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Chapter 5-23: The Lord’s Descent

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2303 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1510 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The aura radiating from the golden doors became increasingly intimidating. Lilith sensed a terrifying entity slowly making its way toward the doors and approaching them.

Lilith could only watch on helplessly as the golden doors slowly materialized. Even if she used all her strength, she could barely move as she was caught within the light emitted by the pillar.

The poison in Nine’s body had spread to his internal organs. The black spots were creeping upward from the V-neckline of his pink princess dress to his face under the white paper.

Even without looking at it, one could imagine how horrible he looked under that sheet of paper.

His limbs were starting to fester too. Black watery blood and flesh were melting off in large chunks, revealing the stained black bones underneath it. It was an appalling sight.

Nine, however, did not feel anything about his impending death.

The moment those golden double doors appeared, Nine fell to the ground with his head pressed firmly against it. He looked like the most devout believer waiting for his Lord’s descent, and catching even a glimpse of Him was considered blasphemy.

Finally, the double doors slowly opened. A certain entity was about to come out.

The first thing to emerge from the golden doors were two hands with golden patterns on their palms. They gripped the edge of the doors and pushed hard, causing them to open a little faster with a loud grating sound.

An eye appeared next. Even someone as fearless as Lilith felt a chill down her spine when she saw that eye.

It was a cold and dignified gaze, like that of a deity looking down upon the insignificant worm beneath it. His gaze would humble anyone and bring forth a sense of their own insignificance and powerlessness.

As the doors were fully opened, the being was gradually revealed to the onlookers.

He was a giant who stood nearly ten meters tall.

A faint golden mist shrouded him. The rippling muscles on his bare upper torso created a mesmerizing display of raw strength. His skin was covered with golden arcane patterns, which looked similar to the ones on Nine’s cane.

The giant appeared like a god descending from the heavens. His overwhelming aura suffocated everyone. For ordinary people, the giant was akin to a blazing sun at its peak, scorching the eyes of anyone who laid their gaze upon him.

The “audience” gathered in the square were stunned into silence and even forgot to flee. Most of them dropped to their knees and started to worship the being that had appeared, while color already drained from the face of the remaining ones who understood what was going on.

“Haha, my lord, you have finally descended!”

Nine’s voice was extremely hoarse. His vocal cords appeared to have been damaged by the poison.

Each word he spoke caused intense, unbearable pain that would be difficult for an average person to endure.

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Even so, he squeezed all the remaining air in his lungs and shouted with the loudest voice he could muster.

He had devoted his life to serving that being, whom he regarded as his lord.

If he could not even show his loyalty at this moment, he would not be able forgive himself!

“My lord, hurry… Destroy all these sinners! Their mere existence tarnishes you, my lord! I am incompetent, having fallen prey to their treacherous schemes. All I can do is implore you to eliminate them yourself.”

“This is but a trifle,” the golden giant said.

His voice boomed with the mighty resonance of a great bell.

“They are nothing but mere insects to me.”

Nine’s face, already partially decayed beneath the white paper, lit up with frenzied delight.

Not even the bits of rotting flesh that had fallen off due to the stretching of his cheek could diminish his excitement.

His lord was about to strike. He would crush every last of those who dared to inflict this upon him!

He would let these sinners get a taste of the ultimate pain. The pain of having their soul crushed alive.

That kind of pain was a million times worse than the physical pain he was currently enduring.

“My lord, will you please let me dispose of that little girl named Leniah? I still have a score to settle with her,” Nine said through his gritted teeth.

He would not be able to find peace until he personally punished the one responsible for his current state!

“And the price?”

“I have already prepared the soul of the sinner.”

Nine offered up a small orb that was shrouded by black mist with his trembling hands. The swirling mist around the small orb formed agonized faces, each distinct from the other. But all of them were silently screaming in distress.

The small orb flew toward the giant. As soon as the giant inhaled it into his body, a look of delight overtook his face.

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“Permission granted.”
“Thank you, my lord!”

The golden giant swept its extremely menacing gaze over Lilith and the others. When his gaze fell upon Lilith, a flicker of emotion appeared in his eyes that were as still as an ancient well.

The sound of the doors opening grew louder by a few decibels.

Lilith’s limbs were paralyzed as though she was trapped in an ice block. Despite this, her mind raced, as she frantically searched for a way to break free from the situation.

Cornelia should be able to fight with the golden giant in front of Lilith. Both of them seemed about equal in strength. Even if she was terrified, she could still go for a few rounds with him. Unfortunately, Cornelia was not around.

Apart from her, the only one who could fight against an existence from the divine realm would be…

The one dwelling within her… the Dragon Eater.

To be honest, Lilith did not really want to have anything to do with that Dragon Eater inside her anymore.

Her suspicion for the Dragon Eater had skyrocketed ever since the day the Dragon Eater effortlessly defeated Cornelia who was in her full strength and transformed her into Lilith’s “daughter”.

Besides, she was not sure if the Dragon Eater would really protect Lesiah and the others. Previously, she was all alone when she summoned the Dragon Eater.

What if she came out and decided to blow up an entire continent or two for fun? Lilith would not even know where else to go and cry.

Did that mean that… she was already at the end of the road?

“Damn it!” Lilith could not help but curse.

Shouldn’t the three demigods, including her mother, supposed be the strongest beings in this world? Since when did the demigods in this world become as irrelevant as the pebbles by the roadside?

Was the world changing too fast or did she fall behind with the rapidly changing time?

The doors finally opened wide enough to allow the golden giant to pass through.

The golden giant raised his foot slowly, and at this moment, Nine also lifted his head, holding his breath as he quietly waited for his lord’s descent.

Soon… Soon! His lord was about to descend!

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By then, the sinners would be executed first before the people around them! And then all the people who laughed at him too! All of them should die!

Ha… Ha… How unfortunate that they had to witness his most humiliating moment. If they must blame someone, then blame it on those dragons who branded him with that mark of humiliation!

Nine was laughing wildly in his heart. Not even the intense pain coming from his rotting body could lessen his delight in the slightest.

It was a pity that those three b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ had been banished away from here. Otherwise, they would get a taste of the ultimate pain in the world too!

Lilith was faced with a dilemma as she had to make a decision whether to rely on the Dragon Eater in her or not.

The golden giant’s foot steadily landed on the invisible step in front of him. Though his step was light, it created a tremor that was felt by all.

He lifted his other foot as well. Just one more step and he would be completely out of the doors.

Nine waited for it to happen with bated breath while Lilith struggled with her dilemma.

The golden giant’s heel was finally about to leave the doors completely… He would soon unleash hell upon this world.

It was at that moment, the expression on his face suddenly turned serious. He froze for a moment before he fished out a sparkly golden spectrum stone out of nowhere.

“What? Mom called me home for dinner? Alright, I’m coming back now. Give me three seconds, I’ll be there immediately,” the golden giant said to his spectrum stone in an extremely serious tone.

As the crowd below watched him in astonishment, he retreated back into the doorway, not forgetting to close them behind him.


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