Chapter 2-48: Two Different Paths

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1986 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1273 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Who are you!”

An ugly expression appeared on the gruff-looking uncle, who clutched his head and roared out in anger.

Climbing up, I dusted my clothes before replying unhappily:
“What if I said that I’m here for sightseeing?”

“Who the heck would believe you! You guys are the intruders.”
“If you know, why ask? Are you dumb?”

A serious expression appeared on the gruff-faced uncle. Pulling out the short sword hanging at his waist, he retreated back two steps in great vigilance: “As expected…”

However, before he could complete his sentence, he was interrupted by the projection of the red-clothed old man coming from the Spectrum Stone that had dropped onto the ground earlier.

“*******! These are the intruders you’re talking about? These two hairless little girls?”

The gruff-looking uncle’s face fluctuated between green and white in fear as he hastily knelt down respectfully: “Calm down, Master Hadecaien. These two aren’t ordinary little girls.”

“Huh? There’s something special about them?”

Raising his head, the uncle lowered his voice as he spoke out in an exceedingly serious tone: “It is extremely possible that they’re from that organization.”

“Which organization?”
“That organization.”
“I’m asking what organization they’re from!”
“These two should be people from that organization.”
“Is there something wrong with your brain? I’m asking about which organization those two are from! Can’t you hear what I’m saying?”
“This subordinate understands. However, these two are people from that organization…”1

“Enough!” The red-clothed old man flung his sleeves about in an exceedingly furious manner: “That idiot Wilkis! He can’t even handle such small matters properly!”
“My master has already handled it perfectly. However, our enemies are really…”
“Shut up!”

Gruff-face quickly lowered his head, a clear indication of his extreme fear towards that old man.

“In the past, I’m still okay when he asked me to quietly find some people that basically don’t exist at all. Never did I expect that Wilkis would be so outrageous! He even wants me to take care of two little girls that have escaped from his clutches! Who the hell does Wilkis think he is!!”

The old man slammed his palm against the table, causing a loud bang to ring out.

“If this happens again, he’ll no longer be the master of this auction house! In any case, there are a lot of people waiting for that position.”

The red-clothed old man let out a curse before ending the transmission. In an instant, the atmosphere of the staircase turned weirdly silent.

For the sake of breaking this awkward atmosphere, I decided it was best to say something: “Er…did I make things difficult for you?”

Hearing my words, the gruff-looking uncle raised his head and looked at me, his eyes glistening with venomous hatred: “Truly worthy of people from that organization to use such simple methods to break our reinforcements. Master was right. You guys are the greatest danger that this auction house has ever faced.”


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What the hell is this fellow talking about? That organization? Is he talking about the organization Eleanor had created? They are utterly useless, you know.

“Where’s Eleanor Hamelin?” The gruff-face swept his gaze to the left and right in extreme vigilance, as though he was waiting for Eleanor to pop out suddenly to stab him with a knife.

Eleanor had set off earlier than us. Furthermore, she was headed straight for the slave prison at the 7th to 9th levels. Being much more familiar with this auction house, and even having managed to figure out the patrolling schedule, she should have already managed to safely reach the 7th level to rescue those slaves.

From the gruff-face’s question, they must have already figured out that Eleanor has escaped from her cell. Hmm, this is not good. I have to buy some more time for her.

“What did you say? I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

A look of extreme astringency appeared at the corner of the gruff-face’s mouth, before sniggering twice: “Even if you don’t know where she’s at.”

Extending his hand to point at the ceiling, he spoke out with an extremely certain tone: “She’s…above.”

Dammit. This fellow…how did he know?

“Haha. Never guessed it, right? Master’s already completely aware of your movements. At this moment, he’s arranging a trap and lying in wait for you guys.”

That’s why there’s no one coming down to the 1st level! The auction house’s target is actually Eleanor and the others!

Dammit! We’ve looked down on them! Looks like this so-called auction house master is not as stupid as we think he is.

This isn’t good. I’ve to tell Eleanor and the others that she’s being tracked as soon as possible. If not, this entire plan would go up in smoke if those three are caught.

“Weir, leave first!”

“Do you think that you two can leave like that?” Standing in the middle of the staircase, the gruff-face pointed his short sword at us before saying: “You two should just stand there obediently and look at each other as your compatriots die a painful death.”

“What…what should we do?”

“Don’t worry.” I consoled Weir, who was about to burst into tears, “You just have to lower your head and rush straight forwards.”

“Believe me…” I responded by giving her a firm gaze: “and believe in yourself.”

Biting her lip, Weir’s eyes gradually turned firm, then she nodded her head: “I understand.”

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“Hehe. I really want to see how you two will rush past me.”
“You don’t have to worry about that.”

Two scrolls slide into my hands. Seeing this, the gruff-face’s eyes narrowed: “So that’s the reason. You’re the one who unleashed Explosion Magic on the 1st level. Looks like you have something good in your hands to survive from that kind of an explosion. So, are you going to use another one?”

Ignoring his taunt, I whispered to Weir: “I’ll count to three, okay. When that happens, just rush straight forwards without caring about anything else, do you understand?”

“Okay.” Weir nodded her head.
“Alright…get ready…”

“Huh? Are you counting down to your death?” Seeing that we’ve seemingly made up the decision to force our way through, the gruff-face earnestly prepared himself as he focused his eyes on the scrolls in my hands.

“Two!” I tossed the scrolls at the gruff-face before rushing quickly towards him.

“You!” Obviously not expecting me to rush straight towards him, the gruff-face could not help but exclaim out in shock.

“I love my mother the most.”
“Condense water.”

I activated the two scrolls at the same time, creating a massive blast of heat and water, which combined to engulf the entire area in scorching hot steam. While the steam formed, I unleashed a punch towards gruff-face.


Despite the obvious disruption to his vision, gruff-face was still able to move his short sword precisely to block my punch. Nevertheless, he was clearly not expecting the massive strength that I’ve placed behind my fist. Suffering a great disruption to his balance, he tottered back a few steps before being able to stabilize himself.

Taking this opportunity, Weir lowered her head and rushed forwards, taking only a few breaths to disappear out of sight.


Gruff-face cursed out as he tried to chase after Weir. However, how could I give him the chance to do that? With a light hop, I jump towards his front, obstructing him from giving chase.

“What’s the matter? Do you still believe that we’ll not be able to get past you?”


  1. Silva bursts forth with laughter at this…

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