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Chapter 4-8: Dealing With A Useless Person

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2271 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1363 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The arena fell silent. Both the first and second years who were spectating the fight had their jaws dropped. They couldn’t help it. After all, the best from the second-year was taken out within a second. It was done efficiently, instantly and directly.

Not only that, he was schooled by a feeble and weak-looking little girl from the first-year. Although it was his arrogance that made him offer her to make the first move, the outcome was still shocking.

Not even Miguel could believe in his own eyes. After so many years of teaching, it wasn’t uncommon to see juniors defeat their seniors. However, this was the first time he had seen such a quick victory.

This little girl named Lilith was definitely not an ordinary person.

Miguel suddenly recalled the weird things that Elder Mord told him earlier. For some reason, a bad feeling started growing deep in his heart.

“Winner: Lilith from Class 9 of First Year!”

As soon as Miguel announced the result, the first-years cheered loudly. No matter how surprising the result was, Mr. Miguel must keep his promise since Lilith had won.

He must never use corporal punishment on his students.

No matter how terrifying of a teacher he was, losing his rights to exercise corporal punishment would make him a tiger who had lost its fangs.

That means we could do whatever the hell we want, right?

However, a faint smile crept onto Miguel’s lips.

How naive these freshmen are. Corporal punishment is not the only way to make all of you show obedience.

“Well then, that’s the end of this lesson. You’re free for the next two days. Please use this time to familiarize yourself in this academy as soon as possible.”
“The school opening ceremony will be in two days. On that day, the principal and some important figure in the empire will deliver a speech at the auditorium in the southern district. Make sure to be there on time. Absence and tardiness will not be tolerated.”

Speaking of that, Miguel shot Lilith a warning look.

“That’s it. You are dismissed.”

After saying that, Miguel turned around and was about to leave when he suddenly remembered something else. He turned to Lilith and Thea. “I’ll leave that second-year named Kieran to both of you.”

“Huh? Why?”
“Because both of you won. According to the bet, he is now a servant to both of you. Isn’t it your responsibility to deal with your own servant?”

Lilith responded with great reluctance.

“Don’t be upset, Lilith. Isn’t it great to have a servant to do work for you?”
“I may not look like it, but I’m the type of person who is attracted to faces. To be honest, I wouldn’t have even bothered to abduct you if you weren’t pretty.”

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“…I’m not sure if I should be happy or angry after hearing that…”

“It no longer matters. I’ve already abducted you. It’s not like you can run away now.”

“Lilith~ To be honest, sometimes hearing you speak makes me want to hit you.” Thea cracked her knuckles as though she was going to really teach Lilith a lesson.
However, Lilith was unfazed. “Ha, I don’t really care. You can’t beat me anyway, Thea.”

Thea was speechless. Sometimes, some truths were better left unspoken… After all, they could be rather piercing to the ears.

Half an hour later, Lilith and Thea brought Kieran, who was still unconscious, back in the dorms.

On their way back, Thea helped Lilith familiarize herself with the surroundings so that she wouldn’t get lost again.

Kieran, who was being dragged away by Lilith by his ankles, actually woke up a few times during the journey. However, he couldn’t even speak before he got knocked out by the rough terrain again.

By the time they returned to the dorms, it was already evening.

“Good evening, Lilith and Thea. I am the manager of this dormitory, Jessica.”

A graceful-looking older girl came forward with a smile and introduced herself to them.

“I came here to solve the allocation issue of this dorm. This dorm isn’t full yet, right?”

“Yes. Only the two of us live here.”

“That’s great. To be honest, I’ve been looking for a suitable dorm for this one child. Will you two allow her to stay in this dorm?”

Jessica turned slightly, revealing an extremely shy girl who was hiding behind her.

“Her name is Brea and she’s a little timid. She joined yesterday but ended up staying the night in the entrance hall because she couldn’t find a free room and was too afraid to knock on the other’s doors.”

“The entrance hall? It must have been really cold at night. Wouldn’t you catch a cold for saying one night there?” Thea asked in shock.

“I… I’m a warrior… so… nope.” The girl named Brea grasped the hem of Jessica’s skirt tightly as she lowered her head and replied in a barely audible voice.

Jessica let out a soft sigh and smiled wryly.

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“I was also shocked when I found her this morning, so I’ve been looking for a suitable dorm room for her. Unfortunately, the other dorms are already full. Will you two allow her to stay here?”

“Of course. It’s a four-person dorm anyway. It’s pretty boring when it’s just both of us staying here, right Lilith?”

“I don’t really care.”

“Thank you so much! Come, Brea. You have to thank them too.”

“Thank… you.”

“You’re welcome! It’s not a big deal.”

Jessica lightly nudged Brea into the dorm room and entered the room with a large suitcase herself to help Brea tidy up her bed.

After she was done, she pushed her glasses up with a smile.

“I shall take my leave now. There are still matters waiting for me to attend to. I wish all of you a happy academy life!”

“Thank you, Miss Manager.”

“Thank you for your hard work!”

“Thank… you.”

After Jessica left, Lilith looked at the well-organized dorm room and sighed in amazement, “That manager lady is really a great person.”

“O-Of… course she is…” Brea agreed, but she was already as red as a ripe apple when she was halfway through her sentence.

“Wow… How cute!”

Thea rushed up to Brea and rubbed her cheek against hers like she had just seen an adorable doll.

“…Umm… That hurts…” Brea instantly burst into tears from never experiencing such enthusiasm from others.

“Hey, Thea. Stop bullying her. We should start thinking what to do with this guy when he wakes up.” Lilith pointed to Kieran, who was on the ground, with her toes.

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“Arara~ We can just throw him out and be done with it.”

Thea, who was having a great time with her newly discovered toy, had completely forgotten about her statement of having a servant was great.

Lilith sighed. It seemed like she could only think about this herself. Should she let him stay as their servant? No way. He was ugly and on top of that, it was a dude. If it was a cute girl, she would have agreed.

Maybe she should listen to Thea and just throw him out.

Speaking of that, this thing was rejected by Thea and her mainly because of his appearance.

In fact, this guy named Kieran wasn’t that ugly. His face was a little on the feminine side and he liked to flash that confident smile of a protagonist, which was a bit disgusting in combination.

Hang on… Feminine… Feminine appearance…

Lilith suddenly had a bold idea.

“Thea, do you know how to put on makeup?”

“Makeup? I’m not very good at it. Why do you ask, Lilith?”

While saying that, the light elements around Thea glowed and her face was suddenly glowing too.

Tch, that damned chosen one.

“Umm… if it’s makeup… then I know a bit of that…”

Lilith’s eyes instantly lit up and she grasped Brea’s hands tightly. “I’ll leave it to you then, Brea,” she exclaimed in excitement.

“…L-Leave… what to me?”

Lilith pointed at Kieran who was on the floor. “You must transform him into a beautiful…”



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