Chapter 4-207: Unexpected Guest

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 22 40characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1345 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


An extremely dissatisfied protest of a child interrupted the joyous moment. Before Lilith could even react, she felt a heavy impact akin to that of a sledgehammer on her chest. As a result, her ribcage protested loudly in pain. She was also knocked a few steps backward, leaving a distance between her and Thea and Brea.

Cornelia wrapped her tiny arms around Lilith tightly and bared her teeth at the other two girls like she was protecting her food. Her little canines gleamed in the sunset, appearing rather intimidating.

“Ohh, where did this little child come from? How adorable!”

Thea did not seem to find Cornelia’s fierceness to be threatening in the slightest. Her delicate hands shot out toward Cornelia with inhuman speed.

Even Brea, who had always been timid, came over with curiosity and excitement on her face.


Cornelia immediately exploded. However, her most beloved mommy gently patted her head.

You promised that you would not use this power without a good cause…


Recalling her mommy’s lecture from not long ago, Cornelia could only hold back her tears and purse her lips as she restrained the unfamiliar power that she was still unfamiliar with.

Cornelia must be a good child, or else mommy will hate her…

Thea got her wish and scooped Cornelia up in her arms. She squeezed the child like she was a plushie, and even gave her a few extra squeezes in some extremely soft places.

It was at this moment, Thea finally and completely unleashed the maternal instincts that she had suppressed for more than a decade.

So soft! So warm! So bouncy! So this is what a child feels like! Hehehe, so cute!

Even Brea, who was standing next to her, could not help but keep poking Cornelia’s cheeks with her finger.

Feeling helpless, Little Cornelia could only cast a pitiful gaze in Lilith’s direction..

“Mommy, mmm~”

Thea and Brea were thunderstruck.

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They initially thought that this was just a little kid Lilith had abducted from somewhere. But she actually called Lilith… Mommy?

Both of them gave Cornelia a dumbfounded look, then turned their gaze to Lilith.

“WHO’S THE FATHER?” they asked in unison.

Lilith gave them a look of disbelief. “She’s not even my daughter. How would I know who’s the father?”

“Are you sure?”

Thea blinked at her.

“Of course I’m sure. I’ve only been away for a few days! Not even pigs give birth this fast!” Lilith sighed in exasperation.

Does an innocent, petite and cute little loli like her look like she had given birth to any child?

Thea and Brea breathed a sigh of relief. However, Cornelia suddenly burst out crying in Thea’s arms.

“Eeyah, eeyah… uwaaaaaah…!”

The tears that Cornelia had been holding back since just now immediately streamed out of her eyes when she heard Lilith’s words.

That wasn’t what you said before, Mommy! No wonder you are giving Cornelia away to this bad person! You’re planning to abandon Cornelia again boohooooo…!

The clouds in the sky changed color. The red evening sky was invaded by dark, stormy clouds all of a sudden.

Cold sweat formed on Lilith’s forehead.

She was doing it again!

Thea and Brea flew into a panic, thinking they had accidentally hurt Little Cornelia. They began to try doing all sorts of things to make Cornelia happy.

However, Lilith knew their efforts were futile. There was only one way to make Cornelia stop crying.

She hurriedly took Cornelia back from Thea’s arms and patted the child’s back like a mother would normally do to her child.

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“Hush, don’t cry. Don’t cry, Cornelia. Why would Mommy abandon you? I was only joking just now.”




Cornelia looked up at her, teary-eyed. In her huge, watery eyes, there was a hint of doubt.

Lilith squeezed out a gentle smile. “Of course.”

“Eeyah, eeyah!”

Cornelia buried her face into that flat plain again, as her tears turned into laughter.

Lilith only breathed a sigh of relief when the soft evening glow flooded back into the room. A world-weary smile appeared on her face.

I have… saved the world yet again.

It was then Lilith sensed something was off…

She lifted her head, just in time to meet two pairs of serious gaze.

Thea took a deep breath, then rested one hand on Lilith’s shoulder. With a serious voice, she said, “Just tell us who the father is. Do not worry. As friends, we will help you get even with him no matter what.”

Lilith was rendered speechless by her words.


A crack of morning sunlight streamed through the curtains, illuminating the mess left by the young girls from the previous night.

Clothes and sheets were strewn across the room. The room looked as if a huge battle had taken place there. No one cleaned up the empty dinner plates that were stacked like a tall mountain on the table in the center of the room.

The three large beds in the room were occupied. Great expanse of flawless skin was exposed in the air, uncovered by blankets.

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Cornelia had her mother’s pajamas in her grip while she was deeply asleep on her chest.

All of a sudden, she seemed to detect something approaching them in her sleep. She propped herself up on Lilith’s chest and looked cautiously in the direction where the dangerous aura that made her hair stand on end came from.

A fiery red figure stood just two steps away from Lilith, in front of the bed she was sleeping on in the room.

It was a woman.

She had red hair, blue eyes, fair skin, a stunning face, a slender body and an overpowering aura.

Just by standing there alone, she exuded an aura that could make the world bend in submission to her.

However, the majestic woman merely stood there quietly with a tender smile on her face as she watched Lilith who was soundly asleep.

“Eeyah, eeyah!!”

Instinctively feeling threatened, Cornelia bared her teeth and claws at the woman, much like a small animal trying to appear threatening to its enemy.

The Dragon Queen looked at Cornelia and chuckled. “What are you so afraid of? I am but a mere demigod.”

Cornelia continued looking at her with hostility in her eyes.

“Ah~ How vexing. I did not expect that person would create something like you. Whatever should I do with you?”

The Dragon Queen rubbed her temples. Her tone did not sound like that of a demigod should have in the presence of a real deity. On the contrary, she spoke as though Cornelia was just a piece of trash that she could get rid of easily.

Cornelia cowered slightly in Lilith’s arms.

“I am truly just a demigod.”

The Dragon Queen paused briefly then continued to speak, “Well, I guess you are too, in your current state.”


Cornelia suddenly charged at the Dragon Queen. Divine power surged crazily in her body. However, the burst of divine power dissipated in just less than 0.1 second later.

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The Dragon Queen smirked.

“As I said, you are also a demigod now. What makes you think you can wield your divine power as you wish in your current state? A word of advice though, I have never lost a fair fight.”

The Queen flicked Cornelia on her forehead and sent her flying back to her original position.

The three people on the bed were still sleeping soundly, seemingly undisturbed by all the commotion happening around them.

Cornier clutched her stinging forehead with tears in her eyes, but kept Lilith behind her protectively.

The Dragon Queen’s eyes softened slightly.

“The rule of this world forbids the appearance of deities. If one really appears, they will have to either die, or reduce the realm of their cultivation by their own accord.”

Upon hearing the Dragon Queen, Cornelia’s little body trembled in fear.


The Dragon Queen suddenly changed her tone and smiled. “Since you are my granddaughter, I shall spare your life for now.”


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