Chapter 3-45: Unvented Anger

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2565 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1641 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“This damn written exam has finally come to an end!”

Lilith put the pen down and stretched herself. It was only a half an hour exam, yet Lilith felt that it was more exhausting than fighting a battle.

The teachers from the academy started gathering the papers and information.

“The name is… Lilith.”

The teacher looked at the paper, then at Lilith. “What an adorable little girl you are. Come, look into the Spectrum Stone.”

The Spectrum Stone made a clicking noise as light scanned Lilith’s face, recording her appearance.

After gathering the necessary information, the teacher gave Lilith a piece of advice, maybe because she was adorable. “Take care of yourself, little girl. The next exam will be a very harsh one. If you don’t think you can take it, you can always withdraw. I’ll come to your rescue.”

“Alright, thank you.”

Although she gave the teacher a polite and adorable smile, her heart was filled with disdain.

Harsh? She couldn’t ask for more. Her fists were itching to get into action!

“Well then, let’s proceed to the second exam.”

Professor Marlin clapped his hands. The tables, chairs and screens slowly descended. It didn’t take long before the venue turned back into fighting arenas.

“From now on, the people who are standing in the same arena as you are your enemies because there can only be one person left standing! And that person will be eligible to join the St. Caroline Academy!”

His statement instantly sent the audience into an uproar.

It wasn’t just because it would be a cruel battle, but because of the fact that most of the people around them were their companions who came to sit for the exam.

Moving in groups had always been an instinct that humans had evolved into.

They traveled together and encouraged each other before the exams. Some even regarded the others as their own brothers.

The nature of this competition was no different than asking them to fight against their former friends, companions and brothers.

Companions or future, this exam forced everyone to make their choice.

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Of course, the more important factor was your own strength.

Being without strength meant you didn’t even have a choice and could only be used as a stepping stone to clear out the battlefield.

Lilith frowned too. She didn’t expect this.

It would be really troublesome if she had to fight Thea.


Thea wasn’t in the same arena as herself.

That wasn’t because Lilith had seen this coming, but because she was used to doing things at her own pace. She took her sweet time and waited for everyone to sit down before entering the venue.

The academy seemed to have set up the tables and chairs according to the number of candidates.

So in the end, there were two empty seats left but they were far apart from each other.

This was the reason that they managed to escape their fate of dueling each other to death.

“But no need to despair. In addition to the winner, the academy teachers will also select the best performer in each arena. Therefore, two candidates will be picked from each arena. Are you all delighted? Are you all surprised?”


The candidates were very well stirred up as they unknowingly fell into the academy’s trap.

Just offering an insignificant quota was enough to greatly arouse the candidates’ enthusiasm and eliminate the possibility of someone staying at the edge just to observe for the sake of winning.

After all, defeating hundreds of people was very difficult.

Therefore, one could only show off their strength without any reservation to make themselves get chosen by the academy.

This was probably what most candidates would be thinking right now.

However, for Lilith, it didn’t matter.

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No matter which way it was, it wasn’t difficult to win.

Even if hundreds of other people ganged up to attack her, she would still be able to win easily.

It was better to say that Lilith hoped that more people would attack her. After all, she still hadn’t vented the anger she had bottled up this morning.

“Well then, the exam begins!”

As Professor Malin’s voice fell, the atmosphere in the arena instantly tensed up.

Everyone was looking at the people around them in case they got ambushed.

Many people chose to work in teams. Although there could only be one winner, they had to at least eliminate the others first.

Hence, dozens of small groups gradually formed in the arena to guard each other. Only Lilith was left standing alone.

But it didn’t matter, one person or dozens of people didn’t have much impact on her.

How strong would a group of teens whose strength was at most an average kid be?

Even so, Lilith was still worried about whether Thea could pass the exam. After all, her state of vulnerability had yet to pass completely.

She looked in her direction, only to find that Thea was wielding a golden light staff and knocking down many children with it.

Well, she should have known better. Thea was the Pope’s successor whom he had carefully nurtured. How could she lose to these kids who had never been systematically trained?

Even if she didn’t emerge as the winner, the teachers should have seen her knocking people down with her shiny golden staff most of the time, unless they were blind.

Not only that, it seemed like Thea was surrounded by several people who were guarding her like they were her knights.

As expected of the saintess. Although she wasn’t devastatingly beautiful, her temperament was enough to charm many people.

It looked like Lilith had nothing more to worry about Thea.

Well then, it was her time to get into action.

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Lilith twisted her neck, moved her joints, and then prepared to kill.


A young man with a tender face but a bear-like body suddenly broke the silence. He looked at Lilith with sincerity in his eyes and blushed. If it weren’t for the fact that they were in an arena, Lilith would have thought that the young man was going to pull out another marriage proposal.

If that happened, she would really beat him to death. Really.

The young man pointed to Lilith and said, “Look, everyone. This little girl is so adorable. Can you possibly bring yourself to beat her up?”

Lilith was speechless.

Damn, what the hell. Do you check if someone is a cutie before you fight?

“It’s sinful enough that we have to fight our own friends and brothers in this exam. Do we still have to fight this lovely young girl who is powerless to restrain even a chicken?”

The boy grew excited before finally flailing his arms around.

“So I have a suggestion, let’s not harm this little girl.”

“By the time a winner is decided, then he or she shall challenge her. That way the little girl will suffer less.”

Lilith was still speechless.

Was this guy crazy? Who would agree to such an idiotic suggestion of allowing someone to conserve their stamina until the last moment?

However, to Lilith’s surprise, the others thought for a while and nodded in agreement.

Wow, could it be that there are only gentlemen who wouldn’t beat women and children here? Are they real men who would get their faces smashed in and still insist that they never beat women?

Of course not.

It didn’t take Lilith long to figure out the key point.

The most unpredictable factor in this exam was determining who among the last few people still had stamina left and who had a trump card up their sleeve.

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Rather than getting distracted by trying to identify if the opponent still had some stamina left, it was better to leave the weakest and most harmless one for the end.

This was what they thought.

And Lilith was the weakest and most harmless one in their eyes.

“Umm, can I refuse?”

“What are you talking about, little girl? I understand that you don’t want people to look down on you, but girls still have to take good care of their bodies. Look at your fair and soft skin, it’ll be a pity to scar it.”

After saying that, the young man flashed Lilith a friendly smile.

Do I look that weak?!

Lilith felt extremely aggrieved.

She just kept running into situations that made her feel unpleasant and upset. On top of that, beating up that gorilla made her feel extremely sick.

And now, she wasn’t even allowed to vent her anger. What did she do to deserve this?

Some people had made their move.

Soon, there were all sorts of spells and martial techniques going on in the arena.

Spells and martial techniques from the young boys and young girls clashed against each other endlessly, like fleeting fireworks.

However, the more beautiful the fireworks bloomed, the more unbearable it was to Lilith.

“Gah!! I can’t take it anymore.”

Lilith rushed into the crowd. Since they weren’t going to fight her, then she might as well initiate the fight.


As soon as the others saw Lilith entering the battle circle, they stopped and then evacuated immediately to find another place to resume their fight as though they had planned it all beforehand.

Everyone was fighting in the arena so the situation was very chaotic.

But there was no one within a radius of twenty meters around Lilith.

Lilith felt as though she was watching a 3D movie. No matter how fierce, cruel and passionate the fight in the movie was, Lilith wasn’t affected in reality.

Ah, it turns out that I am not in the same dimension as them at all.

Lilith wandered around helplessly, then squatted down in a corner.

She felt so weak, so pitiful and so helpless.


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