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Chapter 5: Firing practice, and the lady’s return

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2689 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1301 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The magic gun Black Hawk. A magic tool designed by Ophelia’s late husband, and built by her. It converts the user’s magic power into physical energy, which can then be shot. That conversion can be done almost instantly before firing, or it can be done preemptively, storing the energy in the gun’s magazine. If needed, it can also be loaded with regular gunpowder and bullets too.

The conversion from magic power to physical energy for regular bullets is rather efficient. Incendiary bullets could also be produced, but those used a lot more magic power, and the firing range was low.

Ophelia’s late husband had never been able to use it well, so it was just stored away.

The next day I was given permission to use the training area during times I was free from work. I still haven’t learned how to use magic, so Ophelia loaded three magazines for me, and I was excited to try them out.

I put my hand over the stone slab and picture a human silhouette standing further away, and a column of dirt forms there. This is so easy even I can use it.

To warm up, I raise a target ten meters away and shoot with regular bullets.
I hit it easily.
Fifteen meters.
Twenty meters.
Twenty five meters.
Cleared too.


This body is really attuned to guns. My hands were steady unlike a human’s where there’s a shaking from the pulse, my movements are incredibly precise, and because I don’t get exhausted, I also feel no pain from the recoil.

And on top of all that, Black Hawk feels incredible. The precision of my movements is nothing to make light of, if I stood completely still and calm, I can even replicate a sniper shot. I knew the gun wasn’t designed for that, but it was something I had to keep in mind.

Also, regular bullets were very convenient to carry, twenty five of them fitting in a magazine. Incendiary rounds are far trickier though. They consume a lot more energy, and while I had been told about it, I didn’t expect them to use the equivalent of five regular rounds or more.

I still don’t know how much magic power I can produce, so for now I’ll have to stay away from those. Regardless, it’s about time I return to my maid duties. I wonder what I should make for dinner tonight?

I spent some repetitive days like that, taking care of the house and practicing shooting with the gun. Then one day Ophelia left after breakfast, and only returned in the afternoon.

“Humhuhum, hum hum~”

She came back in a very good mood, humming happily.

“Mistress, did something good happen?”
“Heheh, look.”

She shows me some sort of envelope. That reminds me, Ophelia had told me before that mail and deliveries don’t come this deep in the forest, so instead she has to pick everything up from an Adventurer’s Guild in a town nearby.

“It’s a letter from my daughter who’s studying in a city far away. She’ll be having a long vacation and will be coming back during that time.”

This was new information for me.

“Mistress, you have a daughter?”
“I didn’t tell you?”
“This is the first I hear of it.”
“Oh, cough. Anyway, I’ll cook when she’s here.”

Ah, she changed topics. I don’t really mind though. Still, I was surprised to see she had a motherly side that made her want to feed her daughter herself. There are many things I still haven’t learned about Ophelia.

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“So, when is the lady arriving?”
“Mm, she wrote this letter four days ago, and she said she’d depart the next day. It takes four days on horse carriage to get from her school to the nearest town to here, so she should be here tomorrow at the earliest.”

I see. Hmm, there’s still at least a day left, but I was getting nervous.


What should I do if she doesn’t like me?
I won’t get restarted if that happens, right?


At least I’ll have to greet her properly. First impressions are important.


Also, what is that rumbling sound I’ve been hearing for a while?


That had been foreshadowing something that arrived at a speed I never thought possible.

“I’m back! Motherr!”

The door was blown open violently, as a girl with the same beautiful black hair as Ophelia entered.

“I’ve missed you so much, mother!”
“Me too, Olivia!”

The girl jumps towards Ophelia, who catches her in a tight hug.

“You look well.”
“Yes, I’m always in perfect shape!”

As opposed to Ophelia’s calm demeanor, she was very energetic, even more than girls of her age usually are.

“Oh right, there’s someone you have to meet, Olivia.”

Ophelia glances at me, so I stand up with my back straight.

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She tilts her head in wonder, and finally notices I’m there too.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you, young lady. I’m Natalia, a magic automaton created by Mistress Ophelia. I hope my presence is agreeable.”

I greeted her as courteously as I could, trying to look like an obedient maid. I also bowed while raising the hem of my skirt slightly.


Wait, she’s not replying?
Did I say something weird?

“Olivia, introduce yourself too, Natalia looks troubled.”
“Ah, right. Sorry mother.”

The girl walks away from Ophelia’s embrace and turns to look at me, her back completely straight.

“I’m Olivia Eto Gardeland, I turn twelve this year1. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance…miss…Natalia…”

Her face was completely red, probably from nerves2.

“There’s no need to address me so formally. Please refer to me simply as Natalia.”

I slowly turn my face up, until my eyes are at the same height as hers. The young lady was actually taller than I thought for her age.

“Okay, got it, Natalia.”
“Thanks, young lady.”

She looks me in the eyes and smiles.
I can understand why Ophelia babies her so much.
If she wasn’t my Mistress’ daughter, I would impulsively want to pat her head.

“Before I forget, Olivia. Mind showing me your report card?”

Olivia froze, her movements staggered like a badly oiled robot, and streams of sweat ran down her face. I knew that face all too well.

“Mother, I’ve been trying to be more social and prioritized making friends lately!”
“I see, that’s commendable. But how are your studies?”
“And even if I got into fights with boys I would always win. I’ll become a high level adventurer like you and father when I grow up!”
“Oh my, you’ve gotten really strong. But studies are also important to become an adventurer. Show me your report card.”
“Umm…err…I mean…”
“Show me your report card.”

Olivia’s hand trembled as she took out her report card. It’s easier to take a bone from a bulldog’s mouth than to make a mother forget about a topic like that. But young lady, you fought bravely. I offered a silent prayer for her poor soul.

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“Yes, mother.”

Ophelia’s eyes rose from the report card.
I knew that face all too well.

“I’ll give you personal lectures while you’re here for vacation. You know how those are, right?”

Was this a regular occurrence then?

“This is actually perfect. Natalia, you’ll join us too.”
“Huh, me?”

Was I getting dragged into something?

“Regular studies and culture is something I had wanted to teach you in the near future as well. It’s better if you two study together.”
“I understand.”

I was expecting magic and things like that, but it seems I was wrong. Still, having to take classes again, even though I had actually been reincarnated into a new world, was something I didn’t expect.


Olivia and I sighed at the same time.


  1. Robinxen: Uh…. I was expecting someone older. But I can get behind this too.
  2. Robinxen: Dense maid.
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