Chapter 4-41: How About Chopping Your Hand Off?

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2341 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1409 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Damn it, where did that little b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ run off to?!”

Gut, who sported an outrageous scene hairstyle, chased Lilith down to nearly half of the southern district. Yet he still ended up losing sight of her.

He punched the tree next to him in frustration. “I didn’t expect that the ruthless person who crushed the Inhumane Club turned out to be such a coward! Damn, if this mission fails, we’re definitely done for!”

“Boss, why don’t we split up and look for her?”

One of Gut’s lackeys suggested. “The academy is too big and we lost her. The chances of finding her are very slim if we go on like this. How about we split up?”

“No. Our task isn’t simply to track her down but to defeat her. Are you sure that you are confident enough to face and defeat her alone?”

“Don’t worry, boss. I might not have had the courage before, but now it seems that Lilith is nothing more than a little girl with a glib tongue. There’s nothing impressive about her. Rumors are rumors after all. They’re not credible. In any case, I’m a fifth-year. Although I’m ranked at the bottom among the fifth-year, I’m more than enough to deal with a first-year.”

“True. A Chihuahua is a Chihuahua after all. She can’t possibly do anything crazy.”

Gut nodded in agreement. “Alright then, you can…”

“Hey hey, I didn’t expect all of you to actually think that I’m just an ordinary freshman that a guy ranked at the bottom of the fifth-year could easily handle.”


Gut followed the voice. To his delight, it turned out to be Lilith who had been on his mind.

“I didn’t expect you to dare and come look for us before we did.”

Lilith shrugged and sneered. “If it wasn’t for my poor condition today, do you think you dogs would still be alive and kicking until now?”

“Hmph! What a sharp tongue. Cut the nonsense and let’s talk with our fists!”

“Did I say that I would fight you?”

With a light wave of Lilith’s hand, a small object turned into a blur and flew toward Gut.

Gut caught the thing that Lilith threw, only to realize that it was a Spectrum Stone.

He was slightly taken aback. “Spectrum Stone? Why are you giving this to me? You want me to record how I’m going to beat you into a pulp?”

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“Whatever. Just…”

A strange smile crept across Lilith’s face. “We’ll talk if you can still stand in front of me in one piece later.”

After saying that, Lilith waved a casual goodbye then turned around to leave.

“You think you’re gonna get away like that? You’re too nai…”

Before Gut could finish his sentence, the expression on his face suddenly changed.

Several tough-looking guys rushed out of the woods on the side. Everyone was staring at the Spectrum Stone in his hand, looking like a pack of vicious and starving wolves.

Naturally, those tough guys were also students of the academy. But for some reason, they all had an unusually bitter and vengeful look on their faces.

“Found it! It’s in his hand!”

The leader of the pack yelled and about ten other voices acknowledged in the distance. In the next moment, more and more people approached.

“What… do you guys want?”

Cold sweat rolled down Gut’s forehead. He had never been surrounded by dozens of tough-looking men in his life.

His legs involuntarily turned jelly.

“Hand over that thing in your hand!”

“Thing?” Gut looked at his hand. “This Spectrum Stone?”

“That’s right. Hand it over and we’ll let you go.”

“Easy there now, I’ll hand it over right away.”

Although he didn’t understand why these big guys were so obsessed with an ordinary Spectrum Stone, he didn’t want to get into trouble in this kind of situation either.

However, Gut suddenly turned pale when he was about to hand over the Spectrum Stone.

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It won’t come off?!

Gut was sweating profusely. He wanted to hand over the Spectrum Stone, but it was stuck to his hand. No matter how hard he tried, it wouldn’t come off. It even hurt his hand.

“B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! That damn Lilith framed me!”

It was at this point, Gut finally understood the meaning behind Lilith’s strange smile when she tossed this Spectrum Stone at him.

She had planned all this!

“Are you playing me?!”

The tough-looking guy inched toward him with thinning patience and asked in a cold voice.

“No, no, no! This Spectrum Stone is stuck to my hand, I can’t take it off.”

“Is that so?” The guy nodded in understanding.

Gut was moved to tears. It seemed like kind people still existed in this world.

The big man slowly drew out his broadsword. “Since it won’t come off, then let’s chop your hand off.”


Damn, I can’t believe I was moved!

Gut gritted his teeth. The expression on his face gradually became stiff. He tried moving before the others could make it here.

Unfortunately, these people weren’t easy to fool. They immediately saw through Gut’s tricks.

The big guy swung his sword. Gut was shredded into pieces, like a thin sheet of paper.

“That brat escaped!”
“He can’t, I’ve already locked him down. He’s headed west.”
“After him! We mustn’t let that Spectrum Stone fall into the hands of others. Otherwise, we’ll be called perverts for the rest of our lives!”
“Got it.”

The big guys chased after Gut, leaving behind only a few of Gut’s lackeys shivering with a dumbfounded expression on their faces.

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“Damn, damn, damn! Are those guys crazy?! Do they have to go to such lengths over a Spectrum Stone?!”

Gut’s face was pale. He not only had to use the Substitution technique, but also had to avoid his increasing pursuers. He was getting exhausted and his body was getting worn out.

“This Spectrum Stone must be holding some information that could drive them this crazy.”

Gut stared at the stone in his hand, but couldn’t find the courage to open it. His intuition told him that if he didn’t open it, then he would only lose a hand at most. However, he would definitely lose his life if he opened it!

There were more than ten tough-looking guys chasing him down. Some of them were even stronger than Gut. They used all sorts of methods to stop him while chasing him down and Gut was struggling to escape them.

“You can’t escape brat! Why don’t you just let us chop your hand off obediently?”
“Only idiots would make such a stupid choice!”

Gut sped up, but he was exhausted and his pursuers were about to catch up to him.

“Oh wind, listen to my command.”

A gust of wind suddenly came out of nowhere, carrying a terrifying force that could tear everything apart. Dust was flying everywhere. The big guys had no choice but to stop in their tracks to block out the wind.

“Don’t move.”

A gentle voice traveled into Gut’s ears. A wisp of breeze lifted Gut’s body. He could feel his body getting lighter and his speed suddenly increased significantly. Soon after that, he managed to lose the big guys.

Finally, with the help of the breeze, Gut completely lost the big guys. After surviving the catastrophe, Gut plopped down on the ground and panted heavily. Even so, he didn’t forget to express his gratitude to the young girl who just saved him.

“T-Thank you so much, Lucia. I don’t know how to repay you for saving me.”
“We’re Student Council’s members. It’s only natural for us to help each other. Don’t worry about it.”
“No, no. I should be thanking you for saving me. Even I have manners.”

Lucia went in front of Gut and patted him on his hair and spoke gently, “Fine. I’ll accept your gratitude. I don’t want anything but that Spectrum Stone in your hand.”

“Okay, I’ll hand over it right away…”

For a moment, Gut even thought he misheard her. “W-What did you say, Lucia?”

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“I said…” Lucia was panting and her face was abnormally red as she stared right at the Spectrum Stone in his hand. “Just give me that Spectrum Stone.”

“B-But… I can’t take it off…”
“Not a problem.”

Wind blades surrounded Lucia.

“If you can’t take it off then we can just chop your hand off.”


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