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Chapter 4-43: Dinner

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2246 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1470 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The sun had set completely and the brightest stars were shining on the distant horizon.

The last trace of sunshine lingered on the lake’s surface. The crimson red and azure blue complimented each other. The evening breeze blew gently, creating colorful ripples on the mirror-like lake.

Lilith was floating on the boundless Dragon God Lake. She couldn’t help but feel glum while looking at the beautiful scenery.

She was ordered to clean up such a huge lake. Figuring out how to clean it up itself was a big problem.

As the sacred lake of the Holy Dragon Empire, naturally, no one would litter on the Dragon God Lake. However, the academy festival happened not long ago so someone might have accidentally dropped something into it. Hence every year after the festival, the academy will arrange someone to clean up Dragon God Lake to ensure the cleanliness of the sacred lake.

Most of the time, students from several classes would be asked to carry out the cleaning. Hence, this was the first time in the entire history of the academy that Lilith was asked to clean the place up alone because she angered Elder Mord.

After all, given the size of Dragon God Lake, only god knew how long it would take for a student to clean this place up.

Fortunately, Lilith could fly so she didn’t have to work slowly like normal people on a small pitiful boat. The convenience of flying would indeed save Lilith a lot of time.

It was only at this moment, Lilith finally realized how wonderful it was that she could fly.

Thinking of this, Lilith couldn’t help but get pissed at Elder Mord again for treating her the way he did earlier.

“Damn that Mord. I treated you like a brother, but you treated me like this! Someday, I’ll definitely chop off that strand of curl on your head!”

“Hmph! Don’t even think about getting a penny from me even if you ever fall to the point of begging along the street in the future!”

However, Elder Mord wasn’t here. He couldn’t hear how Lilith scolded him, so Lilith eventually grew bored of doing that.

Scolding people should be done in front of that person while pointing at their nose. Scolding someone behind their back wasn’t something an honorable person should do.

Lilith sighed and muttered to herself, “Let’s get this damn job over with so I can go home and sleep. So many things happened today and I’m beat.”

She flew lower and began to patrol along the edge of the lake. Any debris or rubbish she saw was incinerated by her low-level magic.

Logically speaking, any rubbish in the lake would be pushed by the current to the edge of the lake. This was the only way Lilith could think of to speed up the progress.

Even so, she had no idea how long this would take.

She probably had to work until late at night or longer.

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Lilith looked at the darkening sky, and touched her rumbling tummy.

Her hatred toward Elder Mord grew even deeper.

Someday, you’re gonna fall into my hand, Mord. By then, the tables will turn and I’ll show you what cruelty is!

But for now, her tummy was her priority.

“Even if you’re Holy Dragon Empire’s sacred lake, it’s not a crime to catch dozens of fish for dinner, right?”

Lilith glanced around. She secretly rejoiced when she confirmed that there was no one else around. With a splash, she jumped right into the lake.

Dragons were born swimmers, so Lilith could swim as well as a happy fish in the lake.

However, she wasn’t in the mood to play in the water at this time. She just wanted to catch dozens of fish soon to fill her stomach.

It was a bit dark.

Lilith’s eyes glowed gold and the dark bottom of the lake instantly became clear to her.

But why couldn’t she see even one fish?

Lilith dived a little deeper. Not only the fish, but even the planktons that her eyesight could normally see were also nowhere in sight, let alone aquatic plants.

The lake was so lifeless.

A dead lake?

Lilith couldn’t help but think of that.

Would the Holy Dragon Empire regard a dead lake as a sacred lake?

Would St. Caroline Academy, the best academy on the main continent, choose to be located next to a dead lake?

No matter how she looked at it, it didn’t make sense.

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It was at this moment, Lilith suddenly felt alarmed. She immediately moved sideways.

A huge black shadow suddenly shot past the spot where Lilith was at. The rolling water pushed Lilith further away again.

Lilith stabilized herself and looked at the huge black shadow that launched a surprise attack in shock.

It turned out to be a giant black snake with wings on its back.

The black snake was at least a hundred meters long and as thick as a two-story building. Its dark scales reflected the light of the cold lake. Its scarlet eyes were filled with tyrannical hostility.

The wings on its back were folded against its body. From the appearance alone, they looked very much like dragon wings.

Although its sneak attack failed, the black snake wasn’t in a rush to follow up with another attack. It slowly turned its head around and silently stared at Lilith.

It flicked its tongue, obviously in an alert state. The look in its scarlet eyes was that of a predator looking at its prey.

WHERE DID THIS THING COME FROM? And that b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ Mord didn’t even tell me there’s something this dangerous in the lake?!

Lilith looked at the huge black snake in front of her, feeling that her heart was about to jump up to her throat.

As a dragon, she was undoubtedly extremely sensitive to all sorts of aura. However, she couldn’t even sense this black snake until the moment it launched an attack.

If it wasn’t for her powerful natural instincts, she might have become the black snake’s dinner by now.

This was also the first time Lilith was scared witless, by a long beast on top of that.

How embarrassing!

That was Lilith’s thought before she turned around and fled.

Who was she kidding? Even in her peak condition, she might not be able to beat this thing, let alone in her current weak state thanks to Elder White.

Hence, a strategic retreat was a wise choice, not because she was afraid!

However, being in water wasn’t as advantageous for Lilith compared to the black snake. The huge black snake only had to wave its tail slightly to instantly get ahead of Lilith who tried her best to swim away.

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Instead of rushing to attack, the snake just blocked Lilith’s escape route. It flung its tail violently at Lilith, forcing her to back up to where she was.

The snake’s mouth parted slightly, as though it was mocking its weak prey.

Goddammit, that really pisses me off!

There was no way Lilith could tolerate that. She immediately threw out an explosive scroll.

However, the powerful explosive scroll didn’t even make a sound this time. It just turned into boiling bubbles and disappeared.

Lilith’s cheek twitched.

She forgot that she was at the bottom of a lake.

The explosive scrolls were useless.

The black snake craned its neck. The mocking look in its scarlet eyes grew.

It was so pleased with itself that even its huge body squirmed triumphantly. The violent rolling wave pushed Lilith even further away.

With the help of the water current, Lilith tried to seize the opportunity to escape in another direction. Unfortunately, the current that had just pushed Lilith away suddenly changed its course and was now sending Lilith to the snake’s open mouth.

She was no different than an ant in a bottle that was at the mercy of a naughty boy — weak and helpless. Just a light poke with a wooden stick and she would helplessly fall back to the bottom of the bottle.

But little did the black snake know that this ant called Lilith was holding an atomic bomb.

Looking at the black snake opening its huge mouth like it was waiting for Lilith to fall into it. Lilith felt her dragon’s pride being insulted and instantly flew off the handle.

This damned mere beast dares to tease me?! Watch me strangle you to death!

Lilith furiously took out one of the very few peak saint-level scrolls that she had at the bottom of her storage, and then unleashed it without any hesitation.

The black snake was squirming its body triumphantly, waiting to enjoy its dinner with its mouth open.

However, to its sudden surprise, its dinner came with an extra sun.

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