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Chapter 4-168: The Decision To Leave

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3020 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1725 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Dawn was finally here.

Lilith landed on her feet steadily, then flung her arm. After confirming that her broken arm had fully healed and there was no longer any need to borrow the ancestor’s power, the golden glow on her body faded.

As soon as Lilith deactivated her ancestor’s power which was too much for this world to contain, the tremor finally ceased. Everything became still again as this world started to repair itself silently.

The space that was distorted like an abstract painting returned to normal, as though it was ironed. The dark cracks in the air were also restored by this world’s corrective power. Although still unstable, this world was no longer on the verge of collapse. It would seem like it was sturdier than expected.

Even so, the traces that were left behind during Lilith and Cornelia’s battle could no longer be erased. Deep cracks covered their battleground, as though it had been plowed over.

The titan’s village was completely destroyed, and in its place now was a deep crack with flame shooting out from it occasionally. The flame from underground set the trees on fire. It was about to spread into a forest fire when Lilith easily extinguished it. Sadly, the forest close to the titan’s village was pretty much destroyed.

Half of the trees were uprooted by the shockwave, while the remaining half were incinerated.

Lilith sighed inwardly. The gold bubble that protected Lesiah and the titans slowly lowered to the ground, then turned into a beam of golden light and vanished. The titans started scanning the unfamiliar surroundings.

“We… survived…!” One of the titans finally recovered his senses. Tears of joy streamed down his face.

“We defeated the black devils! We survived!” The rest rejoiced, shouting loudly as if they had lost their minds. They tore off their thin clothes and then hugged each other.

Although the loss of their village was a shock, they were still overwhelmed by the fact that they survived.

As long as they were still alive, nothing was lost. They could always rebuild their home. Besides, everything would be fine as long as their king was around!

The titans turned their burning gaze on Lilith once again. But after just one look, they quickly lowered their heads as though they were afraid of being scorched by the hot sun.

In their eyes, Lilith was no different than a true god now that she had once again defeated the black devils. She was a sacred being that should not be defiled.

Even the young children lowered their heads like the adults. No one dared to lay their mortal eyes on the king, in fear that they would sully their king’s magnificence. After all, the matriarch once told them that that would be a grave crime.

Titan 12138 went up to Lilith, straightened her old silk robe before respectfully kneeling before her. “Long live the king!”

The other titans fell to their knees in waves and echoed respectfully, “Long live the king!”

And while all the titans were kneeling reverently, a faint white light emerged from their bodies before it got absorbed into Lilith’s body. However, no one else could see it.

“What are you guys doing?” Lilith frowned.

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“Our esteemed king, you have once again come to the titan’s aid in our time of need. We have no way of repaying you, other than offering you everything we have.”
“That’s right. Our loyalty, respect, worship, faith and flesh, take all of it, king!” Titan 12138 said passionately. “From now on, you are the totem of the titan clan!”
The corner of Lilith’s mouth twitched. “I graciously accept your gratitude, but please don’t take me as your totem…”

Titan 12138 was taken aback, seemingly not expecting Lilith to refuse an offer that would preserve her reputation for thousands of years to come. “Why do you refuse, my king? Do you not trust our craftsmanship?” the old titan could not help but ask.

“No, nothing like that. I just thought that totems would look cooler if it was a wolf, lion or similar creature. If it was such an adorable and charming loli like me…”

“Others may start a war with you guys out of jealousy when they see it,” Lilith finished her own sentence with a serious look on her face.

“I… I see… As expected, our king is wise and far-sighted.” Titan 12138 wiped the sweat on her forehead before continuing, “If your majesty refuses to be the totem of our clan, then please allow us to present you a statue.”

Lilith mulled over for a moment then nodded. “Fine, if it’s a statue.”

“Thank you, your majesty.” Titan 12138 hurriedly prostrated herself before her king, then pulled out a wooden statue about ten centimeters tall under Lilith’s shocked gaze.

She then turned around and lifted it high up in the air. “Quick, those who still have tools in your hands, go build an altar to house our king’s statue!” she announced loudly to everyone.

It was a statue of Lilith, holding her imitation holy sword.

The other titans’ eyes burned with eagerness when they saw the lifelike status. They scrambled to get up from the ground and began sawing the woods that they could find lying around.

In just the blink of an eye, everyone got to work, eager to prepare a tall altar to house their king’s statue while neglecting their real king. Lilith scratched her cheeks, feeling a little awkward for some reason.

Lesiah came over and gently squeezed Lilith’s hand. “Lilith, you got injured just now right? Are you alright?” she asked with concern.

“Of course, I’m not.” Lilith quickly furrowed her brows and clutched her arm with an agonized look on her face. “Cornelia’s attack earlier was imbued with the power of law. My self-recovery ability is rendered useless. I can only be healed with a princess’ kiss.”

“Didn’t you hurt your right arm? Why are you clutching your other arm?” Lesiah shot back flatly.

The expression on Lilith’s face froze. “Uh… This is because… the wound shifted. Yeah, right, not only shifted, but also worsened. If I don’t get a crown princess’ kiss within the next ten seconds, it will kill me. Oh no… I can’t… The damage has reached my heart. My heart aches so much.”

Lilith continued clutching her right arm with her left hand, while her right hand clutched her chest. While doing that, she shamelessly leaned her face closer to Lesiah.

“Oh no… Just five seconds left. Hurry up and find me a princess… Preferably some princess from that Mace-something Empire. Tell her that I’m still young and don’t want to die yet.”

Lesiah smiled in resignation at Lilith’s lame acting skill, but still gave Lilith a gentle peck on her rosy cheek.

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Lilith smiled mischievously and snaked her arm around Lesiah’s slender waist. “You’re the best, princess. I have no way of repaying you for saving my life other than offering you my body.”

Lesiah’s cheeks reddened slightly. In response, she tapped Lilith’s head affectionately and pouted. “I can’t believe you’re still in the mood to joke around.”

“I’m just trying to lighten the mood here, but… the part about offering you my body isn’t a joke~” she winked at Lesiah.

Upon hearing that, Lesiah’s lovely face instantly turned as red as a delectable tomato.

“That’s enough, you should start thinking about what to do with these titans. It doesn’t seem like they can continue living in this world…” Lesiah looked around. This world did not collapse but suffered a devastating blow that would take more than a century to recover.

With that said, there was no way these titans could stay alive for another century by relying on dead trees and muddy water. And more importantly… there was Cornelia. She was like the angle blade of a guillotine hanging above the titans’ heads. No one knew when the blade would be released.

Not only that… there was only one conclusion to be drawn based on the fragmented information they gathered from Cornelia and her mother… Cornelia was about to do something huge enough to turn this world upside down. And before that happened, it would be wise for all of them and the titans to leave this place.

Lilith recollected herself and nodded. “Fine, it was part of my plan since long ago and the passage has only been unsealed now. I’ll discuss with Titan 12138 now.”

“I’ll join you too.”

Lilith was slightly taken aback. “For what, Lesiah?”

Lesiah turned her head and looked at Titan 12138 who was holding Lilith’s statue high while instructing everyone to build an altar for it.

“Nothing much really… I just have some questions for her.” The princess smiled.


“Bringing the entire titan clan away from here? Where exactly?”

After hearing Lilith’s suggestion, Titan 12138 was puzzled. “This world isn’t that big, where could we possibly go?”

Lesiah shook her head and smiled. “Not somewhere in this world. That world is huge and it could easily fit another 10,000 of your clans.”

“The king’s world…?”

Titan 12138’s eyes widened and her hunched body trembled slightly. “You’re saying that we will follow you to your world, your majesty?”

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“Why? You don’t want to?”

“Of course not, we would love to!” Titan 12138 nodded fervently as if she was afraid Lilith would change her mind.

“Although it pains us to part with this place, we too, know that it is… too dangerous to continue staying here. No one knows when the black devils will come back again and it is impossible for the king to stay here forever. For the good of our people, leaving would be the best option. Besides… the environment here is no longer habitable for us.”

Titan 12138 swept her gaze over the familiar yet strange surroundings. There was both pain and determination in her rheumy eyes.

“So, the titan clan shall follow you, my king.”
“Glad to hear that, but… are you not going to discuss it with the rest before giving that answer?”

Titan 12138 shook her head, there was eagerness in her eyes. “They will agree. Even if they don’t, I will force them to agree. Remember, we have offered you everything, my king. Your wish is our command.”


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