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Chapter 4-19: Opening Ceremony

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2239 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1363 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

With a grand fireworks display, the St. Caroline academy festival finally came to an end.

Compared with the previous years, this year’s academy festival was not only much larger in scale but also left a lot of strange tales circulating among the students.

For example, the only tough girl who had successfully challenged all the eighteen ultimate dishes prepared by the Dark Cooking Club.

For example, a goddess of hot spring who suddenly appeared and disappeared after leaving behind an impossible challenge.

For example, a scumbag who abandoned his girlfriend in Lovers Street after being suspected of four timing.

It added a lot of fun to this festival, to the extent that these tales remained even long after the academy festival ended.

But of course, these were all stories shared after the festival.

Two days passed in a flash and the opening ceremony of St. Caroline Academy arrived in just the blink of an eye.

It would be held at a huge hall in the southern district.

Catheyah Auditorium was a rare building that had been preserved since the construction of the academy.

From the outside, the Catheyah Auditorium was just a small and ordinary wooden three-story building. However, the inside was connected to a natural small realm that was incomparable to the small temporary artificial realm used during the entrance exam. It was so spacious that the entire St. Caroline City could be fitted in it.

Naturally, the huge space wasn’t only used as an auditorium. It had other important uses, but was currently closed off to the public. Students were only allowed access to the auditorium.

Early morning on the opening ceremony day…

Lilith had unexpectedly arrived.

Of course, she didn’t suddenly wake up early on her own accord.

After all, not everyone had the honor of getting their quilt personally pulled off by the president of the disciplinary committee.

“Oh my, Vice President Lilith. Today is not the day for you to be sleeping in. As the second in charge of the disciplinary committee, the workload will be unusually heavy on the day of the opening ceremony.”

“Work…? Can’t you ask Kieran to do it for me?”

“Hm, Kieran… I would also love to push all the work to that capable young man. After all, he managed to process all the documents that have been piling up for several months in just one night. He is a man that could be called a miracle himself. But today’s work will require the president and vice president to be present in person.”

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“…How… troublesome.” Lilith struggled to get up from the bed like a newly born fawn. “By the way, can you get out first, President Diana? It’s a crime to break into private property.”

“Haha, are you actually feeling shy, Vice President Lilith? How surprising. Unfortunately, I am the person who determines if someone in this academy is committing a crime.”

This woman actually abused her power so casually.

It was nothing surprising though. Given how so many people on the scene turned a blind eye even when she was cheating so blatantly during the eating contest, it would seem like this wasn’t the first or second time President Diana abused her power.

Even so, her help couldn’t even make it through two dishes.

The fact that she so boldly skipped her work and pushed all her work that had accumulated over a few months to others, it was evident that she had a horrible personality.

How could this kind of person become the president? Did she bribe the people of the upper tier in this academy?

How despicable of her to get to the top through such low-class moves.

Damn, give me back the gentle and graceful President Diana from my first impression back then!

Lilith curled her lip as she ignored Diana’s burning gaze and silently changed her clothes.

“Oh, right. You haven’t met the other members of the disciplinary committee, have you, Vice President Lilith?”

“Well, the last time I came, you sent them away on purpose.”

“In that case…” Diana gently tapped her lips with her index finger and thought for a moment. “I will have to make sure everyone gets to know you, Vice President Lilith.”

“Why don’t you deliver the opening speech on my behalf?” Diana clapped her hands and suggested excitedly.

“Opening speech?”

“Yeah, the presidents of the disciplinary committee and student council will be the first to speak onstage during the opening ceremony every year.”

“Oh? That’s really tough. So, what will the speech be about?”

“Nothing in particular, just the annual routine work report. You can just read from the script. Simply put, it is a simple task that can be done by one person.”

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“Even if it’s a simple task that can be done by one person, the person delivering the speech still matters. If it was someone else other than the president, no one would probably take the report seriously. Not only that, it might even affect the image of the disciplinary committee negatively, giving students the impression that the committee is sloppy as an organization.”

“As expected of Vice President Lilith, you have great insight. However, I perceive the status of vice president and president as equal. After all, it’s just a word difference. There shouldn’t be a big problem. This will be a great opportunity for you to show your face to everyone in the academy. Also, the fact that the vice president is from first-year will definitely trigger a huge reaction.”

“I’d call that a commotion rather than a reaction.”

“It’ll be fine. You must believe me, Vice President Lilith.”

Diana patted Lilith on the shoulder and soothed her, “Rather than going through the trouble of introducing you to each and every single member of the disciplinary committee, it’s better to let you introduce yourself. If things go well, you may even leave a good first impression on everyone in the academy.”

“You’re just not bothered to go through the trouble, right?!”

Lilith crossed her arms and sighed, “Fine, I’ll go in your place.”

“As expected of you, Vice President Lilith. You’re a decisive one.”

Diana gave her a thumb-up and praised her.

“Well then, I shall excuse myself now. Don’t worry, a flat-chested girl like you is extremely rare. You’ll definitely leave a very deep impression on everyone in this academy!”

“You have a death wish?”

President Diana fled with the speed of light.

After her departure, Lilith looked beside her.

For some reason, Thea, our former saintess from Luminous Theocracy, was extremely exhausted from the academy festival. She was sleeping like a dead pig, much like how she would after using the Goddess Descent Skill.

Yet Lilith couldn’t think of what in this peaceful academy would possibly force Thea to the point that she had to use the Goddess Descent Skill.

Thea was adamant about keeping it a secret from Lilith. No matter how Lilith tried to coerce or bribe her, Thea’s lips were sealed.

This was all extremely suspicious.

As for Brea, her fear of strangers acted up as soon as President Diana barged in and she was still trembling under her sheets.

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After the eating contest, Lilith knew that Brea was definitely not someone simple. Being able to savor those eighteen dishes like a treat was enough to cross her out from the human category.

Even god would be daunted by the sight of those eighteen dishes!

‘Forget it,’ Lilith shook her head and sighed inwardly. Rather than relying on these unreliable fellas, it was better for her to rely on herself.

She was definitely not nervous about delivering her first speech in front of tens of thousands of people.

And hence, Lilith arrived at the auditorium early today and prepared herself to deliver an opening speech in front of so many people for the very first time in her life.

Standing behind the curtains and watching the staff from the student affairs committee bustling about as students and teachers gradually came in and sat in the audience all suddenly felt so unreal to Lilith.

Was she actually… being led around by the nose by President Diana?


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