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Chapter 39 – 15 year old Inglis and the Town Ruled by a Highlander (10)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2546 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1182 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

「Since the newly built Highland would be populated with Highlanders… In the event of its completion, the original residents would either get deported or be turned into slaves for the Highlanders… or, worst-case scenario, the whole town would be razed to the ground by the Highland. That’s what the upper echelons said.」1

「Th-, that means, everyone is either expelled, made into slaves, or get killed!? That’s…!」
「Yes. I won’t let them.」

Cyrene glanced at the ceilings with a serious and determined expression.
It almost appeared as if her eyes could see through any barrier and look straight at the Highland.

「It doesn’t matter what the higher-ups think, I am with Midland — I came here to help the people who suffer down here. That is why I won’t allow such a thing to happen. I will negotiate with the higher-ups so that the people who wished to stay will be able to stay, not as slaves, but as freemen. Even if that means they will become Highlanders. And, without fail, I will see everyone soar the sky together!」
「…I-is that possible?」
「I will make it possible even if that means I will have to fight the entire Highland…!」

A streak of defiance was engraved on her face.

「I see, so that’s why you forgave those ex-knights since you need to increase your army strength 2 if it has to come down to that…」

Cyrene nodded at Inglis’ statement.

「That’s right… I want to be able to protect this town as soon as possible, in its truest meaning. Until the time the other shoe drops—」
「Lady Cyrene… Why did you tell us something this important?」
「…Perhaps, I want to be forgiven by someone. The fact that I am here as a Consul, while it is a good thing for the current development, it is a disaster in the making… and there are no two ways about it. And yet, I keep it hidden from everyone and… Even I keep asking myself again and again, is it really okay to continue being like this? That’s why I’m asking the two of you, is it okay for me to stay here…? What do you think?」

Forlornly, Cyrene smiled at them, gazing deeply into their faces.

「If you can’t forgive my existence, then I have no regret even if you kill me in the place I stand. My death would trigger the Guardian of the『Levitation Magic Formation』as a failsafe, but… I believe the two of you will be able to defeat it and protect everyone in the castle. Once that happens, I’ll leave the rest to you.」

She unwittingly clenched his fists on her clothes as she took a deep bow.
Those fingers were trembling almost imperceptibly.

「H-, hey Glis… What do we do…?」 3

Rafinha asked anxiously.

「Rani. Lady Cyrene is asking for your thoughts on this. That’s why you have to think about it for yourself.」
「Then, what about your thoughts Glis…? What do you think we should do, Glis?」
「Me? I’ll follow your will. After all, I’m your squire, Rani.」
「EEH!? I have to decide everything by myself!? But that’s not fair—」
「That is what it means to stand above others, Rani. Make sure to remember the feeling.」

The life of seeking a great cause and justice was over for Inglis.
Such a thing was better left for the youngsters of this age, as they were the ones to bear the future. 4

In addition, from her investigation back in Ymir, the Sylvair Kingdom — the fruit of her previous life devoted to her ideal, had vanished from history without so much as a trace.

She should’ve left the Kingdom in an ideal condition in her past life, and yet people everywhere were suffering again now.
The existence of people trampling others, like those of Highlanders, was commonplace.

If so, that meant that everything that she had fought for before was gone like the wind, reduced to nothing.
Just what had she been fighting for? All she could feel was vast emptiness. 5

That was why, if history would only repeat itself, then she would rather not intervene with it.
She only needed to tread on her own path, devoting herself to her own amusement. That was what she concluded.

「Okay, Glis. I understand.」

Rafinha adopted a composed and serious face with one big inhale.
And then, she approached Cyrene and took her hand.

「Lady Cyrene… I want to believe in you! After all, I know that your feelings are genuine. Please, take care of the people in this town!」
「Ms. Rafinha…!!」
「If you need my help when the town is taken to the sky, I will come to your aid…! I am on my way to enroll in the Knight School in the Royal Capital, but… I’ll make sure to train and study hard to become a helpful person! After that, please make me a Knight of this town!」

Her smile was like a sunflower, bringing warmth to anyone who saw it.

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「T-, thank you…! Really, thank you very much, miss Rafinha—!」

Washed over with gratitude, Cyrene embraced Rafinha tightly which the younger girl returned with just as much gusto.
She knew it, the two of them hit it off amazingly.
Rafinha might get taken away.
Inglis was suddenly hit with a pang of jealousy. 6

「It’s okay, right, Glis? It’s something that I thought about and decided for myself, you know?」
「Yeah, it’s alright. If things go well, we can even fight with the army of the Highland, right?」
「No, that’s when the things don’t go well!」 7

Rafinha retorted to Inglis’ remark.

And then, after they concluded their conversation in the palace underground, Cyrene retired to her bedroom to sleep while Inglis and Rafinha headed towards the bathhouse.

Their work had earned them enough for their travel fund.
As such, they would depart tomorrow morning. They wanted to enjoy the huge bath for the last time.

「Mmm~ That hits the spot 𝅘𝅥𝅮 I’m so reluctant to part with the bath here.」
「Next time we’re here will be after we graduate the Knighting School, I guess?」
「That right~ But, while it was entirely just by chance, it sure is a good thing we dropped in this town, right? After all, now I want to do my best in the school to become an even better Knight than I am now. We’ll get to help Lady Cyrene!」
「You’re right. That was a lot of fun, and there will be even more fun the next time we come here too!」

Just thinking of the “fun part”, Inglis broke out into an uncontrollable grin.

「Really, you’re like a war general trapped inside the body of an angel… Now, should I wash your back?」
「Eh, what? You’re putting up guards?」
「…I am. You won’t do things like touching my breasts again, right?」
「I won’t, I won’t. After all, today your butt’s my target—」
「You can’t!」

As they were joking around—


Something shook the entire castle. 8


  1. Sil- Yikes, so at the end of the day, Highlanders still be arrogant prick. They should get off their “high” horses.
  2. Eli- Yes… War potential against a super power… good luck
  3. Eli- *Emperor Palpatine voice* Do it… Kill them!
  4. Al- I know Inglis is reincarnated but still, considering that her body is still relatively young, this is kind of a funny thought.
  5. Mab- I feel you, Inglis. Like that time when my laptop froze before I could save my progress…
    Al- Lol xD like every time I forgot to save my documents before closing them
  6. *Al coughs* lesbian flag *coughs more* Someone, bring me water!
  7. Sil- Inglis, always true to her desire.
    *Al coughs* Except when it comes to the lesbian flag…
  8. Sil- oh my…
    Al- Oh, is it happening already? Must be cause of the vast amount of mana that Inglis put out xD Now this is getting kindddd of interesting. Someone, please bring popcorn for the next chapter, we’ll share *wink*

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