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Chapter 86: A foreign lady (Part 1)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2144 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2267 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

–––Olivia’s Perspective

Sometimes while Natalia was asleep I would feel anxious and hopeless. Every time that happened I would increase the load from the gravity magic I always had active and ran as hard as I could along the schoolyard, or trained my Magical Arts more.

I decided I’d keep training to get stronger even now that Natalia is awake.

So now I’m training in the schoolyard before the next school year starts, while Natalia gets the paperwork done.

Just as I’m wiping my sweat, someone speaks to me.

“Good day, Olivia.”

It was my upperclassman by a year and the president of the student council, Charlotte Pynemo. Though I already guessed it was her from her presence.

“Hello Charlotte.”

Charlotte has blonde hair in ringlet curls, impeccable fashion sense, and most of her body is covered in red scales. She doesn’t have any legs though, a specific trait of snake half-beasts.

She’s the daughter of Archduke Pynemo, one of the three archduke families in Seperion. Because of her showy appearance she’s really popular, and even now I can see two students behind her.

The first time she spoke to me was while Natalia was still unconscious, and always tried to be kind to me. But I know she’s being kind to gain something from me, so I’m trying to not get too close to her.

“I’d really appreciate it if you could give a clear answer soon. Do you want to join us at the student council and lend us your help?”

That’s why she kept being so nice to me. She first approached me before the school festival to help with keeping order, and after the festival she gave me an official invitation to join the student council. I refused back then because I really wanted to stay next to Natalia as much as I could, and ever since she’s been approaching me from time to time to ask again.

“Umm… I’m really not sure about that… I don’t feel like my grades are really the best to represent the student council.”
“Yes, I believe your grades are some of the worst.”

I know that, but hearing someone else say it still hurts.

“But your physical and combat abilities are amongst the best. You’re essentially the best of your year. Considering what happened during that incident with the duels, I’d wager you could stand toe to toe with students from the third year even.”

That’s true. I can use basically any spell as long as it’s not a basic one, and only Mathias could stand against me somewhat. I don’t mean to boast, but I’m pretty confident in my skills.

“What I’m looking for isn’t your abilities to manage a desk and papers, but your physical abilities. Sometimes strength is necessary to maintain order, even in a closed space like the Academy. I really want you to share your immense strength with us.”

Charlotte extends her hand to me, inviting me to join them. But something tells me that if I take her hand, I won’t be able to get away from her ever again, even after graduating.

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I’ve heard many stories of nobles employing adventurers as specialists of various things. Just defeating monsters or gathering materials wouldn’t be that bad, but sometimes they would also be in charge of certain activities conducted in secret, and some adventurers would even be discarded like pawns.

I don’t like questioning Charlotte’s intentions, but I also find it weird that a noble like Charlotte is trying to pull me to her side.

“Hmm, I guess you’re more cautious than I expected. I’ll come back another time then.”
“I’m sorry.”

I can’t bring myself to take her hand, but I also feel hesitant to reject her outright. In the end she shrugs a little and retreats.

Her voice sounds sad which makes me feel a little bit bad, but Amy, Chris, and even Mathias told me to be careful around her. Even I can understand that taking her hand could bring inevitable consequences.

“But that aside, could you do me a favor?”
“Umm… as long as it’s something I can do.”
“It’s nothing big. Could you show her around the Academy for me?”

Saying that, she points at a human girl behind her.

“She’s an exchange student from Reibana, her name is Ryuka Urado. She’s joining classroom A and staying in the second dorm, so I’d appreciate it if you could show her around.”
“Ah, that would make her my classmate and she’ll be staying in the same dorm as me. I’ll happily do that.”

We’ll essentially be living together, so I actually want to show her around.

“Hello, nice to meet you then.”
“I’m Olivia Eto Gardeland, the pleasure’s mine.”

Ryuka bows politely.

I think Reibana is an island across the sea to the east?

“I’ll leave Ryuka in your care then, Olivia.”

Charlotte says with a satisfied smile and leaves with the other student.

Ryuka and I watch them leave. I look at Ryuka again, her hair is tied into a single long braid, and she has a gentle aura to her, though strangely enough she also seems imposing.

“Err, should we head to the dorm first then? I’d like to get a change of clothes too if you don’t mind.”

I don’t want to walk all around the Academy while drenched in sweat, so at the very least I want to get fresh clothes.

“Of course. I’m really sorry to take your time just when you have a day off.”
“Don’t worry about it. Let’s get going then.”

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We departed for the dorm.

Now that I think about it, we both have black hair and black eyes. Somehow that makes me feel closer to her.


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