us here makes it even tastier).」


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The speed of the two mothers was just as fast, if not faster than Inglis and Rafinha.

「Ah, I-, I see, that habit of Inglis and Rafinha…」
「Th-, they inherited it from their mothers!」
「Th-, the monsters……the monsters have doubled!!」

The four’s platters were emptied in no time at all.

「Mhmm, so delish!」
「It has been a while since we’ve had it, so it tastes even more delicious. I can never get enough of them.」
「W-, well……Everyone, isn’t it time for the rehearsal to start?」
「We still have time to eat two more servings. Let’s get eating! We’ll go with the Double Extra-Large All-Toppings Bechamel Sauce Pasta for each of us!」
「Me too. I still want to eat the bribes from the troupe, so I’ll have something light like that.」
「「Then, two more portions each for the mother team.」」
「That’s Mother and Aunt for you, they’re adults. We still can’t beat them.」
「Gotcha! Then, auntie! Six more servings for the Double Extra-Large All-Topping Super Spicy Pasta and the Double Extra-Large All-Topping Bechamel Sauce Pasta~!」

Rafinha cheerfully made her way to the kitchen and placed the order.

「I’m sorry, Miss Principal, you even treated us.」
「However, I am now reassured to leave these kids here in this environment. Thank you very much.」
「Ahaha……Ahahahahaha! This much is nothing!」

Replied Principal Miliera with a very, very strained smile on her face.

「Hey, Mother, come watch our rehearsal after we’re done eating! The show is coming up soon and I want you to watch us before you return to Ymir!」
「Yes, I will. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Weissmall Troupe’s performances. Even for a coincidence, we sure came here at a good time. It’s a pity Raphael isn’t here.」
「I’m looking forward to it too, little Glis. Although, it’s a shame your dad has to stay in the territory…」
「Yes, Mother. I will show you a battle that will surely satisfy you.」
「No, you just need to normally show me you being all dressed up, normally……」

After all things, with the cafeteria reopened, their food problem was solved. All that was left was to perform for the Weissmall Troupe. That was the stage where she could have a fight with Yua to the fullest.

The play would be open to the public, and Inglis was really looking forward to it. She had to get in shape and get ready for the performance.

「Okay! I think I’ll need more nutrition, after all. Pardon, I’ll have one more serving of the Double Extra-Large All-Topping Super Spicy Pasta and the Double Extra-Large All-Topping Bechamel Sauce Pasta!」
「Ah, then me too! Sorry, but make it two for each~!」
「AAAaaaahhh……My head hurts! I’ll go back and rest in my room……」

The Principal tottered out of the cafeteria, staggering.


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