Chapter 2-1: The Goddess of Light is Charming but Scheming

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1705 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1105 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“Still angry?”

I stood alone on an unknown street and looked at the crowd in front of me, sighing.

Seeing that I looked too excited at my farewell party, my mother said to me with a sad face, “It seems that my daughter wants to leave her mother as soon as possible. As you wish, mommy will send you there immediately with Teleportation magic. But Mommy is busy and can’t send you personally, so you’ll have to pass through this random teleportation circle instead.”

“Wait, mom, are you angry? I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Random teleportation isn’t reliable, don’t! Ah, I apologize… Ah!!”

“Mommy is not angry~” Even though I desperately apologized, my mom smiled and slapped the random teleport spell on my face.

“But this is also my fault, I got too excited about leaving for the outside world. It was like I’m trying to rub it on my mother’s face by saying that I’m happy to leave her. It’s normal for her to be mad at that.”

“But…” I looked around for a moment and muttered, “I still have to find out where I am.”

Pedestrians walked up and down the streets as the endless sound of the market revealed an atmosphere unique to human society.

“Uncle, wait a moment,” I called out to a middle-aged uncle wearing dirty overalls who looked to be going to work.

The old man seemed to be in a hurry, maybe he wasn’t all that happy to be stopped, but when he turned his head and saw me, his expression warped into a gentlemanly smile.

“Does little sister want me for something?”

Sure enough, this is a society that judges you by your face.

“May I ask where we are right now?” I asked with a sweet smile.

“Where?” The uncle was confused by my question, then he pointed towards the many boats anchored in the distance, “isn’t this a port?”

Of course, I know this is a port, I’m not blind okay? There are so many boats anchored here that anyone could tell.

“What I meant to ask is, what is the name of this country and city?”

“Obviously, this is the port city of the Luminous Theocracy, the biggest port in the nine nations.” After saying that, the uncle eyed me suspiciously. “If you don’t even know that, are you perhaps a slave that escaped from somewhere?”

“No way…” I showed off my beautiful dress to him, “have you ever seen a slave dressed so finely?”

“Well, that’s true…” Uncle cupped his chin with a hand and said with an all-knowing look, “it looks like you are the daughter of some noble family that snuck away to see the world.”

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“Hehe.” What else can I say? I only kept smiling.

“Oh, that’s right,” the uncle suddenly came to my side and whispered into my ear, “it’s better for you to go back as soon as you can, little girl. This area hasn’t been very safe lately.”

“Unsafe? Are there bandits?”

“Nay, I don’t dare to openly call them bandits,” the uncle whispered directly into my ear with a disgusted expression, “there have been rumors of a slaver in the area.”

“Slaver?” I said with big eyes. “Uncle, just a moment ago, you said that you doubted me because you thought I was a slave, are slaves common in this country?”

Obviously, the so-called Luminous Theocracy is not as bright as it makes itself out to be since they practice an evil system like slavery, the goddess they all worship must look innocent and charming but is actually calculating and manipulative.

“Naturally, slavery is banned on the surface, but there are always places in the world where the goddess’ teachings do not reach. Some greedy merchants would secretly kidnap lost girls or children of peasants to be sold as slaves. Moreover, some high officials have been bribed, so this kind of trade continued despite repeated prohibition. Us ordinary people are afraid to speak out despite our frustration and anger.”

After saying that, uncle patted my shoulder with his hand that was covered in an unidentified black substance, “you must be careful, little girl, otherwise your family will be worried if you disappear.”

I seamlessly slipped out of Uncle’s grasp, leaving his hand empty in the open air and responded to him with a slight bow, “thank you for reminding me, uncle. I will head on first. Goodbye.”


From there, I turned around and head in the opposite direction of the uncle. I looked around to see the pedestrians with a beaming smile, but obvious exhaustion could be seen on their faces… Sure enough, no matter where you go in the world, poor people have the most difficult lives.

“Move aside! Everyone in front of me, move aside!” Shouted someone from behind, accompanied by the sound of the fierce clomping of hooves.

Looking back, I saw that the sound came from a horse-drawn cart, rushing ahead speedily. The goods loaded on the cart were covered by a black cloth.

The cart was moving ahead, completely ignoring the crowds around it. Some people that couldn’t escape in time could only roll and scramble on the ground, and soon the once lively market became a chaotic mess.

Driving the carriage was a big man with a scarred face. When he saw me standing in the middle of the road without moving, he raised the whip in his hand, “Little girl, you better get out of the way quickly or else I won’t be responsible for what happens to you.”

At a single glance, it was easy to tell that the black scales on the horse’s body was nothing more than ordinary, but I have the utmost confidence in my body. If the carriage hits me, I will surely be fine, and the carriage will definitely be destroyed.

It’s just that I’ve only arrived in the human world and there’s no need to get into trouble, even if scarface is asking for it.

I moved my body slightly to avoid the horse-drawn cart. Even so, it brushed past me without slowing down in the slightest, it was still running in a frenzy.

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However… just as the horse-drawn cart run past me, the black cloth was opened slightly, revealing the goods hidden behind.

I saw several girls, their bodies covered in whip marks.1

So those are the slaves the uncle mentioned earlier? Surprisingly, they let this happen in broad daylight…

The Goddess of Light is such a ⓑⓘⓣⓒⓗ.


  1. was censored in the raw, just a guess

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