Chapter 4-53: A Strategy

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2095 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1218 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Prime Minister Mihabel straightened up in his seat with much difficulty and his body fat jiggled with every movement he made. The obese man gave Professor Marlin a smile and praised, “As expected of St. Caroline’s Brain, Professor Marlin, to be able to clarify the context of the matter in such a short period of time by relying on just some clues.”

“You flatter me, I was merely offering a retrospective view on the matter.”

“Nonsense, Golden Demon Htilil is extremely cunning and treacherous. Professor Marlin, you have done a great job thus far. It’s such a waste for someone so talented as you to stay here in the academy. I happen to still need an advisor by my side. Would you be interested?”

“It is an honor to receive such an offer from you, Your Excellency, but I still prefer to concentrate on studying formations. I am still green in this area, so you should look for someone better fitted for the position,” Professor Marlin shook his head and humbly rejected.

“Tsk, such a pity.” Rather than getting upset, Mihabel followed up with another question. “So we’ve heard a lot already. Does Professor Marlin have any amazing idea on how to deal with this Golden Demon Htilil?”

“I wouldn’t call it amazing…”

“That’s a yes then?”

Professor Marlin smiled wryly, “Well it’s nothing amazing. We’ll just have to trap her.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Golden Demon Htilil is now in the ruins and her realm has fallen from the saint realm. Despite her experience, she is acting alone. Hence, my suggestion is for St. Caroline and everyone to gather a big group of peak rank nine elite warriors and magicians. They will be further divided into smaller groups of five and enter the ruins. One group to search for valuable ancient relics while the other group to hunt Golden Demon Htilil down.”

“Why groups of five?”

“Three warriors and two magicians make an effective lineup since they could complement each other.”

“I see. As expected of the best academy on the main continent.”

“I can make this place our base during this period of time and set up a huge array as another trap. As long as there is a veteran peak saint sitting at the heart of the huge array, not even Htilil will be able to escape!”

Pope Novak nodded lightly. “That’s a sound idea, but who will act as the core of the array?”

The vice dean shook his head. “I still can’t get in touch with the dean, so I would like to seek help from everyone.”

“But I can’t just leave my country.”

Noak then shot a side glance and snickered. “Someone seems to be quite free. Why not ask him?”

“Hmph, don’t go thinking that I don’t know what you’re planning. You’re thinking about stirring up trouble at Luminous Theocracy in my absence, right?”

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Pope Delance sneered, “Unfortunately for you, I have no plans of getting involved this time.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, what a heartless man. The human race is facing a major crisis, yet you’re only concerned about that tiny land of yours.”

“Why don’t you go then, sissy?”

“Hoho, the Goddess tells me that if I were to go, you little s̲h̲i̲t̲ will take advantage of the situation.”

Novak suddenly realized something after saying that. A blue vein on his forehead throbbed. “Did you just call me sissy again?! I’ll teach you a lesson today!”

“Come on then, I ain’t afraid of you! Roseau Plains tomorrow morning at eight! I’ll show you who’s the daddy!”


The two glared at each other again and then turned their heads away.


The vice dean wiped the sweat on his forehead away and smiled wryly. “Seems like both of you won’t be able to help this time.”

Everyone then turned their gaze to the gray-haired elderly man, King Neharch of Kloster Kingdom and Taylor.

Neharch opened his dull eyes and waved his hands. “I’m too old for this. Get someone younger to do it.”

“That’s true. King Neharch is over eight hundred years old. He’s no longer fit to do such an intense activity.”

“He’s only eight hundred years old. Why is he acting like an old man when he’s younger than me?” Taylor muttered from the side.


“Umm… Lord Guardian…”

“Don’t ask me, I can’t.”

“Why?” The vice president asked. “Didn’t you mention that you’re very free earlier?”

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“That’s true, but I have something important to do.”

Pope Novak rolled his eyes while filing his nails when he heard that. “Important? You mean chatting about your dreams with that little snake demon lady? Tsk, as expected of the creature who created an entire race of his own, this kind of thing is unexpectedly at the top of your priority list.”

“Shut up, you sissy.”

“What?! You dare call me a sissy too? I… I…”

Novak looked pissed and seethed, “I’ll endure it…”


“It’s not that I’m unwilling, but I really do have something extremely important to do.”

“Not long ago, the Queen sent a message that the princess had run off to the Holy Dragon Empire. I still haven’t found her yet, so I can’t just leave right now,” Taylor huffed.

Upon hearing that, the others were shocked again. The Dragon Princess had run off to the Holy Dragon Empire? That’s big news!

If they could ally with the dragons through the Dragon Queen, that would definitely turn the tide of their battle with the demons!

“Did the Dragon Queen say anything else other than that? Like which part of the Holy Dragon Empire have the Dragon Princess run off to?” the vice dean carefully inquired.

“Nope. As usual, she just said that she’ll kill me if the princess loses even a strand of her hair. Nothing else.”


“Then I think Taylor should become the core of the array,” Pope Delance suddenly spoke up.


“For the sake of your life.”

“No way. What would happen if I went to a backwater place like St. Caroline and the princess couldn’t find me?” Taylor curled his lips. “I’m not stupid.”


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“By the way, where do you usually wait for your princess?”

“Haha. Of course at a place where lolis like the princess are most likely to appear!” Taylor flashed an annoying smile like he was some sort of damn genius. “That’s why I’d usually wait for the princess around that brothel in the west street for kinky people who like to spank lolis.”

The vice dean suddenly let out a long sigh and said bitterly, “Seems like we can only resolve this situation by ourselves.”

“You’re saying that we’ll have to use that?” Professor Marlin exclaimed in shock.

“We’ve no choice but to use it.”


“That’s enough, Professor Marlin. I know what you want to say, but we have no other choices at this point in time.”

Professor Marlin was silent for a long time before he suddenly bowed deeply to everyone who was seated around the square table.

“Since we can’t guarantee that Golden Demon Htilil will be slain, our academy hopes that the highest authorities of the human race can agree to one thing.”

“What is it?”

“To issue a kill order on the Golden Demon Htilil to the human race!”


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