Chapter 4-86: Lesiah’s Past

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2372 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1303 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Looking at Lilith and Lesiah, who were slumped on both ends of the table, Shiloah extended his razor-like sharp claws and approached Lilith.

“Ohoho, I’m dead meat after you wake up? What a naive little girl. Did you really think I’d dawdle around and wait for you to make a comeback like those villains in novels?”

He rested his claw on her heart. Just a slight squeeze and this adorable blonde girl would turn into a lifeless corpse.

Hesitation set in when his sharp claws dug into her skin shallowly.

For some reason, he just couldn’t shake off the feeling that doing so would bring about terrifying consequences.

He had always deemed intuitions or premonitions illusory, and he never believed things that he couldn’t see with his own eyes.

His all-seeing eyes and Gaz’s immortality were powerful abilities that the gods bestowed upon them.

By taking a single look at his target, he could gather all their information such as strength, speed, luck, cultivation method, and even their experiences since birth.

Not only that, he could even find out things like how many erotic novels his targets had read, how many times they slept with their neighbors or how many times they had masturbated.

This was the reason why he proclaimed to Lilith that he was omniscient. Although it was an exaggeration, calling his ability that wasn’t too far-fetched either.

Despite his proclamation, he still couldn’t read Lilith.

Everything that happened to her before stepping into this world seemed to be shrouded by a black mist. No matter how hard he tried using his all-seeing ability, he couldn’t see past the dense mist behind her.

All he could gather was Lilith’s name and the fact that she possessed a powerful physical body.

Furthermore, he wasn’t even able to find out her full name as the lengthy prefix before her name seemed deliberately obscured by something.

Not only that, even her experiences after entering this world started to become a blur. Something seemed to have deemed that he wasn’t qualified to see it and thus prevented him from prying.

In short, Lilith currently appeared to be a wall of mosaic censors in his eyes. No one liked mosaics censors, and Shiloah was no exception. This was why he despised this little girl named Lilith.

And for similar reasons, he was fond of Lesiah because everything about her was laid bare before him. Save for last night when she also became a wall of mosaics to him for some unknown reason, the other contents about her were as fascinating as an ancient painting. Because of this, Shiloah longed for her to become his main course, for her to become one with him.

On the other hand, just a minute long of ingratiating himself with Lilith was enough to make him puke.

He loved the things he could read clearly and hated the things he couldn’t. This was the little problem of Shiloah, who was so used to being able to read everyone clearly. At the end of the day, it was a harmless problem. He was still Lady Cornelia’s most reliable subordinate.

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Sinister was his sturdy armor. Cunningness was his sharpest weapon. Being apt at using his tools was his strength.


“Gaz, where are you? Come here, I’ve got a mission for you.”

A few minutes later, Gaz was carried into the room by a bunch of arms that crawled on the ground on their five fingers.

The arms were slender, and their long, feminine fingers gave their gender away. Even so, seeing such a huge number of them carrying Gaz and crawling all over the place was still a terrifying sight.

Yet Shiloah looked like he had long gotten used to this scene, and got down straight to business as soon as Gaz arrived. “Ohoho, Gaz, didn’t you always want to exact your revenge? The opportunity has presented itself now. I’ll leave this little girl to you.”

Upon seeing Lilith lying unconscious against the dining table and Shiloah’s offer, Gaz immediately laughed in excitement. “Gagaga! I know you’re a real man, Shiloah! Rest assured, I’ll take good care of this little girl.”

“Ohoho, good. Remember, the effect of the mist only lasts for an hour. You must kill her before then.”

“Gaga, got it. One hour, right? I definitely won’t screw up. I’m sure you know very well how accurate my biological clock is.”

Shiloah nodded reluctantly. Although Gaz was extremely unreliable in all aspects, Shiloah had to admit that his biological clock was indeed so accurate it was only off by a few seconds.

In any case, this guy always arrived punctually at the dining table during every mealtime.

“Ohoho, very well. She’s in your hands. Don’t mess this up, she’s a troublesome one when she’s awake.”
“Gaga, don’t worry. We’re both aware of how troublesome she is. I definitely won’t give her any chance to turn the tables.”
“Let’s hope that’s the case…”



“Your Majesty!”

Lesiah could hear those voices again. It was so noisy. It was impossible to distinguish between sincerity and insincerity. Or who was crying with real emotions and who was merely putting on an act.

Like a group of clowns performing on the stage, no one knew what lay beneath their masks.

Lesiah knelt on the icy ground. She raised her head and what she saw etched into her mind, later becoming scenes that would repeat themselves countless times in her dreams.

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A massive violet-gold coffin rested quietly in the heart of the magnificent hall.

Metal sculptures of exotic beasts covered the coffin which was made of the most precious wood in Macedonian Empire.

It was certainly a worthy coffin for the noble person lying in it.

Sobbings and wailings around her continued incessantly, with an intensity that could make one’s ears ring.

She could clearly feel the big hand that held her tender one growing cold, as though every drop of blood in its veins was drained away.

She could clearly feel helplessness seeping through the skin of that trembling hand. Desperate sobs devoid of hope traveled into her ear. She turned to the side and saw the queen’s pale, yet beautiful face.

“Lesiah, you’re the only one I can rely on now…”

Her mother stroked her cheek gently and tenderly. But there was only one person on her mind right now.

And it was none other than Lesiah’s late father, the king.

The queen was a beautiful and charming woman in her forties who still retained her 28-year-old appearance. And she was the love of her father’s life.

The king had been in power for more than two decades, but he had only one wife. Any chancellors, who proposed the king to take in concubines either for political reasons or personal benefits, would all be harshly punished. One could see just how much he favored the queen.

Lesiah had always thought that this was a great thing. Her mother and her father were in a loving and monogamous marriage with two children — her younger sister and her. Although they were deemed to be a cold and ruthless royal family in the commoners’ eyes, she could feel the warmth of her family.

This opinion of hers didn’t change until the sudden passing of her father.

It didn’t fill her with hatred but…

Be it a step-sibling… Be it a cold-blooded beast who only coveted the throne… Be it a vixen who would compete against her for her mother’s favor… She wished for just one person…

Who could share her insurmountable pressure…. Who could manage the affairs of this empire well…. Who could keep those wolves who hunger for power at bay…. Who cared if she had another mother and sibling?

She no longer cared about those.


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