Chapter 4-81: Skeletal Dragon

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2732 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1718 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The skeletal dragon didn’t seem like it intended to give Lilith and Lesiah any chances to escape. With a gentle flap of its wings, the huge creature drew closer to them so fast that it was gradually catching up with Lilith who was in her White Jade Style state.

Lilith clenched her teeth as she scooped Lesiah up into her arms and doubled up her speed.

“L-L-Let go of me!”

The sudden action caused Lesiah to reflexively start struggling to break free. Lilith, who was already upset by the fact that the corpse of her own kind was turned into someone else’s puppet, lost her patience and smacked the princess hard on her bottom.

“Enough! Do you want to be eaten?”

Lesiah made a very lovely noise as her cheeks instantly flushed.

Knowing the severity of the current situation, she could only grit his teeth and shoot Lilith a glare before she quit struggling.

“What about that innate ability of yours? Hurry up and use that!”
“I know, you don’t have to tell me!”

Lesiah shot her another glare. But she wasn’t about to admit that she was so flustered that she had nearly forgotten about it.

The skeletal dragon gradually got closer to them but at one point, Lilith drastically increased her speed and the two maintained their distance apart.

The flames in the skeletal dragon’s eye sockets flickered before his massive figure vanished.

Given the massive size of dragons, just their wings alone wouldn’t enable them to move at high speed. As a result, every dragon was born with an affinity for space.

Rather than flying, it was better to describe it as floating in space.

Besides, when a dragon reached adulthood, it could use spatial abilities at will.

And this skeletal dragon was no exception.

However, Lilith also suddenly appeared somewhere further away at the same while still maintaining the same distance from the skeletal dragon.


Even for Lilith, this teleportation-like movement still took a toll on her current body.

The skeletal dragon teleported but for Lilith, her body was abruptly accelerated to the speed that was close to teleportation.

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Seeing that it couldn’t catch up with Lilith and Lesiah, the skeletal dragon suddenly stopped chasing them.

Due to this, Lilith also came to an abrupt halt with Lesiah’s innate ability in effect.

What was that skeletal dragon thinking?

She looked back in confusion, only to discover that the skeletal dragon was floating in midair. She could see the pulsing magical aura radiating from its body.

An extremely familiar and strange noise reached her ears. Although not very loud, it echoed throughout the place.

Even without knowing the language, both Lilith and Lesiah could guess what it meant.

Destroy everything.

Lilith’s eyes widened in alarm. She turned her head around and began to escape frantically.

However, it was too late.

The power of words contained in that voice had begun to take effect.

It was the dragon language spell, [Collapse]!

The ground quaked!

“Ugh… Damn it!”

Lilith was brought to her knees involuntarily. Her entire body shook under the power of words. The internal organs in her body could barely tolerate this terrifying vibration frequency. Signs of collapse and internal bleeding began to appear.

Lesiah was in an even worse condition. Her brows were furrowed and her body was curled up. Blood was leaking out of the corner of her mouth and she had an extremely agonizing look on her face.

Although she was a peak rank nine warrior, she was still an ordinary human being. As soon as her battle qi shield broke, this terrifying vibration would instantly turn her into a pulp.

Of course, Lilith was aware of that. She looked at Lesiah who could barely hold on any longer.

Since we’re even now, you owe me for whatever happens next!

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Black flame swayed before it turned into a crystal barrier around both of them.

The destructive power of words was unable to penetrate the black crystal barrier which seemed to only be as thin as a cicada’s wing.

The skeletal dragon roared angrily and began to circle around the black crystal, looking like it was searching for a weak spot to attack.

Lesiah gradually regained her consciousness after being healed by a healing scroll.

She looked at the skeletal dragon hovering above their heads and exclaimed, “Shouldn’t saint-level creatures be non-existent in these Ancient Ruins? Where did this dragon come from?”

“It is not a saint-level creature at this moment.”


Lesiah wore a skeptical look on her face. “It’s so powerful, how could it not be a saint-level creature?”

Lilith nodded and looked up at the creature in the sky with conflict in her eyes.

“Super powerful body, majestic appearance, natural affinity with space, boundless magic power, and… the dragon language spell with a trace of its own laws…”

It was no doubt a real and perfect dragon.

On the other hand, she, who was known as a rare genius among the dragons and the Dragon Princess who was above the rest… couldn’t even transform.

She could only go on by relying on her weak spatial power. Not only that, she didn’t even know any dragon language spells… It was shameful. She didn’t even dare to tell anyone she was a dragon.

“Now I’m pissed.”

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She put a foot forward, the ground instantly shattered under the force, and she charged toward the skeletal dragon at lightning speed.

The scarlet flames in the skeletal dragon’s eyes flickered. There was obviously a trace of consciousness left in it. At the sight of Lilith who remained unintimidated by it and instead chose to provoke it, it roared and charged at her.

“Here, allow me to free you.”

The black flame turned into a black fluid. It covered Lilith’s entire arm and transformed itself into a huge and ferocious-looking dragon claw that didn’t match her petite figure.

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Dragon claw and White Jade Style!

Lilith’s fist pounded the skeletal dragon on its skull. The impact was so powerful that it managed to change its trajectory and sent it flying back to the ground in the opposite direction like an asteroid.

Dust was flying everywhere, but it was quickly blown away by the wind created by the dragon’s bone wings.

The skeletal dragon tried to get up, but the basin-sized hole and cracks in its skull didn’t allow it to. All it could do was only flap its wings as it struggled on the spot.

Due to the absence of flesh and blood, the skeletal dragon was capable of what most ordinary dragons could, save for their high-speed self-recovery rate.

Its fractured spine had pretty much rendered him useless in battle. However, the fact that it could still move proved how resilient it was compared to ordinary creatures.

Lilith landed on the ground and approached the skeletal dragon. Her arm had returned to normal. Likewise, the black fluid had also turned back into a swaying ball of black flame.

She rested her palm gently against the skeletal dragon’s massive skull as she softly bid her enemy a final goodbye.


The black flame spread out and instantly devoured the entire skeletal dragon.

Lilith let out a soft sigh. There were skeletons before and now a skeletal dragon.

She couldn’t help but wonder if the creator of this little world was actually a necrophiliac, the kind that had a fetish for bones?

Maybe she should find a pink skeleton for Sae or something. She probably wouldn’t mind right?

“Where did that skeletal dragon come from?”
“No idea, it seems to be dead for a long time.”

Lilith shook her head. Anything could happen in a world that evolved according to the will of gods. Although bringing a dragon that was long dead back to life was a surprise, it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

“Is it possible that this skeletal dragon is also a black devil?” Lesiah furrowed her brows in deep thought.


“Black skeletons that crawled out from the grassland on the day of darkness… Those are the black devils right?”

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“But… Titan 12138 never mentioned there was any skeletal dragon during the last day of darkness.”

“The day of darkness she went through didn’t have a second round.”

Lesiah stood up and looked at the grassland where the skeletal dragon came out from.

Despite the size of the creature, the grassland remained unchanged.

“If my guess is right, this skeletal dragon was just a scout.”


“Yes. The role of this skeletal dragon was to determine the strength of the enemy. On the east coast of the Macedonian Empire, there is a kind of sea turtle. The whole group will lay eggs in the same place on the beach. After the eggs are hatched, one of the turtles will crawl out of the nest first while the rest stay behind. If that turtle successfully returns to the sea, the others will come out of the nest too. But if that turtle gets eaten by a monster, the others will continue staying in the nest and wait for their next opportunity.”

“You’re saying…”

“Yes, the skeletal dragon was merely testing the waters. Those black devils will definitely come out. And if this skeletal dragon doesn’t return, their next attack will be much more devastating. They may even go on an all-out attack.”

“If these black devils are this terrifying, how did the titans survive a thousand years ago?”

“I have no idea. The most likely explanation could be the titans actually paid a huge price back then, even though they managed to withstand the black devils’ attack. The price they paid was so high that the black devils probably thought they were no longer a threat and the day of darkness ended on that note. But for this time…”

Lesiah turned to Lilith, whose cheek twitched at the revelation.

“The instant annihilation of the first wave made them wary. That’s why they sent out a scout.”

“In other words, we might be sitting ducks?”

“I guess so.” Lesiah twirled her long hair. Her gaze on Lilith made the latter feel extremely guilty.

“I guess something that the gods had to personally seal shouldn’t be that easy to deal with.”


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