Chapter 4-147: Making An Appearance

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2250 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1387 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus


Rosdell roared like a lion as the energy in his body surged like rolling thunder. Surprisingly, he broke through Cornelia’s oppression. While Cornelia was too stunned by Lucas’ attempt in purring like a cat, Rosdell swung his fist at her face mercilessly.

The pain from being grazed by the fist wind made Cornelia raise her gaze.

A fist was enlarging in her view, but Cornelia’s eyes remained as calm as a tranquil lake.

After all, the force in it was far inferior compared to the dragon girl named Lilith.

The difference was like night and day, like water in a ditch and the ocean. They were the same thing, greatly differed.

Cornelia did not even react, but Rosdell felt as though he was sinking in a quagmire. Like there was some sort of invisible force, the surging power in his body was dampened. The powerful battle qi covering the surface of his body sizzled before half of it was instantly evaporated.

Feeling the weight of an invisible mountain acting on him, the veins under Rosdell’s skin throbbed. His eyes reddened as he nearly broke his teeth from clenching his jaws. However, the pressure was enormous enough to force him on his knees. Even the specially-treated ground beneath him cracked under the weight.

Seeing Rosdell succumbing to his enemy, Lucas finally unleashed his ultimate move. He clenched his right hand into a fist. Holding it by his temple while putting his other hand on his left chest, he raised his upper body and looked up at Cornelia with his puppy eyes.

While he twisted his right wrist, he winked with his right eye too.

“Meooooow~ Please don’t hit me, Lady Cornelia~ Look how at how cute I am~”

Blergh! The scene got the other four on the scene retching in disgust.

“Get lost, you disgust me.”

Cornelia’s eyes were filled with extreme disgust. Having this pervert within ten meters from her disturbed her greatly. She kicked Lucas, who was acting all cutesy, away like a bag of trash.

Lucas rolled a few times on the ground, but was able to lift his butt full of white needles and keep it from making contact with the floor.

After rolling ten meters away…

He coughed up two mouthfuls of ‘diluted blood’, which was just saliva, then lay on the ground. “Ah, I’m dead,” he wailed in an extremely exaggerated tone, before shutting his eyes tightly. Even so, one could tell he was peeking through the slit of his eyes that was narrow enough to squeeze a mosquito to death.


The corner of Cornelia’s eye twitched. Just when she was pondering if she should hold back her nausea to give Lucas two more kicks, a blast of dazzling golden sword light exploded behind her.

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In just an instant, Cornelia’s petite figure was engulfed by the bright light.

At the same time, a long and thin sword appeared. Its blade was covered by a strange but faint green battle qi, which seemed to prevent detection. Though it was fast approaching, it was impossible to determine its location.

“Resistance is futile.”

Cornelia turned around. Her black skirt twirled like a black rose blooming under the starlight.

The explosive golden sword light was blocked an invisible barrier. The narrow blade was firmly clamped between Cornelia’s two slender fingers.

Choobchoob paled, as she once again confirmed that Cornelia was another monstrous being.

No, compared to Shiloah, this harmless-looking young girl was even more of a monster.

How should they deal with this kind of monster…?

“Choobchoob!” Durance yelled loudly.

Choobchoob snapped back to her senses, just in time to realize that she had nearly made the gravest mistake that a warrior could possibly make.

Fear was the easiest weapon to break someone’s mind.

If she allowed fear to destroy her confidence, she would never be able to progress in her training!

Oh, interesting.

Cornelia raised an eyebrow. She looked in Durance’s direction, only to see a grain-sized speck of golden light in front of her eyes.

She had no idea how the grain-sized speck of light penetrated her barrier. It floated in front of her, before bursting into a bright golden light!

The blinding light illuminated the space they were in like they were in broad daylight. Everyone involuntarily squinted for a brief moment, just long enough before the blooming golden light died down again.

Cornelia applied a little force, and the thin blade between her slender fingers were instantly twisted into a pretzel. The light that it was emitting promptly died down too.

“Not bad.”

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Cornelia turned her gaze to Durance. For the very first time, she wore an impressed expression on her face when looking at a mere mortal.

“Whether it’s talent or mind, you can be considered outstanding. If that holy weapon you are holding weren’t suppressed, I might be in trouble.”

“Well… thanks for the compliment.”

Durance took a few steps back slowly, keeping his eyes trained on Cornelia as he looked for an opening in vain.

And as expected, he found nothing.

Even though Cornelia was currently engaged with an opponent, Durance still could not find any opening.

It seemed like no matter from which angle he launched an attack, it would be easily stopped by Cornelia…

But, how was this possible? Everything must have a weakness. Did a perfect being truly exist in this world?

Or… was it just that he was not good enough to see her weakness?

Cornelia flicked on the thin blade, but Choobchoob seemed to have already foreseen something and was quick enough to release her weapon. Even so, an invisible force still mangled her palms.

Her thin sword shattered. It was a good weapon forged from very valuable materials, yet it was easily reduced into a pile of useless metal by Cornelia’s fingers.

Cornelia’s hair floated, then took aim at Durance.

It was at this moment, Durance finally felt truly threatened.

“A swordsman cultivates nothing but the sword.” This had always been the Aneva family’s motto since ancient times.

This was why Durance did not own any kind of amazing magic defense accessories like Lucas. Getting shot by Cornelia’s hair meant he would really be turned into a sieve

Looking at Durance, who still had not given up on struggling, Corneille slowly said, “Too bad… you are only ‘not bad’. Only good enough for me to spare an extra glance but not enough to waver my decision to kill you off, because this world has never lacked talents.”

And … this world has always been unfair… No matter how talented or gifted someone was, it would never change the fact that they were mere mortals. Their innate deficiency was an invisible ceiling that inhibited their progress.

Especially compared to some monster-level beings…

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A blond figure with golden eyes appeared in her mind’s eye. That person’s strength, speed and recovery speed in her berserker mode made her an invincible opponent that could even instill fear in Cornelia.

“Only in the face of those monsters… You will feel true despair.”

Cornelia raised her hand slightly, like she was saying her final goodbye.

“Are you one of them then?” Durance suddenly asked.

The question caught Cornelia slightly off guard before she replied, “No. I just live longer, as for the real monster…”

Cornelia abruptly stopped speaking as her eyes widened in disbelief.

“How could this be… That worm actually managed to…”

However, before she could finish her sentence, a loud noise erupted and the floor beneath her feet shattered. Debris was flying in all directions, but Cornelia effortlessly shielded herself from it. However, that did not stop the smoke and dust that filled the air to obscure her view.

Cornelia gritted her teeth. With a wave of her hand, the thick dust that filled the corridor was immediately cleared away by a breeze that blew from nowhere. As soon as she did that, a petite blond emerged amidst the dust.

She had a blushing Lesiah in one hand and a black sword in her other. The imitation holy sword was as long as Lilith’s height and was dripping with malice.

The blond scanned the surroundings, before her gaze finally rested on Cornelia. Her lips instantly curled into a psychotic smile.

“Did someone just say that… I’m cute and charming?”


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