Chapter 53: Swead Kingdom 2

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 774 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

There were many cases where adventurers would go into Swead Kingdom only to never come back again.
The official explanation was that they were killed by monsters, but in the adventurer guilds it was common to hear theories that they had been captured as slaves and sold off to other continents.

When Schenna was part of the knights of Hashel, she also had heard many bad rumors about Swead.

“When I visited this place a long time ago, there was a swamp a bit towards the north from here. Cockatrice nested there and made it their territory. There was also a high concentration of Dark Cores there, so I figured it was a good place to let you train, Schenna. Was that a bad call?”
“I’m more worried about being found by Swead’s soldiers or slave traders than by some cockatrice.”

Grana pointed out the cockatrice’s swamp, but Schenna could not stop worrying if their presence was known to Swead.
Cockatrice were monsters that looked like large chickens, and their beaks could cause a petrification curse.

Grana also explained that their petrification curse was made by sealing their enemies by using their Dark Cores and that they also had a larger number of Dark Cores compared to other monsters.
Grana did not seem to be aware of the situation around that place, so he could not be blamed for trying to provide a good hunting spot.

“Is that place really that close to here?”
“It’s just over there. And if it gets too dangerous, I’m ready to chant the spell to bring us back to the fortress city.”
“…As the manager of the restaurant, I think it’s better if we halt this hunt. I want to avoid risking running into Swead’s people a lot more than getting in danger with monsters.”

Maybe she was being too nervous about the situation, but even then, if there was a single bout with someone from Swead, nothing could guarantee they could get back home safely. And even if Grana could teleport them back before any big problems happened, that could still potentially ruin the relations between Swead and Priden, which would cause more trouble for Reesha.

“You don’t have to worry about them. I can simply cast memory manipulation magic on them and make them forget we even exist.”
“I see, I guess we won’t have problems then.”

Luthors then hit Grana on the back, urging him to continue with the monster hunt.
Wondering if he really could pull that off, Schenna asked Grana.

“Yesterday you used a subspace magic, today teleporting back and forth, are you sure you can handle adding memory manipulation magic on top of that?”
“That’s completely fine. Supportive and healing magic can hardly be compared to attack magic, and my magic power is almost limitless.”
“…I understand. Let’s continue with the hunt. We’ll let Luthors take care of planning the fight.”

Once they had all come to an accord, Grana took the lead and guided them through the plains towards the swamp while Schenna and Luthors constantly surveyed the surroundings.
Luckily for them, after the slave caravan had come and passed, they didn’t see any other person.

For Schenna, this was her first time going into a fight led by the celebrated soldier from Gafenna, Luthors.
When Luthors saw Shenna’s nervous stride, she held Schenna’s hand in her own.

“Hunting monsters is just like cooking. If you follow the instructions you won’t have any problems.”
“I did this many times when I was in Hashel, but I feel privileged that I can do it with someone like you.”
“You two, we’re almost at the swamp now, but look at that.”

Grana silently pointed to a direction, Schenna and Luthors stopped walking and observed their path ahead.
There were two children with iron spheres tied to their feet with chains running frantically while a soldier clad in armor followed chased after them.
They were probably two slaves escaping, with a Swead soldier trying to catch them.

“No! I hate that place! don’t want to go back!”

The soldier finally caught the slaves, and by roughly pulling at their hairs he forcefully dragged them to a nearby carriage and attempted to shove them inside.

“…I’m sorry you two. I made you come all the way here for nothing, I want to save those two.”

Schenna ran towards the carriage and knocked out the soldier from behind.
Even though she constantly warned everyone of getting in contact with someone from Swead, she herself went against that and saved two child slaves. 1


  1. Silva: Hoh boi, there goes the incognito

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