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Chapter 5 – Inglis, 5 years old

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2181 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1023 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

Since that fateful incident, the days had been peaceful…
Five years had gone by since King Inglis’ reincarnation as a baby girl, also named Inglis.
Inglis spent her first few years as a completely ordinary baby. After all, being trapped in a fragile body that was difficult to control and easily subjected to drowsiness could only afford her being nothing more than ordinary.
She had only recently regained a bit of the control of her muscles.
That being said, it was still the weak, young body of a child.
Let’s train other areas of my body whilst waiting for it to develop. And that was how she spent her days.


The sight of the 5-years-old Inglis was seen reflected in a large mirror.
Inglis had mystically silver-colored hair and brilliant red eyes — the color of which resembled a flower.
It was a phenomenally charming profile of a little girl, even from an objective point of view.
Everything about her was particularly dazzling. She would surely become a peerless beauty in the future.

Good heavens, I have certainly been reborn into one endearing creature. I wished I had a granddaughter like this.

Her mind immediately thought of that since she didn’t have a child in her previous life.
She had initially thought that she would be reborn as a man, thus, being reincarnated as a female came as a big surprise to her.
However, she couldn’t possibly complain to have it reverted now of all time after five years had passed.

Inglis decided to take this as the goddess’ sign to encourage her — wherein she wouldn’t be flustered by other women and could focus on the path of a warrior!
As one would expect, having the body of a male meant that you’d be prone to distraction by females.
Perhaps, this was the better choice if she wanted to be a dedicated warrior.

In addition, when she looked at her own smile, it was so cute it soothed her heart. 1 Once she had gotten used to it, it was still nice in its own right.
With that thought lingering in her mind, Inglis traced her smile on the mirror.

「Oh dear, Lil’ Glis really likes her mirror.」 2

「Doesn’t she, sis? Even though she’s an outstandingly brilliant and obedient child, this behavior of hers is just beyond me.」

Commented the two beauties who were watching her — they were her mother Selena and her aunt Irina.
I was seen, huh… A bud of embarrassment sprouted in her heart.
Irina, the older sister of the two, was married to Marquis Wilford and stood as a Marchioness.
And Selena, the little sister of the two as well as Inglis’ own mother, was married to Ryuk Eux, the leader of the chivalric order under the Marquis.
Inglis’ new life as the sole heir of the Eux household, the daughter of the leader of the knights, and a relative to the lord of the region, was just starting. 3

「It’s fine, Isn’t it? Lil’ Glis here is a lovely child! She couldn’t help herself from looking, isn’t that right?」
「Aunt dearest, you have seen my embarrassing side.」 4

「Oh my, what a refined manner of speech. How did you teach her to be like this?」
「I have no idea. I really didn’t do anything special…」
「It’s something I learned from the books, aunt.」 5

「What a brilliantly bright child! So, this is what they meant when they said a child was cut from a different cloth.」
「I’m flattered.」
「Although compared to you, she may seem like a child in your eyes, Inglis, please play with Rafinha too, okay?」

Asked her aunt as her gaze locked on a girl who was trying to swing a wooden sword.
The child had black hair and black eyes, with a charming face. She was the same age as Inglis.
That girl was her aunt’s daughter, Rafinha, Inglis’ cousin. 6

For Inglis, playing with a five-years-old was equal to babysitting her. Although, Inglis didn’t exactly hate the idea.
Accompanying her made Inglis feel like she had a cute grandkid, it soothed her spirit. 7

「Hiya~! Ah…!? Kya! Uuu…」

Rafinha lost her balance while swinging her wooden sword and fell to the ground — promptly breaking into tears.

「Are you okay Rani? Here, take my hands.」

Inglis pulled Rafinha back on her feet then patted her head softly.

「Uuuu… Gliss…」

Glis was Inglis while Rani was Rafinha. Those were their respective pet names. 8

「You need to lower your hip and swing, observe what the others are doing.」

Said Inglis, pointing at the men nearby who were also practicing with wooden swords.
Currently, they were on the knights’ training grounds within the castle walls, in the middle of a practice session.
The place was jostling with energy, cheers and shouts all over the place.
On an unused spot in one corner, Selena and Irina took their children to observe the practice.
Why would these ladies take their children to a place reeking horribly of old sweat, one might ask. It was because they had an aim.

「Okay, young master Raphael! I won’t hold myself back! Come at me!」
「Yes! Please guide me well!」

A young boy in his early teens was facing off against a knight in his prime.
Raphael, now a thirteen-years-old boy, sported a fearless look, along with the dignity of his bloodline.
Everyone in that place knew just how well-disciplined and hardworking he had been.

「Big brother! Do your best!」

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Rafinha cheered for him.
Raphael was the son of the Marquis. In other words, for all the knights there, he was their future lord. 9 Having him practicing so hard on the same grounds as them was a major morale boost for the knights.
Raphael’s reputation as the next feudal lord was remarkable, no matter who they asked in the fortified city of Ymir. And he was the reason why Selena and Irina were here.
Because after this, there would be a scheduled bout with someone from outside the city. Inglis couldn’t wait to see how Raphael would fare in that battle.


  1. Awww, that’s adorable xD
  2. *Chuckles* This is just too funny.
  3. Repeat…
  4. Oh, I forgot 5y’o can talk *laughs*
  5. Ahhh! Inglis lying again!
  6. All her fluffy feelings are making me feel fluffy too! xD
  7. *Bangs head on the wall infinite number of times* wasn’t it already obvious? Did the author have to mention this?!
  8. I guess we can now safely crown the author as the ‘King of Stating the Obvious’. Like, seriously, I’m not even joking :|
  9. Let this dying editor know whether you guys want her to remove all the repeated sentences next time. Thanks~

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