Chapter 4-2: Littering Is A Bad Habit

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2092 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1455 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

St. Caroline Academy was built on a mountain, so its buildings that stood towering among the plain made magnificent scenery.

Despite the fact that the mountain was unnamed, overshadowed by the glory of St. Caroline Academy and stood alone in the vast plains in the eastern part of the empire, it was actually the tallest mountain in the Holy Dragon Empire.

The summit was covered by snow all year round and the upper half of the mountain was shrouded in clouds. Except for a vast flat land to the west, the other areas were mostly covered in lush primitive jungles.

The buildings of the academy were hidden among the dense forest and only connected to each other by the paths in the forest.

The forests had been protected ever since the academy was built. For the past one thousand years since the academy’s establishment, countless students had come and gone. Yet, some places that rarely saw people were becoming increasingly gloomy.

In short, the academy was huge and it was easy to get lost, especially for the new entrants.

Almost every year, there were freshmen who would get lost in some unknown corners of the academy and find themselves in a real life situation of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.1

By the time they were found, they were nearly dying of starvation.

It was useless to say that one could easily survive through magical spells or martial skills, because the demonic beasts that the academy carefully raised in the depths of the forest weren’t herbivores.

Some of the demonic beasts had been raised here since the establishment of the academy, so even the elders in the academy had a hard time dealing with them. But of course, the academy had restrained all of them somewhere deep in the mountains so they wouldn’t pose major problems unless some students deliberately provoked them.

It went without saying that Lilith was lost too.

“Where is this?”

Lilith looked up at the huge trees that covered the sky, wondering if she had transmigrated once again.

However, the written slogans “Caring for the old forest is everyone’s responsibility” and “The academy is my home, the exam depends on everyone” nailed on a huge tree nearby proved that Lilith was indeed at the academy.

Who the hell would build a ******* school on the deep mountains and in an old forest?! Did they have a screw loose in their head!?

Lilith kicked on the signboard. Aside from the sound of birds flapping their wings, it didn’t do anything else.

However, she noticed that there was another slogan under the metal signboard.

“Those who vandalize public property should face the wall and reflect on their misdeeds for a day.”
“Who’s gonna face the wall?! What can you possibly do if I vandalize public property deep in the mountains?!”


Lilith kicked the signboard three times repeatedly until it sank three decimeters into the wood.

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It was then that she dusted her hands in satisfaction and snorted coldly, “So what if I vandalized it?”

“You there.”

A deep and hoarse voice suddenly rang out in the forest. “Can you come with me?”

Lilith felt a chill run down her spine and turned her head around stiffly.

When she saw the person behind her, not only her spine but her entire body was frozen stiff. No, she was electrified.

The man was at least three meters tall, with a square and tough-looking sharp face. His small sexy eyes looked like they could shoot laser beams at any time. His tight-fitting red and blue dojo uniform seemed like it would be ripped apart by the muscles underneath them. The little curl on his forehead looked like it had just been scorched as green smoke was still coming out of it.

He was cool like a certain superhero produced by a certain country from Lilith’s previous world.

Not only that, this was an extra-large size!

“Large-sized… s-superhero?”

The man frowned slightly. “What superhero?”

Lilith instantly snapped back to her senses and shook her head.

This is a fantasy world. Why would there be a superhero?

She quickly took a few steps back to put some distance between her and the weird man, then got into a sloppy martial stance in alarm. “Who are you?”

“You don’t know me?” The man was rather surprised. He looked Lilith up and down, before realizing something. “You’re new here?”

Lilith nodded.

“Are you lost?”

Lilith nodded after hesitating for a moment.

“Oh I see, you’re a freshman. I was just wondering who dared to vandalize public property while I’m on duty.”

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It was then Lilith suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Let’s start with self-introduction then. I am Mord, the chief disciplinarian in this academy. I’m mainly in charge of…”

Before he could finish speaking, Lilith was no longer in sight.

Who was she joking with. As soon as she heard that the large-sized man in superhero cosplay was the chief disciplinarian, she knew what he would do. Although Lilith never attended school in her previous life, she still knew what to do when she met teachers after vandalizing public property.


The faster, the better.

Then she should go back and quickly change her clothes, put on some makeup and change her hairstyle before blending herself into the crowd of students.

As long as she didn’t report her class and name, it would be impossible for that chief disciplinarian to track her down, even if he had the ability to reach the sky.

“You there, the punishment will be doubled for those who run away from their punishment.”

The deep voice traveled into Lilith’s ears again.

Not only that, it was very close!

Lilith glanced out of the corner of her eye and realized that the superhero… no, the chief disciplinarian was hot on her heels.

It seemed like his size didn’t affect his agility in the slightest. He was running like the wind without making a sound.

What an expert!
But I hate experts now!

“Ahhhhh, I only kicked the signboard once, do you have to chase me like this, sir?”

“Only once?”

“…Fine, I did it twice.”


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“Thrice. I swear in the goddess’ name, only thrice.”

“What is one plus three?”


“Then why are you saying that it’s three?”

“Damn, so you have been watching since the beginning, old geezer! You didn’t stop me, but called me out for it after that. This is an entrapment!! I am now convinced that you were the one who put those signboards that were begging to be kicked!”

“Indeed, I was the one who put them up.”


“Swearing and fleeing from crime. Double punishment. Face the wall for three days.”

“Damn, I just called you an old geezer. Do you have to be this merciless?”

“These are the academy’s rules and rules are not to be violated.”

“That again. Always talking about how rules are most important and cannot be violated. Aren’t you all aware that compulsive learning is very inefficient? Learning efficiency can only be maximized when students are given enough freedom to take initiatives!”


Mord seemed like he had enough of playing a cat and mouse game with Lilith. Instead, he brought his huge hand down on her in an attempt to seize her.

The expression on Lilith’s face instantly contorted when she felt a suction that was constantly pulling her toward that hand.

She gritted her teeth and made up her mind. “You’re the one who forced me into this!”

She took out an explosive scroll and squeezed it in her hand.


A loud explosion was heard and all the birds in the forest flew away in alarm.

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The huge impact forcefully separated Lilith and Mord, sending both of them flying in opposite directions.

Lilith took advantage of the situation and quickly disappeared from Mord’s sight.

Mord steadied himself. He was unscathed and his body was covered by a layer of flowing golden light.

However, he didn’t give chase to Lilith like he usually would.

He just stared at the cloud of smoke and dust left from the explosion while sensing the familiar magical aura.

“It’s you!!”

She was the one who threw the explosive scroll in the dorms not long ago!

And not only that, she even hid the scroll in the pillow insidiously. He wasn’t able to realize that sooner and thus…


Mord twirled the burnt little curl on his forehead pitifully.

His precious hairstyle was ruined!!

He looked in the direction where Lilith disappeared and roared as his eyes reddened, “You little b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! I, Mord, won’t let you get away with this!!”



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