Chapter 2-59: Being vulgar is a powerful talent

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2005 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1301 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Chapter 2-59: Being vulgar is a powerful talent
Source Words: 2005

“Are you able to continue, brat? Why do you look like you’re about to fall dead?”
“Are you doubting my capability as a man?”
“I can see that your kidneys are failing. You should nourish yourself properly.”
“Okay. Looks like I’ve got to show you the might of my masculinity for you to know how formidable I am.”
“Alright, come. Let’s see who’s afraid of who.”
“Good! Don’t get frightened by me, okay! I’m forceful, you know!”
“Hurry up and stop your windiness.”
“Argh…hurry! Hurry up! Faster! Ah~just like that. We…We’re almost there…”

In the next instant…

“Are…are we not there yet…I’m almost at my limits…”
“Endure! You’re a mighty 5th rank Martial Artist! How can you have such low limits! Endure! Just a bit more! Just a little bit more…”
“This…huff huff…this will be my last push…Ha!!”
“Ah! I reached it!”

Carol held onto the key that hung over three meters high up on the wall as she exclaimed in excitement: “I’ve finally reached it.”

Durango, who had become a human ladder for Carol to step on, breathed a sigh of relief, before wobbling about as he lowered her down.

“You really are the big mistress of the Dragon Blood Aristocratic Family, the Emonas. Your weight far exceeds that of normal people. You really wore me out.”
“What…did you say?” Carol asked as she grabbed ahold of Durango’s hair: “What about this lady’s weight?”

Immediately realizing his mistake, Durango hastily begged for forgiveness while enduring the pain coming from his head: “I…I said that you’re lighter than those 300-pound fatties. Ouch ouch ouch…you’re going to pull my hair out!”

Woah…so you mean that my weight’s not far from 300 pounds, right? This lady had braved hardship, run all the way here from the Holy Dragon Empire, not eaten for a few days, leaving my chest flat from my loss of weight, and you actually say that I’m fat! You’re making me infuriated!”

“Stop stop stop! Stop pulling my hair! Stop grabbing my ears! Stop shaking! Ow ow ow! Stop poking my eyes! I’m falling, I’m falling! Argh!”

“Bam” (sound of him hitting the floor)

“Yeowch. So painful.” Carol clutched the back of her head as she rolled about on the ground in pain.

“Didn’t I say that I’m about to fall over? And yet you continued to shake me.” Durango exclaimed in helplessness as he rubbed his waist.

“Grrr…it’s all your fault! All your fault! Why did you say that this lady’s heavy! It’s all your fault that this lady had fallen down!”

“It’s really not my fault. If not for you…” Durango attempted to explain. However, he was instantly shut down by a glare from Carol’s tear-filled eyes. There’s no helping it that she has a formidable person as a dad, someone that he did not dare to provoke.

“Okay. The keys’ in our hands. Let’s open the door.” Durango did not dare to continue arguing with Carol. If she wanted him to kneel before her as an apology, he had no way to argue his way out of that. Therefore, it was best for him to change the topic as quickly as possible.

He turned his gaze towards Eleanor, only to discover her faint red eyes wide open as she looked at him in interest.

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable from Eleanor’s gaze, Durango pulled his clothes tightly against his body as he retreated a slight distance away: “What…what are you looking at…”

“Oh…” noticing her lacking manners, Eleanor hastily covered her face while waving her hand: “It’s really been a long while since I’ve seen people argue, so I’m just feeling extremely happy right now.”

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“However…” stepping over to his side, Eleanor pulled his arm into her embrace, letting it sink right into her chest.

“Don’t be afraid, little brother…you wouldn’t be afraid that I’ll~eat~you~up~, right~? Hehe.”

Durango’s face immediately turned red with embarrassment as he looked towards Eleanor’s small and perky chest, while beads of perspiration continued to drip down his forehead.

Seeing Durango’s virgin-like reactions, Eleanor continued to tease him, pressing down onto him while licking his ear, causing him to tremble. She followed it up by speaking out in a seductive tone: “Are you really an aristocratic family member that’s here to buy slaves?”

“Yes…that’s right…”
“It’s hard to find such innocent aristocratic family members. Do you want to…have some fun with this sister? …It’ll be very enjoyable.”

Durango gulped his saliva forcefully, sweeping his gaze across Eleanor’s exquisitely beautiful face, before ending up at her chest. It took him quite a while before managing to stutter out a reply: “I’m…I’m sorry. I still prefer larger ones.”

“……” Eleanor lowered her head to shoot a look at her chest, before turning around solemnly to speak to Carol: “Little sister, do you want to work together with me to deal with this foul-mouthed brat?”

A devilish upwards curl appeared at the corner of Carol’s mouth as she slowly walked towards the other two, before pulling out a steel pipe from god knows where into her hands.

“I’m happy to oblige.”
“What the 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴. Where did you get that steel pipe from.”

Seeing the worsening of the situation, Durango immediately attempted to extricate himself to flee away. However, before he could do that, he was grabbed ahold tightly by Eleanor. Struggling to break free, he discovered that even with his 5th rank Martial Artist level strength, he was unexpectedly unable to extricate himself.

“Wait wait…don’t…staph…it’s my fault, it’s my fault alright…”

Carol patted the steel pipe lightly against her hand, letting off a soft banging sound while speaking out in a sinister manner: “Do you think…that there’s any use in saying those words now? Huh…”


“Okay. Let’s open the door and rescue the slaves right now,” said Eleanor after beating up Durango into a pulp.

“That’s great.” as her goal all along was to rescue the slaves, Carol was naturally filled with excitement as she gave her reply.

“However, why is this auction house so weakly guarded? There wasn’t even a single guard present at the 7th level! Could it be that they’ve all hidden in fear of this lady?”

Eleanor brushed the silvery-white long hair that covered her eyes behind her ears before replying in an absent-minded manner: “Perhaps they’ve been lured away by those two explosions.”

“Woah! That’s definitely Lilith. She truly is amazing! She has actually pulled everyone over with a single move.”
“Yes. She really is amazing.”

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However… since those two loud explosions have attracted everyone’s attention, it’s basically impossible for her to finish laying all of the Explosive Scrolls. After all, the people running this auction house aren’t stupid. In fact, the two of them might even be hard-pressed to extricate themselves from the ensuing attention.

I don’t give a damn about Lilith, but Weir…
Looks like it’s still up to me to take action. Indeed, these strangers are unreliable.

Eleanor extended her hand into her large sleeve and rubbed the ice-cold short rod stored within, all while praying that the auction house had not discovered that thing, which she had not made contact since 4 years ago.

If not… her plan for revenge…

“Although it’s never been safe, I still feel that it’s better to be vigilant, as we might never know when we’ll bump into any formidable enemies around the corner.”

“What enemies. Those auction house bastards have definitely been played around by Lilith…” Carol gave a pat on Durango’s shoulder to reassure him. However, her words were interrupted by a furious roar.

“Eleanor Hamelin! I’ve finally found you!”



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