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Chapter 12: Magic Automaton and Magic

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2204 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1007 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Even though Olivia went back to the city, I still have to take lessons daily. After all, those were for me to learn more about this world. In the morning I do all the house chores I can, after lunch I have classes, and when those are done I finish the house chores. That is my daily schedule now.

‘Alright kids, today we’ll learn about a type of monster known as Magic Automaton.’

Huh, about me?

‘Yes, before we get there, let me talk about golems a little, as they are the predecessors to Magic Automatons. Golems are constructs of stone, wood, or other materials, which are like puppets controlled with magic. They can act either autonomously or half-autonomously.’

Autonomous and half autonomous?

‘Autonomous golems have their own will and can move independently, while half-autonomous golems can only move when given an order.’

So golems are basically puppets that can move by themselves?

‘Wow, you got it. Magic Automatons are an offshoot from that concept. They have more abilities, including being able to cast magic.’

Other abilities?

‘In broader terms, they are more capable. They can learn specialized skills, or control magic on their own.’

So I’m more incredible than a golem!

‘Yes, but that’s not all! Golems are very simple constructs, so creating them is relatively easy. For both golems and Magic Autonomous, the materials used for their construction have a strong influence in their main functions. For instance, even though golems are very easy to build, the bigger they are the more useful they can be.’


‘Also, remember how we learned that golems are either autonomous or half-autonomous? Magic Automatons can be switched between those, and have a third option to be under Full Subjection.’


‘Basically a function that allows the magician to control every movement, pretty much like a puppeteer. But that leaves them as simple tools, so even if they’re Magic Automatons they no longer classify as monsters.’

That sounds complicated. Are there golems that can be put under Full Subjection too then?

‘That would be just a common doll.’

Ah, I see.

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‘In conclusion, golems are constructs that can move by themselves, but can’t use magic. Magic Automatons get really complex really fast, so building them is tricky, but they can use magic. Is everything clear so far?’

Yup, I got it.

“Hey, are you really paying attention?”
“Yes, is something wrong, Mistress?”
“Not really.”

She’ll kill me if she finds out I was replacing everything she said in my mind like that.
I have to actually focus, though I was listening to everything she said.

“Anyway, let me explain in a bit more detail then.”

Whew, this was getting complicated. I only have a common grasp of human anatomy from modern medical studies, but now I have to learn every detail of an Automaton’s body.

“Let’s try flipping this.”


“Now here.”

Ah, what’s going on?!

“And then we turn this.”

This feels weird! It hurts a bit, but also feels kinda good?

“Look inside here.”

S-Shtop thattttt!

“This is your very important spot.”

I feel odd, but also-
My heartbeat is so loud!

“Can you remember all that?”

I wanted to reply, but all I can do is stare emptily at the ceiling. My mistress is too good with her hands.

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After I finish my afternoon chores, I decide to practice the magic I was taught yesterday until it’s time to prepare dinner. To use magic, I have to picture a spell, and then use some mana and a ritual to launch it.

The rituals could be either an incantation or drawing a magic circle. They controlled the way the spell would behave.

Incantations were a verbal ritual, basically chanting something with the correct intonation. Depending on one’s skill it’s possible to shorten chants, or even omit them. Magic circles are written or drawn rituals, and it’s possible to prepare them on pieces of paper or cloth, which can be activated with a bit of mana at any moment.

It’s also possible to combine both chanting and magic circles, increasing the range and accuracy of spells. There are catalysts that can aid the activation of a spell, and some spells require a specific catalyst as well.

The way I thought of them was to make an analogy with cleaning. Mana is like electricity, chants like a vacuum cleaner, magic circles like a roomba, and catalysts like detergent or wipes.

“Come through and burn!”

Flames appear as I chant, then I aim at a lump of dirt.

“Fire Arrow!”

When I chant, the flames take the shape of an arrow and fly towards my target. But after two meters, it quivers and vanishes into sparks.


This is supposed to be beginner’s magic, but even then the most I can do is use it as a lighter. But no, I can’t give up yet. I was taught how to control mana and some beginner spells three days ago. Yesterday I was finally able to form the basis for element-based spells, which is a little more complicated than neutral ones. Pulling myself together, I try out other elements.

“Jump out, Thunder Spark.”
That went well.
“Bolus of land, Stone Shot!”
“Winter’s approach, Snow Wind!”
How about this?
“Rise and swirl, Air Edge!”
Eat this!

S̲h̲i̲t̲, this magic thing is starting to feel like a tsundere. Though I’m too much of a noob to see any of the dere sides. But no, it’s only been three days since I started. Patience is what wins a tsundere over.

“There’s still more, Fire Arrow!”
“Thunder Spark!”
“Stone Shot!”
“Snow Wind!”
“Air Edge!”



“Heh, this is what happens if you mess with me and my buddy Black Hawk.”

I turned the target into a honeycomb. Well, it’s about time I go back to work. I’ll continue playing next time I’m free. I store Black Hawk back on my hip holster and leave the training area. I-I’m definitely not frustrated!

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