Chapter 4-108: Anguished

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2037 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1128 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Lilith and Sae sneaked out of the room, only to be greeted by a dark and seemingly endless corridor.

“As expected…”
“Hm? You have the map of this place, Lesiah?”
“No, but most castles or palaces of this size share a similar structure.”

The princess pointed to the menacing corridor that seemingly led into the unknown. “There are rooms on both sides of this long corridor. It seems like we have made the right choice of coming out. With such a rigid structure, the enemies will certainly not miss any room during their search.”

Lilith nodded in agreement. “You’re right. Which way do we go now?”

Lesiah looked around before replying to the question. “We must make sure we won’t run into the enemies directly, so we should go in the opposite direction of the enemy’s search. But the problem now is we are unable to determine if this is a straight or circular corridor.”

“Isn’t that easy to tell?” Lilith pointed to the wall in the hallway. “It’s obviously straight.”

“No. In such a large building, our vision is greatly reduced especially in this darkness. If the enemy casts a simple optical illusion spell, we won’t be able to correctly identify if this is a straight or circular corridor.”

“Leave it to me.”

Lilith peered into the darkness. Her golden pupils suddenly lit up, and the dark surroundings around her instantly brightened up in her vision.

With her supreme eagle eyes, she finally found something wrong with the corridor.

Although the corridor appeared to be straight over a short distance, she realized that it actually followed a curve when she looked further down.

“This corridor… is circular.”

“Circular…” Lesiah stroked her chin and thought for a moment. “Looks like we need to play hide-and-seek.”


“Yes. Compared to a straight corridor, a circular one is more troublesome. If it was a straight corridor, we could just go in the opposite direction of the enemy’s search. But when it comes to a circular corridor, no matter in which direction we go…”

“We will eventually bump into the enemies.” Lilith caught on and finished Lesiah’s sentence. “Then what do we do?”

“That’s why I said hide-and-seek…”

Lesiah gave Lilith a playful smile, and it made the latter’s heart skip a beat.

The princess chose a random direction, then walked in that direction with her hands clasped behind her.

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“Do you know what the ‘seeker’ relies on when playing hide-and-seek?”
“Hm… no…”
“You’re really dumb. Have you never even played hide-and-seek?”

Lilith didn’t know how to respond. Hide-and-seek was a game that required many friends to play together. And she had never played that in her previous life…

That was of course because she was a lonely king back then.

As for this life, putting aside the question whether those dragons could hide themselves given their massive size, she was sure that as soon as she asked: ‘Are you all ready?”

Everyone would respond, “We’re ready~ Come find us, princess~”

Lilith facepalmed. She simply couldn’t even imagine what hide-and-seek was.

“When playing hide-and-seek, the ‘seeker’ mostly relies on sound…” A nostalgic look appeared on the princess’ face.

“That’s why everyone mustn’t make any sound when hiding as that will give your location away to the ‘seeker’. But what if we deliberately made some noises…”



Tap, tap, tap, tap…..

Little Hand crawled along in the dark and seemingly endless corridor, surrounded by her ‘clones’.

Every time she passed by a door, several hands worked together to open the room door then crawled in to quickly search the room once. After confirming that their target wasn’t in the room, the hands would return to the group and move on to the next room.

With this method, Little Hand searched thousands of rooms in this terrifyingly huge castle very quickly, not only on this floor.

But of course, she knew that her targets couldn’t have been teleported to other floors because there were special restrictions between each floor. They couldn’t possibly be broken by any simple teleportation spell.

Little Hand sighed. Her beautiful sigh almost sounded pitiful.

It seemed like Lady Cornelia was really blinded by her anger. She could have waited until next time when they were ready to capture all of them. As long as they were still in this little world, there was no way they could escape.

Yet she insisted on killing all of them at this time. If they could succeed, then that was fine.

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But what if they didn’t succeed and those people rushed upstairs in panic and broke something?

That would be the outcome that Lady Cornelia didn’t wish for the most.


A loud noise was suddenly heard in the distance.

It attracted Little Hand’s attention. One of her hands opened, revealing a cute and tiny ear in the palm.

She listened attentively and was able to quickly determine the source of the noise.

“They dare act so arrogantly despite being trapped inside a cage. No wonder Lady Cornelia couldn’t tolerate them.”

Little Hand gave up searching every room and quickly crawled towards the source of the commotion.



After confirming that the sound of fingers tapping in the corridor outside had vanished, Lesiah finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Looks like our enemy has really fallen for it. Now if we head in the opposite direction, we shouldn’t run into them for the time being.”


The princess noticed that Lilith wasn’t even listening to her. She was doing something in front of a row of bookshelves. “Lilith, what are you doing?”

In the silent room, she could hear Lilith gulping. The blonde slowly turned her head around, raising a scroll without any trace of magical aura.

“Treasure… I found it…” she stammered.


Lesiah also took one of the scrolls from the bookshelf. As soon as she unfolded it, words appeared in her mind.

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[ God-level Magic Circle Diagrams ]

Lesiah drew a sharp breath and nearly threw away the scroll she was holding.

God-level…Magic Circle? The diagrams of something that no one on Xedrios had even heard of? And I’m holding it in my hand now?

Lesiah’s hands trembled. She even wondered if she was dreaming right now.


Lilith suddenly cursed and threw away the scroll she was holding.

“What’s wrong, Lilith?”

Was she overjoyed?

However, there was not even a trace of excitement on Lilith’s face. She suddenly fell to her knees and hammered her fists on the ground, wailing like someone had just stolen her twenty years worth of savings.



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