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Chapter 91 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Disease (12)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,934 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,364 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「Not only did these girls saved Cyrene’s life, I heard that they also protected the former Prime Minister Althea on the incident the other day as well as stopping the Airship from crashing into the Royal Castle. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to place our hope on them.」
「…Former? What happened to the Prime Minister?」

Something struck Inglis from Special Envoy Theodore’s words.

「He resigned. As we all know, the incident is officially off record. For that reason, Sir Althea shouldn’t have been held accountable for it, but he was so insistent on saying that he didn’t want to be a bad example for others. On paper, he resigned out of health concerns, but… He was just too upright and honest; he didn’t flaunt it to anyone. Letting him go was really a shame, he was the right man for his position. Temporarily, I will be the one to take up his duty.」
「While some of Wayne’s own duties will be passed down to Sir Holy Knight and the Hyrule Menaces. That is why we don’t really have room for any unplanned agenda.」
「If so, then leave it to us! I want to help Miss Ripple in her time of need!」

Inglis already predicted what kind of words would come out of Rafinha’s mouth.
Even if their main reasons clashed a little, she knew Rafinha would agree to the proposal.

Rafinha’s sense of justice would never allow her to remain silent in the face of Ripple’s circumstance.

「But, Rani. You, Glis, and Leone still need to learn a lot and get stronger. That is how you become a real Knight, and solely for that reason that Miss Miliera and other instructors are taking care of you. Now is no time to push yourselves…」
「You’re wrong, brother. I am just grateful to Miss Ripple that I want to repay her in one way or another! I mean, she has been protecting us and the Kingdom for a long time, after all. What does it matter if I am a formal Knight or not? I just want to do what I can do now!」

Listening to that exchange made Inglis chuckle unintentionally. She recalled Raphel being told off by Aunt Irina just like this a long time ago. Raphael now was in Irina’s shoes then, and Rafinha in Raphael’s. Perhaps growing up into an adult meant taking over the role of your parents.

「What’s the matter?」
「It’s nothing, I just remembered that big brother Rafa was once scolded exactly like this by Aunt and the Marquis before. It made me feel nostalgic.」
「Eh……? W-, well, I guess there was a time like that, but——Glis, weren’t you just a baby back then, how could you remember……」
「I’m very confident in my memory.」
「Anyway, big brother. You’re growing stubborn like Father. Glis will hate you if you’re so pigheaded!」
「That is not true. I like the Marquis.」
「Ah, big brother. Did you just get relieved?」
「No, no, no, now’s not the time and place for that……」

Looking at his response, Pince Wayne let out an amused laugh.

「Ha ha ha. Even the ever perfect and honorable Holy Knight Raphael is powerless against his younger relatives.」
「H-, haah… I am sorry for showing my unsightly side.」
「No, I don’t mind. It’s really a pleasant sight. Well then, Leone. What about you? Let me know what you think.」

Prince Wayne then threw the ball to Leone.

「Eh… Me?」
「Yeah. I wish to hear the opinion from all of you.」
「…I’m with them. Wanting to repay the favor to the Hyrule Menaces——I sympathize with that feeling, but if I may be brutally honest, I wish to gain credits as soon as possible. I think this will be a good opportunity for it.」
「You’re right. It is only natural to think that way if you wish to cleanse the name of your family.」

Leone’s house, Olpha House, was once a respected household and the pride of the town of Arlman for producing a Holy Knight in the form of Leon. However, with Leon disposing of his title as a Holy Knight then went to the Ironblood Chain Brigade, the public’s eye on the Olphas took a 180-degree turn. They were now seen as the betrayer’s household and treated harshly.

In order to change that, Leone aimed to become a Knight and gain her own achievements. Even when she was struggling with relationships within the Academy, she still exerted her best.

As far as Inglis was concerned, aside from Inglis herself, Leone was the most ambitious person in regards to self-practices in the Knight Academy. Whenever Inglis did extracurricular training by herself, Leone would come and join her. It was no wonder that a person like her wanted to gain credits as fast as possible.

「Since the incident the other day was kept a secret from the public, you and your friends’ involvement in it wouldn’t be made public as well. On that account, we did something bad to you. I’m terribly sorry.」
「N-, no——At any event, I doubt the credit from that incident was enough to recover my family’s name, and most of the part, it was Inglis who…mmngh」

Before she finished her line, Inglis interrupted Leone with a finger on her lips.
Leone didn’t need to truthfully tell everything that happened, and Inglis was fine if she took all the credit for it.

It was something Leone needed and Inglis not, after all. What Inglis needed was the battle itself, not the military gains after that. As long as she could satisfy herself with honing her skills through those battles, then that was all that mattered.

「It’s okay, just make it that everyone did it together. I don’t want to stand out. On the other hand, you need to stand out, Leone. Right?」

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So whispered Inglis. The credits, the fame, the achievements, it was better if Leone took them all. Inglis was more than willing to help out the praiseworthy, positive, and hard-working Leone.

「What happened?」
「N-, nothing. By all means, please give me another chance to do a meritorious deed. I will do everything in my power to eliminate Magic Stone Beasts.」
「Let me ask on my behalf too. We will surely protect Miss Ripple to the end.」
「Hey, hey, I’m not the one you should be protecting, okay? After all, I am endangering everyone in my vicinity.」

Commented Ripple with a little bit of jest undertone, although her usual cheerfulness was still nowhere to find.

「…And because of that, you are attacked by pangs of guilt, Miss Ripple. If we don’t let any of the students get harmed, any of the citizens get hurt, and then defeat every single Magic Stone Beasts you involuntarily summoned, then there will be nothing to be grieved about. I wish but to protect your heart, Miss Ripple.」
「…So you can think like that too——」

Ripple’s eyes moistened, Eris seemed to be moved. Inglis only smiled back at them, not saying anything further. She was willing to help out the suffering Ripple. It was more than enough repayment for the excellent, tense training Ripple would kindly provide her.


Suddenly, her shoulder was struck from behind!

「You said something good, Glis! Even when I know exactly what’s in your mind, I just can’t help but go along with the ride! Exactly, we’re going to protect Miss Ripple’s heart!」

It was Rafinha, her eyes gleaming and her breath heavy. She must have really liked the notation of protecting Ripple’s heart.

「Hahaha… Thanks, Rani.」
「…I understand your feelings now. I will leave Ripple in the care of the Knight Academy in respect of your determination. You will fully cooperate with them, Theodore. I personally will explain the situation to His Majesty——to my Father.」

With a tone full of dignity, Prince Wayne told his decision.


The three students replied with their breath in sync. Everything worked as Inglis desired. Another challenging subject was added to the Academy’s training regiment.


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