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Chapter 143 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (51)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2188 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1014 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「E-, eeehhh!??」
「Th-, that’s your father, Lady Ripple!?」
「Yeah! No mistaking it! Ever since then……He’s been surviving all this time, somewhere in this world, until he became like this……」

Over the long years, he must have hurt so many people and taken so many lives.
Just how many sins had he committed all this time…

「Miss Ripple……My goodness, what a cruel and heartless trap!」
「Y-, you must back off, Lady Ripple! We can’t have you fight your own blood relative!」

Principal Miliera and Silva called out to Ripple.


However, the Prisma didn’t possess any mercy whatsoever. He kicked the ground and, with an agility that belied his enormous body, he thrust his spear hand down at Ripple.

「No! I’m not going to make it a reason for me to pamper myself and drop out of the fight!」

Ripple dodged the assault by somersaulting high into the air. At the same time, she pointed both of her guns downward and fired at Prisma’s arm.

The parts of the arm that had rainbow-colored skin repelled Ripple’s bullets, but the incomplete parts that were yet to be rainbow-colored were pierced and wounded.

That hand, being showered by Ripple’s barrage, was driven even deeper into the ground.

「And now!」

With cat-like agility, Ripple ran up the Prisma’s arm to his shoulder.

「Precisely because he’s my father, it has to be me! Now before he’s perfected!」

She pointed her guns at the monster’s neck and fired a series of light bullets.
The still-incomplete epidermis at the base of his neck was wounded and gouged deep.

But the wound began to regenerate at the same time. If she slackened her attack, it would close up in no time.

「The wound is regenerating!? But, if I attack even faster than he heals!」

Ripple sped up her rapid-fire barrage, continuing to shoot with all her might.


His other hand, one that wasn’t stuck in the ground, reached to Ripple in an attempt to knock off his nuisance.

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「Oh you won’t!」

Ripple evaded the outstretched arm with a splendid twist of her body. Even better, she was still sticking onto the Prisma’s neck and didn’t leave her spot.

She dodged left and right while kept firing at her targeted point. As a result, her attack didn’t lose to the rate of regeneration. The wound was getting deeper, bigger, and wider.

「H-, how gorgeous! As expected of a Hyrule Menace!」

Silva was transfixed by her sight. The continuous gunfire was gouging out more and more of the wound on Prisma’s neck. If this continued, perhaps Ripple could cut the head off!

「……he’s not a complete Prisma just yet! My attacks are working! Everyone, give your shot too!」

Attack this wound all at the same time and lop his head off! Instructed Ripple to the others.

「Yes! Lady Ripple!」
「Yeah, leave it to us!」

Silva and Leon both had their Artifacts ready to assist Ripple. Leon had taken out a dagger Artifact to replace his previously broken iron gauntlet Artifact.

But, before they could enact their simultaneous attack… countless dots of light appeared all over the Magic Stone Beast’s body. It was the same widespread attack that had leveled the surroundings.

「Lady Ripple! That’s the attack that made us retreat before!」
「!!! Everyone aside from me and Miliera, retreat to the subspace! I’m counting on you, Leone!」

Leone nodded in response to Ripple’s instruction and put energy into her Artifact.

「Understood! We’re going!」

All the others disappeared into the subspace, leaving only Ripple and Principal Miliera behind.

「Miliera! I can’t support you, but get it through one way or the other, okay!?」
「Sure! I’ll give one more stretch!」

Countless beams of light were emitted from the Magic Stone Beast. They rampaged violently all-around within the barrier that Miliera had set up. Ripple, who was in close proximity to the Prisma, was rained by a particularly large number of the beams, but…

「……I must avoid them!」

Simply avoiding Prisma’s attack would allow the wound on his neck to regenerate. It was necessary to keep the barrage up while also evading the beams.

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The rays of light came from all directions, front, back, left, and right. While the angle of fire would change along with the movement of Prisma.

Ripple jumped and twisted her body to keep herself in a position safe from the beams. Naturally, that would mean the trajectory of her dual guns would be off, but that was of no problem.

Even in human form, just like any Artifact, Hyrule Menaces had a special power, one that allowed them to surpass dimensions.

Eris could do it by slashing at something from a distance. As for Ripple, she could do it with gunshots. It wasn’t something she could do for an extensive period of time though…

Whilst she continued to evade, Ripple maintained her barrage shots across the distance into the wound on the Prisma’s neck.

Eventually, the storm of rays died down…

「Good! With this——!」

I’ll switch to direct fire and continue the assault!

Was what she thought, but…

Suddenly, the Magic Stone Beast’s wound began to glow in seven different colors, and the laceration was closing up in no time at all.

「……!? No way! The wound is already healed!?」

There was an increase in the area of rainbow-colored epidermis on the Prisma, the sign of his perfection. His mended wound was glowing with seven different colors.

「I-, it’s still getting stronger even while on the offensive! It’s getting closer and closer to its perfection!」
「But……! But there are still incomplete parts too!」

All they could do was not to give up and aim for those parts and kept attacking.


Once again, the Prisma lunged towards Ripple and attacked.


His movement is even faster than ever before!

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Still, she dodged and jumped into the monster’s arm, but…


His other hand extended, catching Ripple as though he already guessed her movements.


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