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Chapter 4-17: Academy Festival #2 Hot Spring Crisis!

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2457 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1488 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Huh? Where did Lilith and Brea go?”

Thea finally realized that unbeknownst to her, she was left all alone with various snacks in her hands.

“Sheesh! How dare they go off to have fun all by themselves without me! Such horrible friends!” Thea huffed angrily, then quickly finished up the snacks she was holding.

She looked around only to discover that she was in an unfamiliar area.

“Where am I?”

She was lost and confused but in the next second, a huge sign nearby attracted her attention.

Outdoor hot spring.

“Wow! There’s actually an outdoor hot spring here!”

A look of surprise came onto Thea’s face as she instantly pushed the thought of searching for her friends to the back of her head, and skipped happily into the bathhouse.

There was no one looking after the bathhouse, only a huge sign hanging on the wooden door that read ‘Female Bath’.

“One silver coin per entry, unlimited time. Free bath supplies, self-service.”
“One silver coin, that’s pretty cheap.”

Thea took out a silver coin and pushed it into the coin slot on the wooden door. The wooden door glowed faintly as though some mechanism was activated, then the door opened automatically with a creak.

Thea happily walked in, and the wooden door closed behind her.

After a while, the manager of this place came over for a routine inspection.

“Huh? Strange, how did the notice sign fall? Is this a prank?”

The manager sighed and picked up the notice sign before hanging it on the wooden door again.

“Due to limited space, this bath will be restricted to men after eight. Female students, kindly take note of the time.”

The manager looked at the sky and said gleefully, “Only half an hour to go. I should get ready for the shift change.”


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“Whoaaaa… That feels so great~!”

Thea lied down in the outdoor hot spring and felt fatigue instantly leaving her body.

Apart from Thea, there were many other people in the hot spring. Hence, she had to find an empty corner so that she could lie down comfortably.

However, for some reason, most of them were preparing to leave. The water in this deep and quiet hot spring was thick. Water rippled as the beautiful ladies got out of the spring, making a spectacular sight.

“It’s kinda boring without Lilith and Brea here.”

Thea pressed the wooden tub that she got for free from the bathhouse, watching it sink and float in the spring water. She soon lost interest in it and turned around to admire the starry sky.

“I wonder… how everyone in the church is.”

Thea leaned against a huge rock that was far away from the crowd. Watching the sky full of stars, she couldn’t help but grow drowsy.

“Haaa~ I need a nap.” Thea yawned. Since she was bored, she might as well sleep leaning against the rock.

No one knew how long her nap lasted.

“As expected of Boss Durango, you not only fished yourself a chick, but also the prettiest in the fifth class! I bet those uncouth fellas in the fifth class are jealous!”
“Don’t say that, we’re both truly in love with each other. ‘Fishing myself a chick’ is such a crude expression.”
“Right, our Boss Durango is a loving man. Calling it fishing a chick cheapens him!”
“Right, right, right. My bad. My apologies, sorry!”
“Hey, no worries. We’re bros.”
“As expected of Boss Durango, what a forgiving man!”

Men’s voices?

Thea was startled awake.

But isn’t this a female bath? Where did these men come from?
Don’t tell me… They’re perverts?!

“Speaking of chicks, isn’t this outdoor hot spring for girls before eight? So we’re actually soaking in their bathwater?”

“Haha, is that the only thing in your mind? Don’t tell me that excites you?”
“You’re the one who is excited. I’m not the kind of pervert who likes to sneak into a hot spring to peep.”
“Fine, but do you think some pervert is actually peeping on us now?”
“Oh come on, men love watching beauties getting into bath but not the other way round. Even if there is, she’s probably a hopeless pervert!”

I’m not a pervert!!

Thea suddenly found herself facing the biggest crisis of her life.

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One wrong move and she would not only destroy her reputation, but also be labeled a perverted woman.

The most frightening part was that she didn’t expect all men to be gentlemen. They might just do something perverted to her, the poor little pitiful girl, who was stranded in the male bath.

No, I must escape before anyone discovers me! Thea was determined.
But, how?

She began to look around, searching for a way to escape.

By flying?

No, no. This was St. Caroline Academy. The people who were bathing here were no ordinary people. They would definitely sense her if she used magic. If that happened, she wouldn’t be able to run even if she wanted to.

By climbing over the wall?

Thea glanced at the wall and dispelled the idea.

To prevent peeping, the wall wasn’t only five meters high but also had an alarm spell in place. Hence, it was impossible to escape silently.

How about taking advantage of the steam here and slip out of here disguised as a man?

Thea lowered her head to look at the two globes in front of her chest that were still rather noticeable despite the steam around…

For the very first time, she envied Lilith for being flat-chested.

Seemed like there was no way she could escape, so it would be best for her to wait here until they left.

In that case… how about I take a peek?

Thea suddenly had a bold idea.

Oh no, she actually started getting a bit excited!

As the saintess of the Luminous Theocracy, Thea was undoubtedly pure. She had been under the strict protection of the Pope since she was a child. Even the guards who protected her were female knights that were carefully selected.

It wasn’t until she started going out on missions that the Pope assigned men to safeguard her. However, they were all elderly men.

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The result of this was that it flipped a switch in Thea’s head when she removed her identity as a saintess, and she became extremely interested in men!

But don’t get it wrong, she was only interested in a man’s body structure and not those lewd thoughts that you’re thinking about right now.

“Just a peek… I’ll take just a peek…”

Thea mumbled under her breath as though she was trying to convince herself.

She then peeked half of her head out from behind the rock. Her face flushed, either out of excitement or shyness…

In the steam, she could barely make out well-defined muscles, strong chests, thick waist, healthy tanned skin, as well as…

As well as…

As well as…

She couldn’t take it anymore!


Thea covered her nose and quickly hid behind the rock again. However, her movements attracted some attention.

“Who’s there?!”
“What’s wrong, Boss Durango?”
“I feel someone peeping on us.”
“Impossible. There’s actually a perverted woman around here?”
“Anyhow, I’ll take a look first.”

The sound of footsteps in water drew closer.

Thea could feel her heart jumping up to her throat.

What should I do, what should I do?
Am I really going to end up being treated as a perverted woman now?
No! As the former saintess, I must not bring shame to the goddess!

Determination slowly grew in Thea’s eyes.


“Oh light, shine on me…!”

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A beam of light fell from the sky.

White wings slowly spread open in the beam of light and a holy aura enveloped the entire outdoor hot spring.

The beam of light didn’t immediately disappear. Everyone trembled and could only faintly see the outline of an enchanting woman amidst the light.

“Y-Y…You are…”
“I am… the goddess of hot springs.”

Thea opened her arms in the light and exuded her brilliance without hesitation.

“Well, men. Bid me thy wishes.”

Everyone looked at each other.

Then finally, someone tried their luck, “I want to find a girlfriend?”

“Thy wish hath been heard.”
“I want a sacred artifact!”
“I want to be the best in my grade!”
“I want…”

More people were convinced and they knelt at the feet of the goddess of hot springs.

Thea nodded, with an unquestionable divinity in her voice.

“Thy wishes hath been heard. Soaketh here for forty-nine hours and thy wish shalt cometh true.”

With a gentle flap of her wings, Thea flew out of the bath and the beam of light vanished along with her figure.

“Remember, only those who soaketh here for forty-nine hours and retained consciousness without using magic or battle Qi… shalt their wishes granted.”

“I bid thy all… the best of luck.”


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