Chapter 4-51: The Survival of Humanity

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2512 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1504 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Wait, you mean she is the peak saint-level expert?”

Pope Delance of the Luminous Theocracy pointed to the wanted poster of Htilil projected on the square table in shock.

“Correct. Since this wanted poster of Golden Demon Htilil was issued by Pope Delance, I’m sure you are very well aware of how terrifying she is. Now that she has become a peak saint-level expert, this danger is comparable to a natural disaster.”
“Although I admit that she is as dangerous as natural disasters, there’s no way she could break through to the peak saint realm!”
“I understand that Your Holiness refuses to believe that such a terrifying person could reach the pinnacle of human race, but this is the fact.”

The vice-dean covered his mouth with a handkerchief and coughed twice, tainting it with a shocking red.

“Truth be told, I’ve already fought against her earlier, but with the help of the entire academy. Even so, I was still no match for her. She reduced my cultivation realm and as a result, I won’t be able to display the strength of a saint-level expert for the time being. Her strength may already rival those veteran peak saint-level experts.”

“How could this be…?”

Pope Delance wore a skeptical look on his face as he muttered under his breath, “Although that brat has an incredible background, she hasn’t attained even the saint realm.”

How did she become a peak saint-level expert and even whoop someone’s a̲s̲s̲? That just doesn’t make sense!

“Hmph, it’s just a little girl. What’s there to be scared of? If she runs into me, I’ll crush her like she’s a little meat pie in my hand,” Taylor proclaimed while beating his chest.

Delance shot a strange look at Taylor and continued pressing the vice dean. “Vice Dean, are you sure you weren’t mistaken?”

“I’m absolutely sure. The Golden Demon Htilil that we met was definitely worthy of one billion bounty, in terms of her strength or slyness.”

No way! That was just a random figure I made up, knowing that none of you would dare to catch her if you knew of her identity!

The unexpected turns of events had Pope Delance rubbing his temples.

Good heavens, my head hurts.

“So where did that Golden Demon Htilil run off to?”

“Well, this is the main agenda of the square table conference.” The vice-dean beckoned someone from the side. “Professor Marlin, please take over from here.”

“Understood, Vice Dean.” Professor Marlin respectfully bowed to all the prestigious members before continuing. “Allow me to analyze the current situation for you next.”

“Analyze? Is the situation that complicated?”


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“It might even threaten the survival of humanity!” Professor Marlin exclaimed gravely.

“Hold it right there. You must be over exaggerating, kid. Although peak saint-level experts are rather intimidating, it’s not to the extent that they’re threats to humanity. Even as we speak, there are at least four peak saint-level beings among us in this room.”

Sitting in the shadows, King Neharch of Kloster Kingdom raised four emaciated fingers and waved them in the air. “No matter how powerful that Golden Demon or whatever it is, it won’t be able to turn the world upside down.”

“That’s true. That Golden Demon Htilil definitely won’t be able to turn the world upside down with her current strength. It’s precisely because everyone still doesn’t get it, I have to explain from the beginning.”

With a gentle wave, Professor Marlin dismissed the wanted poster of the Golden Demon Htilil on the square table and replaced it with a huge pit.

“Please look at this, everyone. This is the Dragon God Lake.”

“Dragon God Lake? That sacred lake of the Holy Dragon Empire? Why is it all dried up?” Chairman Durdur of the Southern Federation snickered. “Don’t tell me the people of the Holy Dragon Empire have the habit of calling a dry pit a lake?”

“Of course not. The Dragon God Lake is currently in this state thanks to that Golden Demon Htilil coming here to transcend her tribulation.”

“Transcend her tribulation? At St. Caroline Academy, right under your noses?”

“That’s right. We’re ashamed to admit that none of us sensed the Golden Demon until she transcended her tribulation and destroyed the Dragon God Lake in the process. Not only that, one of our students who was cleaning the lake at the time ended up as a victim.”

Professor Marlin’s hand trembled slightly. “She was just a teenager. I even remember her outstanding performance during the entrance exam, and how well we got along with each other. It was definitely not an exaggeration to say that she performed exceptionally well in the academy. Not only that, she was also a kind, gentle and lovely student that was deeply loved by the teachers in our academy.”

“Damn it! How dare that Golden Demon Htilil do something like that to a young lady! I’ll definitely crush her into ten small meat pies if I ever run into her!”

Taylor’s eyes widened in anger as he slammed his hand hard on the square table, causing several cracks to instantly appear on the ancient precious square table.

“How could such a hateful person exist? It doesn’t take a genius to tell that she had a horrible upbringing! I must have a chat with her parents next time!”

Pope Delance shot Taylor another strange look and asked, “How do you plan to chat with her parents?”

“How else? With my fist, of course! Her parents are definitely not some saints, seeing that they’ve brought up such a scoundrel.”


I bid you good luck then.

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Professor Marlin continued, “It was after that, the St. Caroline Academy gathered forces of the entire academy and fought against the Golden Demon. If the battle went on, our side would have a better chance of winning due to numbers. However, something unforeseen happened when we were halfway through the battle.”

“Unforeseen?” Princess Lesiah of Macedonian Empire covered her lips and sneered. “It seems like it was that unforeseen event that threw you off, to the extent that you would use up one of the three special chances of hosting a square table conference without any hesitation.”

“I expect nothing less of you, Your Highness. That is indeed the case.”

“It’s nothing to be amazed about. You seem to be beating around the bush and never got straight to the point. If that Golden Demon Htilil doesn’t pose a threat to humanity, then that only leaves that something unforeseen that you speak of.”

Lesiah clasped her hands together and rested her chin on them. “So, is it an invasion of another world, a zombie outbreak or alien attack?”

“N-None of the above.”

“Tsk, boring.”

Professor Marlin smiled wryly. “Rather than saying that it was that unforeseen event that may threaten the survival of humanity, it’s better to say that the unforeseen event, combined with the Golden Demon Htilil are what will truly threaten the entire human race.”

“Stop keeping us guessing. If you have something to say, then say it. If you have nothing to say, then I’m leaving. After all, I’m a very busy person,” Pope Novak said impatiently while filing his nails.

“Fine, I’ll say it.”

The projection on the square table changed with another gentle wave of Professor Marlin’s hand. A golden door appeared in the heart of the desolated Dragon God Lake.

The golden door looked very old and unsophisticated, like it had seen countless years. Mysterious and illegible characters were carved on the doors that were tightly shut. Even though they were viewing a projection, its ancient aura was leaking through.

“This is…” Even Taylor stopped fooling around and grew serious.

“The main agenda of this square table conference — the Ancient Ruins.”
“How is that possible?”
“Aren’t the Ancient Ruins just a legend?”
“Do you think St. Caroline would joke about something like this?”

The vice-dean cleared his throat before speaking. “I know that everyone finds it hard to believe. However, our academy has authority in this area. There’s no way we could’ve mistaken this. If everyone still has any doubt, you may ask Lord Guardian. With his experience, he should be able to determine if this is real or not.”

Taylor nodded solemnly. “It’s indeed the Ancient Ruins.”

Upon hearing that, everyone’s gaze on the golden door immediately grew intense. The value of ancient ruins was immeasurable. It could even be the factor that could reverse the position of weaker and stronger countries.

“How does that Golden Demon Htilil relate to this Ancient Ruins?” Prime Minister Mihabel narrowed his eyes and his huge body trembled slightly. “How can the two of them threaten the survival of humanity when put together?”

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“That’s because the Golden Demon Htilil has ventured into the interior part of the ruins. If she obtains any ancient relic or finds a trace of the seemingly unattainable Divine Realm, the entire human race is doomed to be at her mercy.”


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