Chapter 4-156: Hereditary

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2171 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1203 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

In a totally dark corner, a faint light blocked all forms of energy, like sounds, vibrations or light. What others could see was a barely noticeable arc. If an ordinary person walked past it, they would not be able to notice anything strange.

The people in the ring of light could do whatever they pleased here. It was almost like a gladiatorial arena that was specially prepared for battle. They could pounce on their nemesis and tear them to pieces with all their might.

“Old loli!”

Two dainty voices rang out simultaneously in this isolated space. The resentment contained in their tone was intense enough to send their insults to 18 generations of their ancestors.

Then the two petite girls instantly rushed toward each other and started a fist fight.

These two had long given up on fancy and flashy moves and Lilith’s holy sword imitation had also been long abandoned. And after Cornelia tried using all her long-ranged moves but to no avail, she decisively changed her strategy and covered her entire body with an invisible armor. In just a short time, her physical combat was on par with Lilith’s.

So right now, both of them were fighting each other like hooligans, using various body parts like fingernails, elbows or knees as powerful weapons to leave marks on each other’s body.

If the two had given up on their last restraint, they would probably use their ultimate deadly weapon, which was their teeth.

“Your chest is flatter than the cutting board, you are just a golden retriever who should be ashamed of calling yourself a girl! I gave you a chance, yet you kept testing me! Could it be that canines are creatures that would shamelessly get in someone’s face and wag their tails? How disgusting.”

Cornelia’s eyes turned bloodshot from the anger. She used her advantage in strength and pinned Lilith under her. Wrapping a hand around Lilith’s throat, she used her other free hand to pull Lilith’s cheek so hard that one side of her face was deformed. Her huge golden eyes widened at the pain as tears started gathering in them.

“Hmph! A million-year-old ancient loli like you, who only knows how to act cute and is good for nothing except for the huge globes in front of your chest, are more disgusting! Mommy’s the best, I wanna be fed and hugged, yuck, disgusting. I’ve never seen a more disgusting person!”

“Aren’t you the same?! I wasn’t the only one who said things like that?”

“You dare retort? Hmph, I’m really a young girl who is qualified to say stuff like that!”

Lilith smacked Cornelia’s chest. Feeling her sensitive spot being attacked, Cornelia faltered and yelped shyly. Lilith naturally would not let such a good chance escape. She unleashed every ounce of strength she had accumulated in her and moved offensively.

She straddled Cornelia, kneading her chest like they were doughs and squeezing them into various shapes. Due to their sizes, Lilith’s every squeeze was accompanied by strange noises.

Lilith wore a mischievous smile on her face.

“I see that these two fruits of yours are quite delicious. Why don’t you let me have a taste too, huh? Say something, will you? Are these fruits tasty? Are we not besties? Let me have a taste too, you damn cow!”

Cornelia’s face turned beet red, feeling extremely humiliated. She had lived so many years and she had never been subjected to such humiliation. All she could think of right now was to skin Lilith alive.

Overwhelmed by anger, she made an irrational choice of fighting Lilith at close quarter combat. Hence, it was only natural that she would be subdued by Lilith, who had an innate advantage in this type of combat.

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“You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, let go of me at once!”

“Hmph, what if I don’t want to? I would like to find out today what rotten flesh you hide underneath such an adorable appearance!”

While saying that, Lilith’s naughty hand made its way toward the collar of Cornelia’s black lolita dress, only to stop in midair.

“Eeeeeh, what’s this?!”
“You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, did you really think I was made out of clay?!”

Cornelia’s face contorted with anger. Her white hair that reached her thighs seemed to have grown a lot longer. Like countless tentacles, they wound themselves around Lilith’s body tightly, leaving angry red marks on her soft skin.

Her long hair lifted Lilith up in midair. Without any surface to apply force, Lilith was unable to break herself free.

Cornelia stood up, squeezing a crazy smile on her fierce-looking face.

“It’s my turn… to return the favor now.”

“W-What… What do you want to do?” Lilith paled. Given how vindictive Cornelia was, Lilith simply could not imagine what Cornelia would do to her while she was rendered immobile.

“Hehe… To let you have your own medicine, of course. I’ll let you have a taste of the same humiliation…!” After saying that Cornelia slapped Lilith’s chest.

“Ouch, that hurts!” Cornelia hissed in pain after delivering the slap, “That was hard? Is that steel plate in front of your chest?”


Lilith slowly raised her head, wearing a twisted smile on her face. Almost immediately, Lilith’s blonde hair floated even though there was no wind.

“You little s̲h̲i̲t̲, I’ll kill you today!!!” she roared like an angry lioness.


Cornelia returned to the room, with Lilith walking behind her. They had their heads lowered, like they were guilty of something. They had not gotten the juice that they were supposed to fetch either.

“Oh, Cornelia, you girls are back. Huh? What’s with that bruise in the corner of your eye?”

The woman went forward and scooped Cornelia into her arms heartbrokenly when she noticed the black eye she got.

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“What happened? Who beat you? Tell mommy, I’ll make them pay!” the woman said softly.

Cornelia suddenly got teary-eyed and sobbed in the woman’s arm. “It’s that stupid fridge where my juice is in! It’s a big bully. It hurts so bad…”

“Is that so…?”

The woman assessed the bruise at the corner of Cornelia’s eye, then turned her head around. Lilith was unscathed, but she had changed her clothes.

“You must have hit your head on the fridge and spilled the juice on Lilith, right?” The woman deduced.
“Yup. Impressive, mommy! How did you figure it out!?” Cornelia looked at the woman with admiration in her eyes.
The woman smiled and patted Cornelia’s head. “Of course, I know everything. I’m your mother.”
“Wow, mommy’s the best!” Cornelia cheered, but the joy on her face quickly faded, “I’m… sorry.”
“It’s okay as long as you are safe, Cornelia.” The woman pulled her into a gentle embrace, then said slowly, “Mommy’s content as long as Cornelia can grow up safely.”

Lilith returned to her seat, only to find Lesiah and the others acting weird. They were all watching the pair of mother and daughter with a strange look on their faces.

[ Lilith, I finally realized a fact. ] 

The sudden appearance of Lesiah’s whispering voice in Lilith’s ear made the latter flinch. Before she could say anything, Lesiah continued speaking.

[ It looks like acting talent is hereditary. ] 


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