Chapter 4-58: Fight

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2304 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1286 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Lilith sighed, “Where are the rest?”

Titan 12138 smiled bitterly. “Putting up one last desperate fight, as you suggested.”

“Do they stand a chance?”

“No. The titans are not as prosperous as a thousand years ago. On top of that, our king… Oh well… it’s hopeless.”

Lilith fell silent for a moment then suddenly said, “Devour all living beings… that means…”

“Yes. Everything that is ‘alive’ in this world. This flower, grass and even you, won’t be spared.”

Lilith looked around.

They were no longer at the vast grassland. The leaves of those shrub-looking short trees around them emitted a faint indigo light like fireflies. They were the little sources of light in this moonless night.

There were probably hundreds of round huts in this village, most of which were built to fit the height of the short titans. Only the hut next to Lilith was taller than the rest and seemed like it was made for a normal human.

Titan 12138 quickly explained upon noticing Lilith’s eyes on it. “This is the royal bed-chamber that we have built for our king’s return.”

The specially built ‘royal bed-chamber wasn’t only much taller than the other huts, it had also been carefully decorated. The mud bricks were inlaid with many colorful stones that glowed faintly in the dark. Instead of thatch, the roof was made of countless layers of valuable animal leather.

And they were only dressed in clothes made of tree barks.

“Are those black devils… powerful?”

Lilith suddenly asked, despite having no intentions of getting involved in the first place.

Titan 12138 was taken aback for a moment before beaming. “Have you finally decided to fight, your majesty?”

“It’s not like I have a choice. Those black devils are targeting all living beings and I’m one of them.”

Lilith smirked and added, “It’s not like I’ve decided to help you all out of sympathy.”

Titan 12138 suddenly kneeled on the ground and bawled, “I know, I know. You said the same thing last time too, your majesty!”

“I told you I’m not your king.”

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Lilith refused Titan 12138’s respectful bow and sighed. “Although I’ve decided to help you, you better remember that I’m not your king.”

“I got it, I got it.”

Seeing Titan 12138 still acting extremely respectful, Lilith couldn’t help but wonder if she really got that.

“So your king really said that last time?”

“Huh? Said what?”

Titan 12138 had a strange look on her face, as though she didn’t understand Lilith’s question.


Lilith frowned. Didn’t she just…

It had only been a few seconds and she already forgot what she said just now?

However, Titan 12138 had grabbed Lilith’s hand excitedly. “So you were asking me if the black devils are powerful… Well in terms of individual strength, the titans can crush them. But in terms of numbers…”

The elderly dwarf shook her head. “We may not even have a fraction of them.”

Not even a fraction…?

This is really serious.

But as long as they are not powerful individually, numbers aren’t an issue to her.

After all… she has tools (plug-ins)…

Lilith stretched her body. After confirming that the effects of the drugs were almost gone from her system, she said, “Alright then, bring me… to the battlefield.”

“Yes, my king!”


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“So this is inside the ruins?”

Princess Lesiah of Macedonian Empire stood on the summit of the highest mountain within a radius of fifty kilometers. She leaned on her long sword and carefully observed her surroundings with great interest.

“Hmm… There’s grassland there, a forest, a lake and a river. Oh, it’s not much different than the world outside. Except…”

Lesiah looked up at the black sun in the heart of the sky. “For this sun.”

An old man among the four people standing respectfully behind Lesiah stepped forward. “Your royal highness, what is your next plan? To search for Golden Demon Htilil or the treasures in this ruin?”

“No need to be hasty.”

Lesiah waved him off. “This ruin is probably a small world. Since it’s almost similar to the world outside, it’s very likely that indigenous people exist here. Moving recklessly without knowing their strength is an extremely irrational move.”

“As expected of your royal highness, we are incapable of such meticulous thinking.”

“Enough with the flattery.”

Lesiah gazed into the distance. Her peak rank nine realm and vision-enhancing skills allowed her to see far, but the interior of this ruin was too big. Even with her current eyesight, she could only clearly see the black line where the sky met the land.

“Are the other teams here already?”

“Probably. Professor Marlin gave us a contact-specific spectrum stone that will allow us to get in touch with the other teams during an emergency. According to the latest update, all the deployed teams have entered the ruins.”

“Can this spectrum stone communicate with people in the outside world?”

“No,” The old man shook his head. “Not just the spectrum stone, it seems like any form of information cannot be delivered outside. This place seems like it’s isolated by some sort of power.”

Lesiah nodded. She had already expected this.

This ruin should be a small world. Although she didn’t know how it was formed, things like barriers definitely existed in a standalone world like this.

It was more accurate to say that this small world seemed to have some sort of strange Authority in place. Lesiah felt suffocated as soon as she entered.

But this was what made it interesting.

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Lesiah’s lips curled into a small smile.

If it wasn’t exciting, then her efforts of sneaking away from home to participate in this Golden Demon Htilil hunt would be wasted.

She had always yearned for all those thrilling adventures that she read in storybooks, so she was thinking of coming here to experience it once.

According to the plots in some banned books she read, it was very dangerous for a princess like her to participate in adventures like these. If she wasn’t careful, terrible things like getting r̲a̲pe̲d̲, assaulted or gang-r̲a̲pe̲d̲ could happen to her.

But then again, this was reality. Not some dumb story written by some stupid authors. What were the chances of that happening?

If something like that were to really happen, she would also run for her life.

All of a sudden, Lesiah raised her sword and pointed in a certain direction with a serious look on her face. “Something’s going on there.”


The old man pinched his fingers. A shimmering fine thread formed between the tips of his fingers. His thin fingers danced and soon, a strangely-shaped bird was created with the fine thread.

He shut his eyes and blew at the bird. The bird flew in the direction indicated by Lesiah at a speed far surpassing that which a rank nine warrior was capable of.

Moments later, the old man’s eyes snapped open with a look of horror on his face.

“Over there… It’s crawling with monsters!”


They already found something interesting this soon?

Lesiah stroked her chin with interest. “Are they strong?”

“Not individually. They’re at most only rank three or four. But the numbers…”

The old man gulped before continuing with much difficulty, “Are overwhelming.”

“Overwhelming? Interesting. I’ve decided. That will be our destination.”

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“We mustn’t, your royal highness! Given that number, nothing good will come out of going there even for us!”

“No. I’ve decided. We’re going there.”

“B…But Princess, didn’t you just say…”

“Fortune favors the bold.”

Lesiah turned her head and gave the old man a confident smile. “Don’t worry, Coleman. You should know my capability best. At least in these ruins, I am unstoppable.”


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