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Chapter 51: Girls’ talk with the catgirl

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2585 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1197 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Natalia: Don’t include me in ‘girls’!

One day late at night, I went downstairs to the dining room on the dorm’s first floor. It’s always noisy and full of life when the students eat, but now it’s completely silent.

Even more when compared to the Tyrannoghavial menu I made the other night. I cooked each steak according to the students’ personal preferences, and it was almost like a party. I’ll have to keep thinking about other meals to prepare in the future, but that was a really good start.

But let’s focus on the main subject.

The dining room was silent, but it’s neither dark nor empty. Amy is sitting on one table, illuminated by a candle. I’m here because she called me.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, Amy.”
“I just got here. I’m the one who should apologize for calling you on such short notice.”
“That’s alright, I don’t mind.”
“Hm? Wait, I smell something nice, what is that? It feels kinda familiar.”
“Ahh, it must be the Man Eater’s fruit. I got some the other day, I used the rinds to make scent pouches.”
“Huhh, I never thought those fruits could be used for that too.”
“If you like I could give you some.”
“Are you sure? I’ll gladly take them then.”
“I’ll get you some from our room later then.”

We end that tangent quickly and I sit in front of Amy. There’s only candlelight here, so her cat eyes stand out brightly.

“So, what did you wish to talk with me about?”
“I need some advice, and was hoping you could help me.”
“You need…my advice?”

I’m still pretty new to this world, and most of my common sense is outdated info from my old world. Is there really anything I can help with?

“I just feel like I can trust you with that kind of stuff.”
“I don’t know whether my opinion will be of any help, but I promise I’ll keep everything secret.”
“I know. Anyway, I actually wanted your input in a romantic dilemma.”

Ohh, that’s a topic I expect from her age. Though I don’t think I’ll be of any use since my romantic experience in my past life amounts to zero.

“I have this friend who’s fallen in love with someone, but we don’t know if she should confess or not.”
“Whether to confess?”

That feels like a pretty basic question. She isn’t asking how to confess best, but wants to know whether to even consider it. Though wait, I shouldn’t jump ahead until I know everything.

“I guess you’ve noticed too. There’s a reason why she’s so hesitant.”

Amy notices my gaze and then starts to tell me exactly what’s going on.

“See, my friend is a girl, and she likes another girl. She’s a lesbian, basically.”
“I see. That explains why confessing would be complicated.”

A lesbian, huh. That’s a pretty delicate topic.

“Actually, what do you think about someone like that? Are you against that kind of relationship?”

Hmmm, that’s really hard to answer. I used to be a guy in my past life, but now I’m in a female body. I guess I’m still attracted to girls, but that’s only because I’m still a guy in my mind. So from my point of view it wouldn’t be a lesbian relationship.

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But physically it would be, as well as for anyone else seeing us. Even my partner would think so unless I tell her about my past.

There is one thing I know for sure though.

“I don’t have any aversion to it whatsoever. I understand that realistically speaking it might be a bit harder for them to have a fulfilling relationship, but I wholeheartedly hope that it’ll work out for them.”


I hear a noise coming from the dining room’s entrance, but I don’t see anyone when I turn around. Did I imagine it?

“M-Maybe it was a mouse or something, ahahah.”

I focus my senses, but I don’t feel anything resembling a mouse nearby. Maybe I should start leaving mice traps?

“While we’re at it, what’s your type, Natalia?”
“Eh, the kind of person I like?”
“Yes. Like what kind of hair, or height, looks, or personality even. Tell me.”

Amy keeps insisting and I feel slightly cornered. I guess girls always like talking about this kinda stuff. Still, my type huh. That only reminds me of that person.

“Hmmm…I guess I like straight long black hair.”
“Oh oh?”

I still remember how it felt to stroke her hair when she took a nap on my lap, that day when I left the house to train for the first time.

“I guess I like someone slightly taller than me too.”
“I see, I see.”
“Someone who’s always reliable.”
“Go on go on.”
“And really smart.”



I turn around, hearing an even louder noise than earlier, but there’s still nothing there.

“That’s odd. Do rats even get big enough to make such a sound?”
“Ahah…ahahah…I don’t know, maybe?”

If mice or rats take over a house, they affect the people and the building as well, not just the food. I’ll probably be okay, but I’m worried for Olivia and the other students now. I have to take care of them soon.

“Anyway, let’s not get distracted. In short, you like someone smart and cool then?”
“In broad terms, yes.”

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Huh? Why do I feel like I sound really shallow? Is it just me? I just said that because I spent a lot of time near someone like that until recently…

But I’m just a magic automaton in the first place. I’m not human, or a race similar to a human. I’m categorized as a monster, but technically I’m not even alive.

There have been guys that tried flirting with me, but they all stopped the instant they realized I’m a magic automaton. Though I guess I should be happy that there’s no doll or automaton fetish in this world.

But all in all, there’s no point for me to have feelings.

“What about you Amy?”
“Yes. It’d be rude to ask me but not say anything yourself, wouldn’t you say?”

I continue the conversation as a way to clear off the idle thoughts in my mind. This is a good opportunity to deepen our bond as well, which is important if we plan on knowing each other for a long time.

“My tastes are really simple.”
“Why do you say so?”
“Well, to be blunt, I’m into anyone who can make me lots of money!”

I almost fell out of my chair hearing Amy’s extremely simple answer, which she declared while proudly puffing her developing chest. But at the same time it sounded like what a merchant’s daughter would say, and she sounded determined.

That she said ‘make me money’ instead of simply ‘someone rich’ is slightly impressive.

“Ah right, before I forget. There’s something I’d like your advice on myself.”

Amy’s gaze changes. She was looking at me like a predator eyeing its prey.

“Actually, I guess advice isn’t the right word, it’s more like a business discussion.”

I notice her little fang poking out as she says that.


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