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Chapter 93 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (1)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,174 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 953 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

It had been decided that Ripple the Hyrule Menace was to live under the Academy’s roof for a while. That being said, that didn’t mean regular practices would be pushed out of the agenda.

Today, Inglis and the other freshmen students went to the Flygear Dock on the shores of Lake Vault and conducted a joint training session between the Knight division and Squire division. And on their way back, they ran a marathon to the Academy as usual.

「Fuhahaha! Run you lots, RUN!! Move your legs, Squire kids! Don’t you see those Knight brats belittling you in their mind just because you got no Runes?! It’s the best opportunity to spit back at their entitled faces! You Knight students, if you lose to the Squires then you might as well fail at being a Knight! Show me your obstinacy, you brats!」

Instructor Margus, the instructor in charge of the Squire division, was leading the marathon while riding a Flygear.

「Haah, haah……! He sure says nasty stuff…… That instructor has a really bad personality……! We’re not belittling the Squire division or anything……!」

With her breath rough, Rafinha complained.

「H-, how do we even belittle them……! I-, I mean, look……!」

Leone’s gaze was directed at the Flygear that Instructor Margus was riding. The Flygear he was on was, in fact, not flying. Inglis was carrying the vehicle over her head.

Since it was a training session, she might as well elevate the intensity herself, which eventually led to this situation. That sight was common and familiar for the Squire division students.
「T-, truly an extraordinary girl… H-, however, I shan’t lose at least in speed!」

Liselotte steadied her heart and picked up the pace. She finally caught up with Inglis and the Flygear, wheezing as she did.

「Ah, Liselotte. You’re fast.」
「C-, composed aren’t we…!?」

There were some slivers of sweat on Inglis, but her breath was practically fit as a fiddle.

「Yeah. For the most part, I’ve grown accustomed to it after all.」
「Is… Is that something you grow accustomed to…!?」
「Yeah. Come to think of it, what happened to Van and Ray? I don’t see them around.」

They were Liselotte’s attendants who matriculated into the Squire division. They both possessed a Rune, but they deliberately entered the Squire division to serve Liselotte.

「They withdrew from the Academy and went back to their parents’ house.」
「Eh, they did…? Ah, is it because Prime Minister Althea resigned?」

They both were sons of aristocrats but served as Liselotte’s attendants because she was the Prime Minister’s daughter. Now that she was no longer in that social position, however, things had changed.

「Yes. You guessed well. It is indeed because Father resigned from his post and retired to our territory. But, that is only natural. This is what it means to have a household name.」
「It feels lonely without them, doesn’t it?」
「Not necessarily so. As a matter of fact, the two of them are directed to matriculate into the Knight division by their household. No longer being my attendants, you see, they both resigned from the Academy, saying that they couldn’t possibly treat me as their equal at the drop of a hat. Therefore, so long as we still have the spirit of a Knight dwelling in us, they and I are friends. There will be a time when we fight together again.」
「I see… Then, Liselotte, you should get on my Flygear too. I have room for you.」
「Sure, thank you.」

Then, Rafinha who caught up with both of them struck Liselotte’s back.

「Alrighty! Let’s get some sweets in the cafeteria once we’re back! It’s on me! At times like this, you fill yourself with sweets and change your mood! Right, Leone?」

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Leone was also catching up.

「Yeah! I’m worried about getting fat, but today I’ll go all out.」
「Ah, yeah, Glis. Why don’t we invite Miss Ripple while at it?」
「Today she is being examined by Special Envoy Theodore and Principal MIliera, isn’t she? Once she is done, maybe we can ask her out?」
「I am not well updated with the situation, but it is an honor to be able to protect a Hyrule Menace!」
「So, you’re approving her stay too, Liselotte?」
「Of course! Hyrule Menaces are every girls’ dream! In fact, once in the past, they saved me from a Magic Stone Beast. If possible, by all means, I wish to get closer to her!」

Apparently, Liselotte had a huge admiration for Hyrule Menaces.

「Alright, let’s hurry up then! Speed up!」
「Umm, Rafinha. I’m already at my limits…!」
「Any faster than this is a tall order……!」
「Yeah, let’s.」

In a woosh, Inglis accelerated.

「Wai-……! Glis!」
「! EEEHHH!? She still can get so much faster!?」
「U-, unbelievable…!」

While Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte were taken by surprise, it seemed like the speed was unexpected even for Instructor Margus who rode the Flygear Inglis held.


Apparently, it was too fast for him that he was thwarted off.

「Ah. I’m sorry, Instructor.」
「D-, don’t mind it. You run very we—— WEEAAHHHH!?!?!?!」

He was then trampled by the group of students who ran behind them.

「Hehehe! That feels great! Think of it as a payment for always giving us hellish trainings!」

Lahti, who was leading Pullum by the hand, also took part in stepping on the instructor.

And then, once they reached the Academy, Inglis and the others received a summon with no time to have sweets at all. It seemed like they would receive operational instructions to protect Ripple the Hyrule Menace.


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