Chapter 4-56: Initial Entry

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2086 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1223 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Oww… My butt hurts…”

Lilith got up from the ground painfully while rubbing her rear. She did a quick check on herself, only to discover that the wounds on her body had long been healed. Apart from feeling like the bones in her were about to fall apart, there was nothing else to worry about.

She put away her mask that no longer served any purpose now and looked at her surroundings.


That was the only word she could think of. The grassland beneath her feet stretched on as far as she could see. Apart from the grass that reached up to her waist, there was nothing else; not even a tree. Everywhere looked the same. Like seamless wallpapers put together, it was the same scenery no matter from which angle you looked at it.

And for some reason, this grassland made Lilith feel uneasy.

She looked up, only to find a black sun in the cloudless blue sky. Strangely enough, it was emitting dazzling sunlight.

“Where… am I…?” Obviously, this wasn’t the world that she knew.

All she could remember was that she got sucked into the golden door and lost consciousness. Before losing consciousness, she vaguely recalled that she gave the vice-dean a hard kick because of shock.

Hmmm… where is he? Did I kill him?

Since she didn’t know what to do next, she could only seek help.

“Sae! Sae! You’ve been summoned by Lieutenant Lilith!”

“…How can I be of service, Lieutenant Lilith?” After a while, Sae’s extremely reluctant voice finally came from the broken dagger.

“I command you to find out where we are right away.”

Sae floated out from the broken dagger unwillingly. She looked around, then shut her eyes as though she was sensing their surroundings. A moment later, she frowned. “This… seems like a small world?”

“Small world?”

“That’s right. A small world formed by a fallen god.”

Lilith’s eyes instantly lit up. “Formed by a fallen god? Does that mean there are many goodies lying around? The ones that are just so awesome that by just taking one of them, you can walk fearlessly in this world?”

Sae rolled her eyes and secretly wondered if Lilith realized that she was already doing that.

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“Well… theoretically that should be the case. After all, gods are immortals. It shouldn’t be a problem for them to collect extremely valuable stuff.”
“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Lilith marched on enthusiastically but came back after taking two steps.

“Uh… Where should I go from here?”

“Anywhere,” Sae sighed. “This small world is vast and it seems to suppress those who are above the saint realm. I can’t sense very far ahead. The most reliable way is for Master Lilith to explore this world on her own.”

“Oh. You’re really useless.”


You’re even more useless since you couldn’t find a way!

Sae returned to the broken dagger angrily and decided to ignore her ill-mannered master.

“Oh, that reminds me… I should find Sae a physical body that suits her. I wonder if there’s such a thing among this god’s collection.”

“That would depend on this god’s preference.” Sae reappeared with a serious expression on her face. “Some gods with weird fetishes might have a habit of collecting powerful bodies. So, I think there’s a chance that we could find a suitable physical body in this small divine world.”


Lilith fixed her gaze into the distance as she pondered on which direction to take.

Since everywhere looked about the same, it shouldn’t matter which direction she picked.


She heard something akin to the rustling of the grass in the wind.

However, she couldn’t feel any wind.

In fact, she couldn’t even feel any trace of airflow from the moment she regained consciousness. It was almost like the air here was standing still.

The sound grew closer and the grass nearby swayed even more obviously. Not all the grass was swaying, but something akin to a snake was approaching.

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Sae made a weird face. “Don’t tell me we’re this unlucky.”

As soon as her voice fell, more than a dozen petite figures sprang out of the grass that reached Lilith’s waist and surrounded them.

It turned out to be a group of fair-skinned dwarves with spears in hand. They were all dressed in simple clothes made of tree bark and carried a small backpack made of some kind of plant.

“What? There are creatures with intelligence born in this small world?”
“Of course. Theoretically speaking, as long as creatures can be born, then it is possible that creatures with intelligence exist here.”

Lilith looked at the fair-skinned dwarves that hardly even reached up to her waist. She took two steps forward and cleared her throat.

“Greetings, I’m Lieutenant Lilith from the Great Holy Dragon Empire. Standing next to me is my personal assistant, Corporal Sae. Don’t be afraid, we don’t come with ill intentions. The reason why we are here is to form a co-prosperity sphere with your world and ours. Just tell us where your treasure trove is, show us the way there and we’ll be best friends.”


The dwarves exchanged looks with each other, then raised their spears silently.

“Whoa, don’t you guys want to form an alliance with our Great Holy Dragon Empire? It will surely benefit you greatly!”

The dwarves showed their refusal by throwing their spears at Lilith.

The spears cut through the air and made a piercing noise.

Although the dwarves were short in stature, they possessed terrifying strength. Even though Lilith relied on her amazing reflex to evade the spears in such a close distance, a few still ended up grazing her.

“Damn it, you guys asked for this!”

She was getting pissed to find herself getting injured by a group of dwarves who didn’t even reach her waist.

Picking up one of the spears that was nothing but a small wooden stick to Lilith, she performed a ‘Crazy Stick Technique’ that she spontaneously came up with then taunted the dwarves, “Come at me, shorties!”

The dwarves exchanged looks with each other again and nodded, as though they had reached a consensus.

They took out a mask that looked like a gas mask from their backpack and put it on.

Then they took out a spherical object that looked very similar to a smoke bomb from their backpack and hurled it at Lilith.

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The smoke bomb-like spherical object instantly exploded, releasing a large amount of white smoke that enveloped Lilith.

“Cough, cough! Similar my a̲s̲s̲, it’s really a smoke bomb!”

Lilith covered her nose and mouth. Even so, her eyes still teared up and her nose was still running from getting irritated by the released gas.

Sae on the other hand had retreated back into the broken dagger as soon as she realized that something was going to happen.

“Cough, cough, damn shorties! Don’t think that these will…”

Lilith suddenly felt her legs giving way and fell to the ground, feeling like every strength in her body was sapped.

There was no way Lilith wouldn’t realize what was going on by now…

“S̲h̲i̲t̲, this smoke is poisonous…”

Her vision gradually blurred.

While she was stunned, those dwarves took out ropes from their small backpack and inched toward Lilith.





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