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Chapter 111 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (19)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2112 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 979 words
Editor(s): Hydra

After that, a week passed. Ripple’s condition was still the same, and the others were still taking turns guarding her.

Today, the other first-year students were in charge. When Ripple lost consciousness and Magic Stone Beasts appeared, Leone immediately created an isolated subspace with the power of her new Artifact.

Inglis and the others went to exterminate the Magic Stone Beasts. The one that appeared today was the enhanced Magic Stone Beastman that began to appear a while ago.

「Leave it, to me!」

Inglis was first to move forward, her index fingers were raised and pointed at the Magic Stone Beast. After which, the pale light of Ether Pierce began to shoot out from both of her hands.

Pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo!

Starting from the face, to the neck, shoulder, chest, abdomen, leg, then foot.
As countless holes were drilled into the beast, it collapsed and then vanished, unable to move even a single step.

「E-, eh……?」

Seeing Inglis’ action made Rafinha lost in confusion.

「There’s more coming——! Watch out!」

Warned Leone.

「Yeah, I’ll take care of it!」

Without heeding Rafinha, Inglis headed towards the newly emerged Magic Stone Beast, then——

Pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo!

Again she peremptorily fired off Ether Pierce blindly. Having no choice at all, the beast had turned into a bee nest.


Rafinha’s confusion grew even deeper.

「They’re coming again…… Another one!」

Declared Inglis while her eyes were gazing at an empty space up above.

「Eh……? There’s nothing there, though?」

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Said Leone, but Inglis could predict the emergence of the Magic Stone Beasts by feeling the movement of mana that warped in the surrounding space.

「No…… I know, since I can feel it——!」

Inglis raised a hand towards that high spot above her head.
——Ether Strike!!


The enormous bundle of Ether ran up ahead.

「Wai…… wait wait wait!? Glis, what are you doing this whole time……!」

Immediately after that, Inglis kicked off the ground as though she was chasing after the projectile she just launched. And then, a figure of Magic Stone Beast suddenly appeared on the path of the Ether Strike. Exactly as Inglis predicted, the beast was gulped down by the ball of light not even a second after its appearance, leaving not even a trace of blood.


Inglis who had already jumped towards the beast’s position ceased any motion and then sighed as though she was disappointed by something.
While the Ether Strike kept going up and up——


And as it raised a sound like shattered glass, it penetrated through and destroyed the subspace Leone created through her Artifact.

「W-, what force——! It destroyed the subspace so easily……!」

Some time back, the same technique also destroyed the 『Maze of Trial』 Principal Miliera created. This outcome was only natural. As the subspace was destroyed, the surrounding scenery returned to the Academy’s front yard.
Meanwhile, the Ether Strike kept going higher and higher, towards the setting sun, until it was too high to be seen.

「Hahaha…… it sure looks like a beautiful firework display, does it not?」

Liselotte, who was taking care of Ripple, gave a half-amazed impression.


But, Inglis still had a bitter expression across her face.

「What’s wrong with you, Glis? Usually, you’d scream and cry and beg and do whatever it takes to make your opponent get up again to continue the fight…… And now you just ended it so quickly.」
「……I don’t think I showed that much blood and tears when I persuaded them, though?」
「No, you did pretty much that, you know……?」
「Even so, Miss Rafinha sure knows Miss Inglis very well.」

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Leone and Liselotte nodded to Rafinha’s words.


Then, plop Rafinha hit her hand.

「Ah! You’re thinking of eating something good behind me, aren’t you!? That’s why you want to go back to the dorm early!?」
「I’m not, I’m not. I’m just researching into something, you know?」
「Into what?」
「Hm. New technique.」
「Yes! Both Rani and Leone have them too, right? New techniques?」
「Well, rather than techniques……」
「They’re just Gifts from our Artifacts, right?」
「Yeah, yeah. But still, I’m envious to see that, so I’m thinking to develop one too myself.」

Said Inglis with her face decorated with a joyful, sparkling smile.

「And so, I’m trying to aim for the largest firepower ever, you see!」

Which meant, it would have to be an Ether technique. Ever since the time she could use Ether Pierce with both hands, Inglis’ ability to govern Ether had increased. In fact, she already had a new technique in mind, but so far, it had been nothing but trial and error.

「H-Heeh……I-, I have a feeling that something terrifying might take place…」
「M-, me too——」
「I-I think you’re more than plenty enough strong right now, though.」

Inglis silently shook her head.

「It’s not about others, it’s about whether I am content with it. And so, since I want to deliver a strong technique, I need to improve my training, no matter what. However, to get even better, I need to defeat a really strong opponent. Aah, if only strong enemies grow on trees……」
「……In the end, we come back to the usual conclusion. As expected, Inglis just can’t break, huh.」
「Hahaha……But still, we can’t possibly be left behind by Inglis too.」
「For the time being, why don’t we return to the principal’s office once Lady Ripple is awake? It is time to hand over our duty, after all.」

After this was Silva and the other third-year students’ turn to take charge. The reports and passing of the duty took place in the principal’s office. After Ripple regained her consciousness, Inglis and her group went to the principal’s office.


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