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Chapter 3-41: Unable To Express The Feeling Of Love

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2341 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1421 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Unbeknownst to them, a crowd had formed on the second floor.

Most of the customers at this hour were students that were going to sit for the entrance exam, and gossiping was their nature. An ultimate gossip material such as a marriage proposal would always ignite the busybody soul in them.

Shyness, excitement, and curiosity were painted on the tender faces of the youths.

“Marry him!”

A certain little devil among the crowd shouted, as though the situation wasn’t rowdy enough yet. Excitement instantly spread through the entire lobby like wildfire.

“Marry him!”
“Marry him!”

The crowd held their hands up like they were holding up torches and participating in some sacred ritual.

They blessed the couple and wished for their marriage…
Even though this was their first meeting…
Even though this was an unrequited love…

Just when Lilith was about to pass out, she was startled awake by the loud cheers. While she was staggering, she knocked over her teacup on the table.

However, she would much rather pass out just like that.

If a real couple was surrounded by a crowd that was shouting ‘marrying him’ at them, it would definitely have been a very emotional moment for them.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Being proposed by a golden gorilla was already an extremely terrifying experience. Being peer pressured by a crowd to marry that golden gorilla was an even more terrifying experience.

It was horrifying.

She almost peed her pants.


For the first time, Lilith shrieked like a real girl in a shrill voice. It was a proven fact that when a girl shrieked at you, she was truly angry. Not only that, she was so pissed off that she wanted to tear you up into pieces.

For the records, the wife of a man meeting his mistress was a good case study.

Everyone fell silent.

But the golden gorilla was still lost in his feelings.

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“Don’t be shy, miss. True love does not fear the eyes of others.”

While saying that, he brought the ring even closer to her.

It was as though he was telling her…

Put it on, put it on. We’re in love with each other. This is the proof of our love, so just put it on quickly.


Lilith’s eyes were bloodshot as she pulled out a magic scroll from behind her.

Thea cowered in a corner, watching everything that was going on as she thought to herself that Lilith must have been really flustered and had forgotten that using her fist would be the fastest way to settle this.

All of a sudden, Sae’s rather anxious voice rang out in Thea’s ear.

“Hurry up and stop Lady Lilith! That’s a demigod-level scroll in her hand. If she uses it, everyone will be sent to heaven!!”

Demigod-level?! Holy moly! Did she have to kill everyone over just a wedding proposal?!

Thea rushed forward and grabbed Lilith’s arm that was holding the scroll without wasting even a second. “Don’t do it!” she yelled.

“Let go of me!”

Lilith gritted her teeth. All she could see and think of now was only the golden gorilla.

How could she destroy this gorilla man?!

She wanted to erase every last trace of existence!

“No way! The others are innocent!”


Lilith swept her gaze over the crowd who was fanning the flames earlier…

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Her fist tightened even more.

Thea was too powerless to stop her, she was pretty much hanging from Lilith’s arm. Compared to the dragon princess, her frail limbs were no different than a mantis’.

Thea could even sense the magical elements that gathered around the scroll were starting to get chaotic. They were frantically fleeing from Lilith, as though they could foresee their destruction.

Despair filled in Thea’s eyes. She didn’t expect her life to end here because of an affectionate confession and proposal from a golden gorilla.


A loud and crisp noise rang out.

The only girl among the golden gorilla’s group suddenly went up to him and decisively gave him a slap of broken friendship.


After yelling that, she left without even looking back.

Lilith regained a bit of her senses and suddenly realized something.

She could understand why she called him a scum. If this guy could so suddenly pull out a proposal ring, that meant he had already planned it in the first place. However, the target was definitely not Lilith. From the looks of it, it was probably the girl who just left.

But calling him a pervert…

Could it be…

Lilith looked at the table beside her. The reflection in the tea that had been spilled all over the table by her earlier was a blonde loli around the age of eleven or twelve.

Hello police, there’s a perverted lolicon here!

Lilith was overwhelmed by disgust.

It was only then it occurred to her again… The excited crowd around them…

Hello police, there’s a group of perverted lolicon here!

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“This world is better off destroyed after all!”

Lilith raised the scroll in her hand again as Thea was filled with despair once again.

After this incident, the other nations would definitely take it as a warning and increase the punishment toward lolicon’s perversion.

To hell with at least three years of jail and capital punishment for most severe cases.

Just make it capital punishment! Death by a thousand cuts! And on top of that, family extermination!

All because lolicons could lead to world destruction!

However, in the end, Lilith lowered the scroll and muttered to herself, “If I die with these perverts, doesn’t it mean…”

I’d have to be reincarnated with these perverts together?!

She’d done a lot of things that offended the gods. If these guys were to backstab her…

She shuddered.

The thought of being surrounded by perverted lolicons in her next life convinced Lilith that this world shouldn’t end yet.

After all, this world was all about strength. Killing a few lolicons shouldn’t cause much trouble.

“Thea, can you seal off the entrance?”

“Huh?” Just when Thea was about to ask why, she was frozen by Lilith’s icy gaze. She nodded stiffly.

A golden ray of light flashed out of her hand as it silently sealed the hotel’s entrance.

Lilith slowly walked up to the golden gorilla.

“My dear, are you finally moved by me?”

The golden gorilla looked excited, thinking that his true feelings had moved Lilith. He even changed the way he addressed her from ‘miss’ to ‘dear’.

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However, he looked nothing like a loyal lover with that massive handprint left on his face.

Lilith went up to him, took a deep breath then accepted the ring box.

In the golden gorilla’s excitement and joy, she crumpled the ring box along with the ring in it in front of his gentle smiling face.

She then grabbed the golden gorilla’s jaw and forced his mouth open.

“So you love to propose huh?”

The surprise in the golden gorilla’s eyes turned into horror as he realized that he was too powerless to even fight back against the little girl.

“Then I’ll let you do it to your heart’s content.”

She jammed the ring box of half a fist-size into his mouth, then shoved it in as hard as she could until the golden gorilla’s face turned purple.

“Come on, say it! Repeat what you just said!”

Lilith leaned closer to the golden gorilla. She stared into his eyes and spat, “If you leave a word out, I’ll break ten of your bones. Leave two words out then it’ll be forty broken bones. Leave ten words out, I’ll break four hundred bones.”


“You want to tell me that you don’t have that many bones right? It’s okay…” Lilith pointed to the crowd, “They do.”

The faces in the crowd instantly turned as pale as the millet porridge they had just eaten.

Some tried sneaking out, only to discover that the door had been sealed by magic.

“Come on, do your best. The more you say, the less you and the rest will suffer.”
“If you can’t get even a word out, then… hehe.”

Lilith chuckled evilly. “Then I will grind everyone’s bones into powder one by one.”

While saying that, Lilith took out a scroll again and used it to pound the box further into the golden gorilla’s mouth like a stick.

Looking at the golden gorilla’s eyes starting to roll backward…

She nodded in satisfaction.

That’s firmly in place now.


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