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Chapter 128 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (36)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2230 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 971 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Whilst the venue fell into silence due to the sheer shock from what just had happened, from the huge hole that was made by blowing Abel away, the Ironblood Chain Brigade’s artillery barrage came flying in.


The shell landed near King Charleas, making a crater. The king, being the one to return to his sense, shouted.

「Mu……! This is no time for dwelling in thoughts, everyone! We must destroy the Ironblood Chain Brigade here! This is also a way to gain credit and improve our relationship with the Highlanders! Redas. That’s enough for now, take command of the counterattack at once!」
「Sir yes sir! Then, you must evacuate, Your Majesty! Anyone beside His Majesty’s personal guard will come with me to attack!」

The Knights’ morale rose up. They would rather be fighting the Ironblood Chain Brigade than endure Abel’s attitude. That was what the look on their faces said.

「Rafinha, you continue healing His Majesty, I leave it to you!」

Rafinha, who was concentrating on treating King Charleas’ wounds was sweating profusely, as it seemed that the process was taking a huge toll on her. However, thanks to her effort, King Charleas’ arm was getting back to normal.

「No, please wait. Rani is coming with me, so I can’t have her stay.」

Redas let out a bit of an idiotic exclaim. He probably didn’t expect he would be objected to.

However, this was a battlefield. It was worrying to have Rafinha in a place Inglis couldn’t reach. The safest thing for her was to stay well within Inglis’ sight.

Healing King Charleas’ wounds. Or Rafinha’s safety. If Inglis was to be asked which was more important, she would pick the latter without hesitation. She lived her life as Inglis Eux so that she could protect her.

「No, you see, His Majesty’s wound is…」
「Yes. That is why I will make it heal faster.」

It wasn’t that Inglis was going to leave him alone. Inglis gently touched Rafinha’s shoulder, as though hugging her.

She sent mana that matched Rafinha’s wavelength into her. This was the same method she used when Rafinha treated Silva’s injuries.

「Good job, Rani. Let me help.」
「Yeah, Glis……!」

The healing light emitted by Rafinha’s Artifact began to shine even more intense and dazzlingly. In proportion to this, King Charleas’ arm, which had been joined to his body but still pale in color, regained its healthy blood color.

Twitch. His fingers spasmed.

「Ooh……! It moves!」

He clasped his hand. Opened it. Bent his arm. Extended it. Repeated a few times, and became reassured that everything seemed okay.

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「H-, His Majesty’s arm is……!」
「Thank goodness! It’s healed!」
「Thank you, you two! We really thank you!」

Redas and the Knights cheered.

「Forgive me, the two of you…It must be tiring. You have my deepest gratitude.」

King Charleas also bowed his head to them.

「N-, no……! It’s…」
「We only did what we should.」

It was necessary in order to take Rafinha away without leaving any discord.

「Then, we will go around to intercept the Ironblood Chain Brigade, so if you’ll excuse us.」

Inglis bowed politely.

「We……? Glis, I’m tired so I want to rest, though……?」
「No can do. It’s not safe to leave my side. Come on, let’s go. If you want to rest, you can rest in my vicinity.」
「Your vicinity, Glis, is definitely where the fight is the most intense, right……!?」
「It’s fine, it’ll be okay! Come on come on come on come on……!」

On that Battleship that hung high in the air, the Black Mask of the Ironblood Chain Brigade was waiting for Inglis. Inglis languidly pulled on Rafinha’s arm. It had been a while since she could fight the Black Mask. This was the perfect opportunity to measure her growth.

「I got it, I got it, geez……! Well then, we’ll take our leave!」
「Okay, let’s go!」
「KYAAaaah!? Glis, don’t pull on me so much!」

Inglis pulled Rafinha’s hand and leaped out of the large hole at full speed. The sky was crowded with Flygears, like an army of winged insects before an afternoon rain, except it was a free-for-all battlefield.

「There! Let’s go!」

At the destination where Inglis pointed, the Ironblood Chain Brigade’s battleship was approaching the Highland’s battleship,

「There are Flygears! Let’s see if there’s an empty……!」
「No——There’s no time! Let’s go, Rani!」

Inglis held Rafinha’s arm tightly and leaped up high. Her target was the closest, low-altitude Flygear piloted by an Imperial Guard Knight.


They landed on the edge of the outer frame of the hull, just as she aimed.

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「Uwoah!? W-, what’s……!?」
「Pardon for the intrusion. We’ll go right away.」
wE aRe SoOrRryYYy!

She instantly leaped towards the next Flygear that was located further up.


「OOooohhh!?? Where did you——!?」
「We came from below. Pardon us.」

Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!

She leaped from one Flygear to another, treating them as footholds.

「W-, what the hell is that……!?」
「M-, maids! Maids are flying in the sky!」
「S-, so fast……!? What’s with those movements!?」

Even the Knights in the battle turned to shout in surprise at her sight. With their voices behind them, Inglis and Rafinha had reached the top of the hull of the Highland battleship.

「Yeah. This is good exercise too, huh.」
Wheeze wheeze……! I knew it, I can’t rest after all!」
「Look, Rani. Ironblood Chain Brigade’s Aerial Battleship is just a jump away.」
「I knew we’re going to the front line……!」
「Yeah. It’s fun, right?」
「For you, Glis. For. YOU!」

Rafinha shouted in protest as loud as she could.


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