Chapter 2-36: There’s Always One Cheater Teammate

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2402 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1351 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Well, now we can escape from here. Hum, since they made me … this princess suffered such humiliation, I’ll have them pay double in compensation!”

“Wow, so amazing …” Durango applauded expressionlessly, and then pointed at the fairy elf crouching by the wall, “Speaking of, what should we do about her? “

After we were caught, for some reason the auction house locked the fairy elf with us, and since she got here, the fairy elf has been squatting in the corner of the room with clutching her knees silently.

“What is your name?”

The fairy elf raised her head and looked at me. Her eyes were as numb as the wind elf before, but I could see the fear deep in her eyes.

“Weir … My name is … Elle Weir.”
“Elle Weir, that’s a really good name. Would you like to escape with us?”
“Escape together?” Weir asked, tilting her head, and didn’t seem to know what to say.
“Yes, we’ll leave together and escape from here, escape from the auction house.”

“Escape from the auction house … Escape from the auction house …” Weir kept repeating this sentence, and then suddenly wailed, holding her head and crying in pain, “It’s impossible, we can’t escape. All the people who tried to escape are dead, all dead … impossible … impossible …”

It seems that she is also poisoned by the auction house. Judging at her current condition, she will certainly not be of any substantial help.
If you want to escape from the auction house, the most important goal is to escape from the cell first.
Under normal circumstances, an iron door like this wouldn’t be able to stop me at all.
It’s just….

“These handcuffs seem a little weird. I haven’t been able to use any energy for a while now.”
“Of course, these are handcuffs made by Madrica Silver, which can not only block Battle-Qi and Magic Power, but also weaken physical strength. Generally, they are used to restrain criminals. I never expected to see a day where I, Aneva Durango, would one day be locked up by this kind of thing.”

Durango leaned aside and picked his nose in an ungentlemanly manner, and then bent his finger and blasted a mass of black unknown substance into the air.

“It’s just as you said … but why are you so laid back, don’t you want to escape?”
“Haha,” Durango continued to pick his nostrils. “Ever since they put these handcuffs on me, I lost all thoughts of escaping.”

“Why? I have a storage ring. Besides, this Madrica Silver shouldn’t be able to block mental power, which means that I can use the storage ring, and the possibility of escape is very high.”
“Ha? Are you stupid?”

Oh, do you want to die?

“Even if you can use a storage ring, can you open the cell door silently? With that type of Blast scroll, I’m afraid it will lead people in immediately.”

He’s right. Although no one is guarding it now, it doesn’t mean that the people on the auction floor are deaf. If you use a powerful scroll, the noise will definitely attract people. I won’t have a chance at that time to hide the ring again.
But with that … it should work.

“Wait! I have a way!”

Carol, who was just rolling her eyes on the ground, spoke up when an opportunity presented itself.

“What can you even do…?”
“Wao! Lilith, don’t you always look down on me, is this lady so unreliable?”


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“Uh … Cough cough…” Carol gave a cough awkwardly, and then suddenly aimed the fire at Durango, “Granted that Lilith looks down on me, but what gives you the right!”
“Ha? Don’t you know him?”

“Should I know him?”
“Miss Carol doesn’t know this humble one is normal. When this humble one went to your birthday party with my father, I looked at you from afar.”

Just because I paid a little more attention to him from the rest of the crowds, not only did he end up owing a huge debt of six thousand gold coins, but was even captured by the auction house as my accomplice. Alas, I feel like he is even more unlucky than me.

“Okay, Carol, first you’ll need to tell us about your plan.”

Although Carol’s plans are usually unreliable, if someone says otherwise, she will act spoiled and troublesome.

“Hmph, look at that!”
“That’s …” Looking in where Carol was pointing, we noticed something hanging on the wall…

“Yes, it’s the key, I accidentally discovered it just now.”

The auctioneers are really kind hearted. Are they really so confident in these handcuffs to place the key so close to the prison?

“What’s next after that?”

Although the key was hung on a wall not far away, it wasn’t so close we could reach it.

“That’s not easy. I compared the width of this iron railing and found that someone with a petite body should be able to squeeze through. So Lilith, as long as you … awawawawawa… What are you doing?”


“Ahhhhhh!!!! It hurts, it hurts! !! My head is going to crack!!!”
“How do you feel, think you can slip past it now!?”
“I meant you, Lilith …”


“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s stuck, my head is stuck, I was wrong, I was wrong, Mistress Lilith forgive me!!!”
“Just get stuck here and reflect.”
“Waa, please save me.”

Carol stuck out her butt and wanted to pull her head out of the railings, but that was just in vain. Even I barely had the strength to force her in, she couldn’t possibly have enough energy left. After all, the physical weakening effects of Madrica Silver are quite severe.

“Well, let’s get back to planning.”
I sat back in front of Durango, “Assuming I can solve the prison problem, what’s next?”
“Of course, there must be a detailed map of the auction site, otherwise they’d be like headless flies, and would’ve gotten caught sooner or later.”

Well, yes, the map of the auction house is really important. But … about that, I remember Carol came in for information.

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“Carol, did you get a map of this auction site?”
“Ah? What map?”

“A detailed topographical map of the auction site, a count of the number of strong men employed within, and the place where the slaves were held, didn’t you come in for this?”

“Ahaha … that …”
“Hurry up.”
“Don’t have.”

“No … no … I was arrested just yesterday. I don’t know anything other than the place where the slaves were held.”
“Then why’d you come in the first place! Are you sightseeing?”

“Well … I know where the toilets in the auction house are. We can go in and see if there are any small windows that we can slip out from.”
“I’ll kill you!”
“Owowowowow, that hurts.”

I stomped on Carol’s butt, and her head snapped forward for a bit.

Damn it, we completely overestimated Carol’s ability. Even if it’s only been one day, with Carol’s IQ who knows if she’ll actually remember where the toilets are, let alone maps.

What to do, will I, the dignified dragon princess Artemis Niger Lilith, really be trapped here?

“If you run into trouble, you can go to the organization and they can help you.”
That’s right, I still have the badge that the uncle gave me.

I quickly took out the badge, he had said that if I had any troubles at the auction house, I could use this badge. It’s just … I don’t know how to use it, the uncle didn’t give me contact information or anything, and there’s no one else in this place…

“I didn’t expect to meet the holder of the badge here.”

The sudden voice surprised both Durango and me, and we both subconsciously rose from the ground into ready stances.
At this moment, a small figure in the shadow of the cell opposite us gradually walked into the light.

“Oh my, how rude of you to not know who this one is, badge holder… So, listen up!”
“This one is Eleanor Hamelin, the founder of that organization.”


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