Chapter 67: Rice Cooker and Interview 3

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 612 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Chapter 67: Rice cooker and interview 3

Kishana then put water and the dried seaweed in the pot before lighting the fire with magic.
After a while, the water started to boil and she took the seaweed from the water. The broth was ready.

“Now I’ll cook the rice.”

After putting the lid on the rice cooker, she pressed the button and let it cook.
Next, she took the bite-sized eggplant and pumpkin and let them boil in the broth for five minutes.
When the ingredients were cooked, she added miso and put the fire out.
Then she dissolved the miso into the water and lit the fire again until it was about to boil.
Lastly, she put it into deep bowls and the miso soup was done.

“And just on time, the rice is done cooking too.”

A sound rang from the rice cooker and it showed a ‘done’ sign.
She opened the lid and served some rice on a plate.
Kishana then placed the rice and miso soup on the table, which brought back a scene they saw frequently in their past life.

“Rice and miso soup huh. A staple of Japanese cuisine.”
“Since I heard they were making miso in the elves’ district, I always kept some to use as a dip for cucumbers, guess it was a good idea.”

Puffs of steam rose from the rice and miso soup, making Schenna and Sareenea’s appetite grow.
The three of them sat at the table, and after a short pause, they began eating.

“The rice is well cooked and tasty. And the saltiness from the miso soup and the sweetness from the pumpkins mixes well.”

Schenna complimented Kishana’s food, and Kishana seemed to get slightly embarrassed.
Sareenea quickly finished her plate and asked for a second serving, which she quickly stuffed her cheeks full of.

“Don’t be so hasty, no one will take your food away from you.”
“I’ve been working non-stop without drinking or eating since yesterday, I’m honestly thankful.”
“I know your job is important, but if you neglect your body, there won’t be anything to replace it with.”
“When I find something interesting, I tend to focus on it to extreme limits. I think Reesha warned me about something like that before too.”

Schenna was worried about Sareenea’s health.
It was commendable that she was able to focus on things, but there was still a limit to everything.
Especially if it was a genius like Sareenea, it was not a good trait to need someone else to watch over her so she would not overdo things.

“I’m jealous of a couple like you, being able to eat tasty food like this every day.”
“I’m telling you we’re not a couple. Why don’t you try cooking yourself or something?”
“I’m not too good cooking myself, and most of the time I just do something random. I could just employ an exclusive chef from the Holy Bow, but it would be nice if your dark elf mistress could come here and cook for me as a side job you know.”

Sareenea shot an intense stare at Kishana, but Schenna interrupted her.

“I can teach you how to cook if you want, sometimes when you are free. Would that be good?”

Kishana would be busy buying food and ingredients.
It might not be much more, but she still could not afford to have a side job.

“Your cooking is pretty good too so I would love that, but cooking sounds like a pain…”

Schenna was hopeful she would want to learn at least a little bit, but it seemed like it would not be as easy as she first thought.


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