Chapter 4-117: Holding Back

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2030 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1169 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Black feathers shot at Lilith like a torrential rain of arrows.

They weren’t faster than Lilith’s moving speed, but they were imbued with a power that could distort laws. Hence, distance didn’t seem to matter to those black feathers.

It was impossible to evade them.

Lilith was frustrated but it wasn’t enough to discourage her yet. It was by a stroke of luck that she managed to summon the phantom of her ancestor, and now she was back to square one — left to confront her enemy empty-handed.

Renewing the determination in her heart, Lilith threw her fist toward the storm of feathers.

Every ounce of power that Gerald bestowed upon her was condensed in her arm. Her glazed skin glowed in gold, causing her entire arm to look like the golden spear wielded by the gods.

The two clashed and an eerie silence set in.

Compared to the time when she clashed with Gerald, the difference was day and night. But Lilith quickly withdrew with a horrified look on her face when she realized that her right hand had contorted like the dead root of an old tree.

“What’s… going on?”

She couldn’t feel any pain. But her right hand was undeniably turned into a part of the abstract oil painting.

Could this be the enemy’s new move?

Lilith turned her gaze to Cornelia, only to realize that her enemy had an equally horrified look on her face. The distorted space was gradually spreading to the surroundings, much like a highly contagious virus that would kill anyone who was infected by it.

It was only at this moment Lilith finally understood what Gerald said earlier. As long as Cornelia was sane, she would hold back on her power. The fact that any power above the saint realm was prohibited in this world might not be due to the suppression of any deity’s law, but because the world itself couldn’t contain such power.

But even if this strange world would be destroyed, why would it be a big deal for the Origin Dragon Gerald, who had seen the rise and fall of countless worlds? Would he stop just because this world was about to be destroyed?

And more importantly, what was the danger that he mentioned? Could it be that there existed something that intimidated even someone like him?

Countless questions filled Lilith’s mind, threatening to split her head apart. However, there was a problem that needed to be addressed immediately. No matter how she looked at Cornelia, that girl didn’t look like she was sane.

“Hehe, DIE!”

The horror in Cornelia’s eyes was quickly replaced by anger and hatred. She raised her hand slightly as she prepared to launch another attack. She seemed unbothered by the distortions spreading.


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Shiloah grabbed her from behind. Although his body began to be corroded by the power that was gushing out of Cornelia’s body, he was adamant on stopping Cornelia from making a grave mistake.

If this went on, Shiloah, Gaz, Little Hand and the things that Lady Cornelia wanted to protect the most would disappear. This was why he had to intervene, even if he cherished his life.


Cornelia’s aura repelled Shiloah away violently.

“If you dare to stop me again, I’ll kill you too!”

Anger had long blinded her. All she could think of right now was to kill Lilith, regardless of the cost.

Freeing herself from Shiloah’s restraint, Cornelia raised her hand at Lilith. Black feathers swirled around her as her surroundings crumbled rapidly by the power that was gushing out from her body.

Lilith tensed. With her right arm temporarily wasted, she had no confidence to withstand Cornelia’s next attack.

“Lady Cornelia! If this continues, you will kill your parents!”

Shiloah clutched his stomach that was hollowed out by that destructive power, and yelled with the last of his strength.

“My parents…”

For a moment, clarity returned to her eyes. She turned her head around and looked at the abstract oil painting that was about to corrode the floor above them.

“Mommy… Daddy…”
‘Cornelia, be sure to come home before dinner…’
‘Ahh, our Cornelia is such an angel…’

Her mother’s gentle smile and her father’s kind face appeared in her mind. Cornelia instantly came back to her senses.

“Just what am I… doing…”

She fell on her knees weakly as she started trembling violently. She had nearly… destroyed everything that she wanted to protect with her own hands? And killed… her mommy and daddy?

Cornelia immediately regained control over the power that didn’t belong to the mortal realm. It stopped pouring out of her body and the swirling black feathers shimmered faintly before they completely disappeared.

A breath of relief escaped Lilith’s lips. It seemed like the enemy wouldn’t fight her with that strange power again. The faint golden glow around Lilith slowly faded as well, as if this was all predicted by Gerald.

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Geez, did that lecherous old man think it was fun to scare his successor?

Lilith gritted her teeth and seethed in anger. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had to maintain her image, she would have cursed loudly on the spot!

As the power surrounding Cornelia faded, so did Gerald’s power in Lilith.The power above the saint realm once again ceased to exist in this world and the distorted space in their surroundings gradually returned to normal as well.

Cornelia raised her head and looked at the flames burning at the horizon, like she had the ability to see through buildings. It was burning more intensely than ever.

“You’ve seen it now right…?”
“Seen what?”

Lilith was taken aback for a moment by the sudden change in Cornelia’s demeanor, but was able to immediately catch on.

“Seen what?” She continued feigning ignorance instead.
“This world… does not allow the power above the saint realm to exist. Otherwise, it will be destroyed.”
“What does that have to do with me?” Lilith crossed her arms and snorted coldly. “I don’t live here anyways.”

Cornelia turned to face Lilith. Beneath the tranquility in her eyes was violent anger. She… still wanted to kill this b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ in front of her. She lowered her gaze, trying to conceal the murderous intention in her eyes.

“Trust me. You will surely perish along with the destruction of this world.”
“Oh… Are you threatening me now? You better believe that I will release power above the saint level right now and destroy this world.”
“No, you won’t.”
“More like… you can’t.” Cornelia sneered, “The phantom you summoned seems to have discovered the essence of this world. So he will never lend you god-level power, and you won’t be able to use saint-level power here either.”
“Perhaps you can try smashing this world into pieces with your iron head…”

Lilith was rendered speechless. Although she really wanted to spite Cornelia back, the fact that Gerald slipped away so quickly without any hesitation was proof that this was all true.


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