Chapter 4-105: One Good Turn Deserves Another

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2416 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1414 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Lesiah frowned. Her eyes were fixed on Lilith, who was still slumbering like Sleeping Beauty. She had a peaceful look on her face, as her chest undulated with every breath. Apart from her slightly pale face, she looked nothing like someone who was dying, as how Sae put it.

She was still brimming with the vigor of a tiger just before, but looked like a withering autumn leaf now. This contrast just felt so unreal to Lesiah. Were they really… out of options? Were they going to just watch Lilith die while doing nothing?

Memories from the past two days that she spent with Lilith replayed in her mind. She felt nothing but hate toward her. But why did she feel so heartbroken watching Lilith’s life slowly fade away?

Sae continued grumbling at the side. There wasn’t even a single piece of useful information, she was just ranting. And Lesiah knew that no one could save Lilith without any prerequisite, just as Sae had told her. They needed the natural treasures of heaven and earth.

A self-deprecating laugh escaped Lesiah. As the eldest princess of the Macedonian Empire, she was served at least a hundred exotic dishes made of such precious ingredients on a daily basis. She basically took only a bite of every dish and sent them away. Little did she expect there would come a time she needed those things so desperately.

This must be karma.

“Is there really… no other way?” Lesiah repeated her question again persistently.

“No. I have already told you, there is no other option aside from replenishing Lady Lilith’s stamina with natural treasures. Sigh, if only there is a demon beast around here. I heard their blood makes great tonic.”

Sae shook her head pitifully, but deliberately gave some hints. The princess’ eyes instantly lit up as her gaze fell on her wrist. There wasn’t any demon beast’s blood, but a warrior’s blood could be considered a natural treasure of heaven and earth, right?

“Ohoo, art thou planning to feed Lady Lilith thy blood? This is indeed a sound plan to save her. But a word of advice, thou art are dehydrated right now. Excessive blood loss can lead to death.”

The hand which Lesiah held a dagger with to slit her wrist froze for a moment. It was but a brief pause and in the next moment, she slit her wrist without any hesitation. She quickly put Lilith’s head on her lap and adjusted it so that all her blood could flow into the latter’s mouth.

Feeling sustenance flowing into her mouth, Lilith involuntarily latched her mouth onto the wound on Lesiah’s wrist and started sucking, even though she was still deep in sleep.


A cute moan escaped Lesiah’s lips. The sensation of Lilith’s tongue running along her wound made her feel… a little strange.

“Hmm… Love is indeed great. It moves me to tears.”

Sae pretended to wipe the non-existent tear from her eyes but failed to hide the mischievous smile from creeping up onto her face.

Of course, she had lied about the fact that Lilith was dying. Lilith managed to survive severe injuries back then, there was no way she would kick the bucket just because her internal organs weren’t in the right places.

It was just as Sae mentioned earlier, Lesiah couldn’t put her expectations on her. Although Lilith wouldn’t die, for now, she might if she fell into the hands of those who were related to deities.

It was Sae’s duty to protect Lady Lilith when she was still in her growing stage. During this period of time, she must eliminate everything that might threaten Lady Lilith’s life.

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Hence, if Lesiah either failed to take her bait just now or simply outright refused the idea of offering her blood, then Sae wouldn’t hesitate to kill the princess for her blood to ensure Lady Lilith’s safety. In any case, Lesiah was just a mere mortal. To Sae, she was no different from a nutritional supplement.


After taking in enough blood, Lilith finally stirred awake. She propped herself up and shook her head, trying to get rid of the dizziness that plagued her. As soon as she opened her eyes, she was greeted by a pale but lovely face.

“You’re… finally… awake…” Lesiah smiled weakly before fainting in Lilith’s arms.

“EHHH? What’s wrong, Lesiah?!” Lilith shook the princess’ body frantically but suddenly noticed a sweet aftertaste lingering inside her mouth.

Could it be… She took a look at Lesiah’s wrist. Unsurprisingly, there was a hideous wound glaring back at her

“That’s right. This little girl willingly offered up her own blood to save Lady Lilith’s life…”
“Sae… What the hell happened?”

She carefully placed Lesiah’s head on her lap, then gave her own head a hard hit. With the dizziness gone, then came a sharp pain in her head and her blurred memories. It felt no different than a bad hangover after an awesome party.

“Where are we? What about those people? What just happened? And what happened to Lesiah? Why did she feed me blood? And why are you out here?”

She fired a torrent of questions at Sae, causing the latter to frantically wave her hands in an attempt to calm her down.

“Slowly, slowly! Please calm down, Lady Lilith, and allow me to slowly go through them with you.”

And so, she recounted all the events to Lilith.

Of course, she deliberately excluded the part about baiting Lesiah to feed Lilith her blood and just glossed it over by saying that Lesiah did it for the sake of saving her.

“This idiot! She thought I’d die that easily after seeing what I could do?!” Lilith was a little mad, but couldn’t quite put a finger on the reason.

She took out some clothes from her storage ring and folded them into a pillow for Lesiah to rest her head on, then also found a new set for herself to put on.

Her academy uniform turned into a pile of rags after only being worn for a few days. If Elder Mord knew, he’d be so pissed that his curly cowlick would tremble. However, all these didn’t matter anymore. Most importantly… she was famished and thirsty.

It was just as Sae said, she had seriously over-exhausted her body. She fished out a large amount of food from her storage ring and started munching. Since Lesiah had fed her her own blood, she couldn’t possibly let her down. She must bring her out of here and to safety.

And to do that, recovering her stamina would be her first priority. While eating, Lilith sighed at the little mountain of food in front of her. For the very first time, she regretted bringing only meat with her. If only she had liquid food, Lesiah would be able to recover for a little.

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“Lady Lilith, I have an idea.”

Sae could read Lilith’s mind like an open book. She leaned into her ear and whispered sneakily, “You could…”

Lilith’s eyes widened at her suggestion, so shocked that she forgot to continue chewing. She stole a glance at Lesiah’s pale lips then asked, “Are you sure that’s okay?”

“Of course. You have to believe in my experience, Lady Lilith. After all, I didn’t live millions of years for nothing…”

Lilith gulped down her food, and then hesitated. “But isn’t… that kind of inappropriate…? With Lesiah’s temper, she will definitely get mad and call me a pervert again.”

“What do you mean inappropriate… You are just trying to save her, just like how she saved you, Lilith. One good turn deserves another, I’m sure she won’t blame you…”

“For real?”
“Of course. When have I ever lied to you, Lady Lilith…” Sae winked at her.
“Alright then.” Lilith licked her lips and smiled like a gentleman.
“Let’s hope you are right.”

She tore off a chunk of meat, chewed it thoroughly in her mouth until the food turned into a liquid that could be easily swallowed. She gently lifted Lesiah’s head while chanting a mantra in her heart.

This isn’t taking advantage, this isn’t taking advantage, this isn’t taking advantage… It’s for the sake of saving Lesiah! This isn’t taking advantage!

Then, she smashed her lips against Lesiah’s.


Lesiah opened her eyes… Only to see a pair of greasy lips with a piece of meat dangling off the corner enlarging in her view.


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