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Chapter 55 – 15 year old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (5)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 4,043 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,865 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

Kyah Kyah!

Her surroundings were buzzing with the voices of young girls like such.
Inglis felt pangs of guilt stabbing her heart whenever she looked around.

——After all, everyone was naked.

「Just where should I rest my eyes on….」

She muttered to herself as she soaked in the water.
Females made up 30 to 40 percent of all students, and they numbered a lot.
And the girl’s dormitory’s bathroom was enormous.
It wasn’t as luxurious as the large bathhouse in Nova’s castle, but it was still huge and aesthetic.

That ‌was great, but the people who used the bath were proportionally as much, and so it was the girls’ naked body everywhere Inglis looked at.
Rafinha was a relative, and someone like a granddaughter to her, so Inglis was still fine taking a bath with her. However, if it was with another girl, she couldn’t help but get attacked by a wicked emotion, which then translated into guilt.1 Even if she told herself she shouldn’t look, her eyes kept glancing around.

Watching Inglis get flustered like such, Rene was looking up to her from Inglis’ cleavage, half-submerged.

「You look like you’re having fun, Rene——」

Rene was acting docile in Inglis’ cleavage, solemnly taking in her surroundings.
As she seemed to enjoy being spoiled by girls, perhaps Rene was looking for a girl that fit her tastes.
For whatever reason, she didn’t jump into Raphael, but ‌into Leone and Inglis, so perhaps that was what she was into.2

If you look at it like that, maybe Lady Cyrene is actually a woman who likes other women
——assumed Rafinha boldly.3 And since she’s transformed into a Magic Stone Beast, her reasoning has faded and she acts following her carnal desire——or something.
It would be quite a bother if it wasn’t the case, but Rene herself couldn’t affirm or deny it, so there was nothing they could do.

Someday, when the day Inglis could turn Lady Cyrene back had come, everything would be clear.
So long as Ether techniques could manage it, chasing for the possibility was a must.
The Black Mask from the Ironblood Chain Brigade proclaimed he couldn’t undo the transformation.
Which meant, if Inglis did it, then she had surpassed him in terms of Ether techniques.
Although, it was under the pretext that they could trust his words.

「What’s wrong, Inglis? Are you feeling lonely because Rafinha was taken away from you?」

Said Leone as she walked up to her.
Her warmed up fair skin showed a slight cherry-looking blush, and her bust was as ample as Inglis’.
The slightly plump and round hips and thighs of hers were actually more alluring for men than otherwise, but——

If the current Inglis said so, it wouldn’t be so convincing, so she said nothing.
Inglis still couldn’t help but steal a peek, however.
Perhaps it would lighten her heart if she took this as her special privilege and just enjoy the scene.

「N, no…. It’s not like that.」

At the moment, Rafinha was occupied with the other students who came up to her.
She stole the public’s attention for being the Holy Knight’s little sister, and the person herself was sociable and sported a bright personality.
She responded to being spoken to with a thousand-mile smile, and so the circle of people around her just kept getting bigger, creating an even merrier environment.

It was a good thing that Rafinha was popular.
And personally, for Inglis, she would happily look after her from afar.
But any insects trying to get close to her would get exterminated.

There were only girls in the bath, so it was also a safe zone. Inglis would let her do whatever she wanted.

「She’s so popular…. it makes me ‌jealous.」

Considering Leone’s circumstances, Inglis could understand the meaning behind her sigh.
Rafinha and Leone stood on two opposite ends of the spectrum for factors ‌outside of their influence.

「It’s okay, Leone. It looks like Rene really loves you.」

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Rene tried to move from Inglis’ to Leone’s cleavage.

「Ahahaha. This girl really enjoys being there.」
「She does.」
「She’s been hopping between you and me, I wonder what’s the difference.」
「I wonder? Rene doesn’t speak, after all.」
「Well then, let me be the one to confirm!」

Suddenly, Rafinha’s face intruded into the gap between Inglis and Leone.

「Wah!? R-, Rani…! Hyaau!? I-, I told you, no….!」
「W-, when did you…. No, wait, where are you groping…!」

The two of them were enveloped in Rafinha’s arms, their breasts groped by her——

「——Glis’ is springy and tender, while Leone’s is ‌firm to the touch? Haah~ You two are so big, it’s nice…」
「L-, let it go…!」 4 「Y-, you’re done, right….!」
「Hmm~? Okaay, once we’re done taking bath, let’s have some dessert?」

The Academy’s cafeteria was still operating until quite the late hour, so it was still open now.

「Yeah, let’s. That’s why, let it go, okay?」
「Y-, you two are eating again…? You’ve eaten so many desserts before.」
「And we can still go for more…! It’s free‌, not eating them is a waste, right?」
「I-, it’s impossible for me, so I’m retiring first, okay? I’ll get fat if I eat too much…」

And with that, Inglis and Rafinha went to the cafeteria to enjoy some desserts and went back to the dormitory. As they did so, they found a disturbance happening in the corridor of the third floor on the east wing where their room was at.

「And I’m telling you, I can’t stand being in this room! She is the flesh and blood of the Holy Knight that has betrayed the Kingdom, I can’t believe her! Are you telling me to sleep with her, not knowing when will she take my life when I’m defenseless!? In the first place, I’m questioning your credential for permitting someone like her attending this school!」
「No‌ she is already… and even from my standpoint, I have judged that the person herself has nothing to do with her brother’s deed, and so——」

The blonde girl was lashing out at principal Miliera.

「And I’m telling you ‌it’s your judgment I’m questioning about!」 5

She was one of the students who showed excellent results back during the game of tag in the High Gravitational Pull field, a girl named Liselotte.
Judging from the Rune on her hand, she was an owner of a High-Grade Rune‌.
There was no bearer of Special-Grade Rune amongst Inglis’ generation, so these High-Grade Rune girls were the most elite out of the bunch. Excluding Inglis herself.

It seemed like the girl had problems with Leone.
The latter was seen standing nearby, her head hung down.
Two students shared one room in the Girls’ dormitory, with Inglis and Rafinha sharing the same room.
And, apparently, Leone was assigned to be in the same room with Liselotte.

And Liselotte objected to that decision——that was what it seemed to be.

「I can’t stand it, not until she or I change rooms.」
「Haah… It can’t be helped. Erm——Is there anyone here who wishes to swap rooms…?」

Principal Miliera then looked around at the gathering students.
But everyone was ‌shaking their head or avoiding her gaze.

——From the looks of it, no one will share a room with Leone.
It seemed like the word had already spread that Leone was the sister of the former Holy Knight Leon.

「Here! Just come to our rooms!」

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And the one who raised her hand in such a tumultuous atmosphere was Rafinha.
‘Of course Rafinha would do it,’ Inglis thought.

The similar and the most beautiful quality the siblings shared, Raphael and Rafinha, was that they would act on their sense of justice without being influenced by their surroundings.

「You’re all cruel! Leone has been fighting against Magic Stone Beasts to protect Arlman’s residence all by herself! She’s not even appreciated for it! A girl like her is in no way a bad person!」
「Rani. I understand how you feel, but calm down.」

Rafinha was infuriated so much she seemed to be ready to bite anyone in front of her.
Inglis put her hand on Rafinha’s shoulder to soothe her down.
It was aggravating, but there was also the fact that it was hard to believe something that didn’t happen in front of your eyes.

「Us three will share a room together! That’s fine, right? Glis?」
「Of course. Let’s go, Leone.」

Inglis pulled Leone’s hand away and brought her to their room.

「… I’m sorry, again and again…」

Said Leone, tears almost fell out of her eyes.
After that, they took Leone’s belongings from Liselotte’s room and carried it away.

「I have predicted that the students will react, but… I never thought it would be like this so early. Haah——」

Principal Miliera who lent her hand on the process said so to Inglis and Rafinha.

「…. You know that and still gave her permission to enroll?」
「Well, she has the recommendation from His Highness Wayne and Mr. Raphael, after all——adults have their own circumstances. And not just that, Miss Leone is an owner of a High-Grade Rune herself, and we can’t let such a talent to waste away. In addition, I ‌believe that miss Leone must learn how to respect herself.」

Saying so, the Principal bowed to Inglis and Rafinha.

「I’m sorry for this, but I leave her to you two. I’ll check if I can get a bigger room for you three——」
「I understand.」

They both went back to their rooms and, along with Leone, called it a day.
It was best to forget bad things with a good night’s sleep.

「I’ll sleep on the floor.」

Claimed Leone, her words carried no strength.
As their room had a bunk bed for two, the extra had no place to sleep.

「It’s okay. Come here. Let’s sleep together.」

Inglis who took the lower bunk invited Leone to her side.
It was a bit cramped, but it wasn’t impossible for them to sleep side to side.

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「Ah. Then I’m coming too.」

For some reason, Rafinha who took the upper bunk came down‌, and now the three of them ended up snuggling like parents and their child.6 It was pretty cramped——
But, it was most probably a good thing, as the two of them could watch over Leone when she was at her lowest.
After a while, though, Rafinha fell asleep first.

「…She’s, umm, she makes——」
「She’s snoring. She’s always like this when she’s tired. I’m already used to it.」
「But still, it’s really been a while since I slept with someone else. I think I’ve calmed down now…」
「You’re not alone, Leone. Don’t worry, we’re here for you.」
「Thank you, Inglis——」

Inglis closed her eyes as she hugged Leone, whose shoulders trembled as she sobbed without a voice.
In the past, she used to comfort Rafinha, who would say things like “I’m afraid of ghosts” or “I had a nightmare.”
While Inglis was immersed in such a nostalgic feeling, before they knew it, the three had fallen asleep.7


  1. Mab: That’s a fun way to say you’re horni
    Silva:Horni Inglis, uhehe
  2. Silva: A yuri beasts
  3. Silva: Yes yuri, no hetero
  4. Silva: Uh oh…. here it begins
  5. Mab: Man, this girl is such a Karen.
  6. Mab: Japanese people have a custom where parents sleep with their children between them.
  7. Silva: Mama bird Inglis.

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