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Chapter 3-24: Venting

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1989 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1275 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Lady Lilith, that’s… the Shadow Saintess from yesterday on the platform, right?”
“Yes… without a doubt.”
“Why’s the Shadow Saintess being executed this publicly? Is the Luminous Theocracy not afraid that the Shadow Theocracy would wage a war against them?”
“Who knows? Maybe the Pope was struck dumb by the lightning?”

Jasmine stood on the execution platform with her hands and feet bound, and was hung like a stick, with a noose around her neck. Her red eyes suggested that she had been crying more than once. Although she didn’t seem like she had been tortured, she still looked extremely pitiful.

Lilith was extremely surprised to run into Jasmine here. Given Jasmine’s special identity, she thought the Luminous Theocracy would only shamelessly extort a big sum of money from the Shadow Theocracy at most when they caught her last night, and then Jasmine would end up getting a good spanking once she returned home. She didn’t expect them to not only not do that, but to choose to execute her by hanging.

This kind of development made no sense! Jasmine had only attempted to blaspheme against the goddess at most, so why was she sentenced to death? Had the Pope really gone senile?

More and more people gathered under the platform, and most of them were just looking for entertainment. Some also lamented about the decline of public morals when they saw such a young girl would commit a capital crime. However, as soon as those people heard that Jasmine was going to be hanged for blasphemy against the goddess, they instantly turned as angry as the crowd around them, even throwing rotten vegetables and eggs onto the platform.

Jasmine had always been spoiled and was never subjected to such hostility before. It was at that moment, that she could no longer hold back her tears and burst out crying.

“Waaaahhh…! I’m really the Shadow Saintess! How… dare you all treat me like this…!”
“Shut up, you witch!!”

Not only did the crowd show no pity for Jasmine’s tears, but they also grew even rowdier.

“Those who blasphemed against the goddess should die!!”
“The witches should all be hanged!!”
“You all don’t deserve the radiance of the goddess! Go to hell!!”

By now, rotten eggs and rotten vegetables weren’t the only things flying at the platform. There were all kinds of other strange things such as shoes, tomatoes, broccolis and even grandma’s foot bindings. Not only did the priest on the platform not stop the crowd, he even stepped out of the way.

Then someone launched a stone along with some weak grudge.
Jasmine let out a painful cry and blood ran down her forehead.
Her bangs were soaked red, blood mixed with tears trickled down her cheeks.
She looked no different than a dying small animal.

“Hey, Sae. Hold this for me.”

Lilith suddenly handed the unfinished meat skewers in her hands to Sae.

“Art thee going to save her, Lady Lilith?”
“Save her? I’m not going to do something so strenuous and unrewarding.” A golden light flashed across Lilith’s eyes, “I only want to vent the unpleasant feelings in my heart.”
“Is that so? Please proceed cautiously, Lady Lilith.”

Seeing Lilith inching towards the front, Sae perished the thought of stopping her.

Lady Lilith was well aware that intervening would invite big trouble, yet she still stood up without hesitation. She really wasn’t being honest with herself.
It would seem like I have really been reduced to the role of a babysitter.

Sae ridiculed herself in her heart. At the slight movements of her fingers, a mysterious domain covering a radius of a hundred meters from the execution platform was activated.

Hopefully, those pesky existences wouldn’t notice what was going on so soon.


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“The criminal has committed a very heinous crime of blasphemy toward the goddess. On behalf of the church, she shall be executed in the name of the Radiant Goddess!!”

Following the golden-robed priest’s announcement were the thunderous cheers of the audience. They were acting as though the young girl that was about to be executed was a vicious demon.

“Well then… execute her…”
“Hold your horses!”

An extremely cold voice rang out clearly. The golden-robed priest frowned unhappily at the sudden interruption, only to discover that an extra person had appeared on the platform out of nowhere.

The seemingly petite blonde girl was exuding an intense aura that didn’t match her appearance. She wore a sinister-looking demon mask that left only her eyes exposed. Her golden eyes were looking at them as though they were mere insects.

“Who are you?”

The golden-robed priest asked, as he began accumulating magical power in his hands. No matter who the girl in front of him was, her aura was as oppressive as a dragon’s. There was no way this was the prank of a child.

“As expected of the Radiant Goddess, even her believers are trash,” Lilith remarked disdainfully.

“Watch it!! How dare you insult the goddess!!”

Blue veins bulged on the golden-robed priest’s temples, as he instantly gave up on the idea of obtaining more information from Lilith. The magic in his hands was condensed into an arrow of light before he launched it in her direction.

“You best forget about probing for more information.”

Lilith grabbed the arrow of light directly with her hand, and the high concentration of light elements fizzled out in her palm. The damage of the burn was inferior to the speed of Lilith’s physical self-recovery rate. A few moments later, the arrow of light dissipated in the air as though it had exhausted all its power.

“Who… are you and why are you here?”

The golden-robed priest recomposed himself after his idea of feigning anger to assess his enemy’s strength was seen through, then naturally resumed the negotiation.

It wasn’t like the priest didn’t think of taking advantage of the fact that this daredevil was outnumbered by his men. The moment he unleashed his magic, he realized that the small area around them had been directly isolated through powerful means, so there was no way he could reach the outside world.

This not only showed that he had momentarily lost his backup, but also hinted to the existence of at least one saint-level expert behind this girl who had suddenly intervened in the execution. They were definitely not something that he and his lousy men could deal with by themselves.

Lilith suddenly approached the golden-robed priest slowly. while cracking her joints and knuckles.

“Isn’t it obvious what I’m going to do?”

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Cold sweat started beading the priest’s forehead. So he was right that this girl was here to intervene. Not only that, her ill-intention was suggesting that she wouldn’t give up until she achieved her goal.

Should he agree to release the criminal as a way to buy himself some time?
Just when the priest was considering this option, Lilith had closed in on him.
She balled one of her hands into a fist, then bent her knees slightly.

“Hey, old man. Don’t tell me you look like that because you thought I’m here to rescue the criminal and are considering releasing her first to buy yourself some time?”

The ground under her feet cracked, as she launched herself at the priest.

“Let me tell you this. Rescuing someone is a very troublesome thing to do. I’m…”

Rather than running, it seemed more like she had teleported herself over this distance. Before the priest could even react, her small fist had appeared before his eyes.

“Only here to vent my anger!!”

Her fist carried a gust of murderous wind.


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