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Chapter 2-3: The Wandering Beggar is the Eldest Daughter of a Wealthy Family

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1566 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1088 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp

“You… don’t seem… to like… the food…eh…”
“Ah……… Ghost!!!!”

The bleak voice, coupled with the cold touch on my leg, gave me a feeling of a chill rising from the soles of my feet that instantly traveled to the top of my head.

I was so scared that I couldn’t stop myself and jumped straight to my feet and kicked at it…

Then the white thing beside my leg rolled over several times on the ground and bumped into a pillar of the private room like a ragged doll.

“You… are you a person or a ghost?”

I carefully approached the white figure who was lying still and poked it with chopsticks in my hand.

It suddenly started to move and looked like it was struggling to support itself as it slowly stood up.

“Oof… it hurts. Of course, this lady is a person!” The figure screeched as she rubbed her waist.

Only now did I realize, the thing that I kicked away was actually a young girl, but the clothes she wore were ragged and worn out. Though I said white, her clothes were already tainted in gray-color. Her long black hair was filled with innumerable twigs and leaves, and her face was covered in black stains, looking as if she had crawled out from the bottom of the stove.

“I’m sorry… I thought a ghost had appeared in broad daylight, are you alright?” Although it was just a light kick, with my physical strength any ordinary person would’ve already had their spine broken.

But the girl was acting like nothing happened. “I’m okay, I’m alright. Fortunately, this lady is tough or else she’d have been killed by you.”

“You’re really alright?”
“I’m really alright.” The girl did a few squats to prove she was healthy.

“That’s good,” I patted my little chest and breathed a sigh of relief, “I thought I might have to pay for damages.”

When I said the words ‘paying for damages’, the girl’s eyes shone brightly, as if she had spotted an oasis in the desert. She quickly rolled her eyes, then suddenly grabbed her chest and started to roll on the ground.

“Owie, owie, owie, my chest hurts….. You kicked me in the chest so hard with your foot just now, you have to pay for damages or else I’ll tell on you.”

I amusingly looked at the girl, who was now rolling around on the ground but my heart was not shaken the least bit. In fact, I felt like laughing out loud.

“But I hit your belly.”

“Eh…” The girl stopped awkwardly, slowly moving her hand from her chest to her abdomen.

“It hurts… Ah… even my stomach is starting to hurt now.”

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I looked at the girl who was twitching in front of my eyes and didn’t know what to say.

“Knock, knock.” All of a sudden, a knock rang out from the door of the private room and the waiter poked his head into the door.

“Miss, there seems to be a lot of noise coming from this room, did something happen?”

Then he saw the girl on the ground.
The girl also looked back at the waiter.
Instantly, the room became silent.

The two of them kept staring at each other for more than ten seconds.
The gaze that was revealed seemed as deep as the deep sea.
The atmosphere felt like the reunion of lovers who have not seen each other for two decades, and me holding my breath due to surprise.

The waiter was the first to break this complicated silence. I watched as he opened the door, walked in, stopped in front of the girl, and lifted the tray in his hand to gently hit the girl’s head…

… As if that’s what would have actually happened!!! The waiter glared at the girl as if she was his father’s murderer, then he suddenly moved his tray to hit her head with such force I thought he wanted to kill her.

“You damn beggar! How many guests have you scared away these last couple of days, and yet you dare to return today! I’m going to resign if I don’t bash your brain today!”

The girl beautifully dodged the fatal blow of the waiter. As she stood up and jumped to her feet, she shrieked, “You’re a beggar. Your whole family is of beggars. This lady already told you I’m just here to look for something to eat. After I finish my business and get back home, I will come back and pay back everything I owe you. Stingy! Miser! Ptui ptui~~”

She acted just like a little girl pulling her face and spitting saliva at the waiter.

The waiter dodged the girl’s spit and sneered, “Do you really think you’re a noble lady? You have to depend on the charity of others even for eating food. What kind of destitute young lady are you?”

“The lady already said, I brought too little money with me so I don’t have anything left to eat with, you cheapskate. You’re just a waiter! After I go back, I’ll bring a mountain of copper to smash your shop.”

“You really are a beggar, and have only ever seen copper coins in your life,” sneered the waiter.

“No, you are the short-sighted one. Don’t you even know that copper coins are the most valuable of all?” The girl puffed out her chest that wasn’t any larger than my own, as she spoke with a know-it-all face.

“Wait, what was that? Can you say that again?” I asked, noticing how strange her words were.

The girl looked at me strangely, “I said copper coins are the most valuable.”

Me: “……”
Waiter: “……”

“This may be presumptuous of me to ask, but how much money did you bring with you when you left your home?”

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The girl’s expression withered, as if she were recalling a bad memory, “Because of my haste, I only brought a hundred gold coins1 with me. As a result, I ran out of money after only two vegetarian dishes. One meal and all my money were gone. Now I can only wander around aimlessly and live in unspeakable misery.”

Both the waiter and I looked at the girl with a dumbfounded expression as if looking at a precious animal that could only be seen once a century.

No, she is already one. The legendary rich girl spoken of in all corners of the world who sneaks out of her home and doesn’t understand how money works…


  1. Silva: At first, I thought this was a typo, but nay, 100 gold coins is correct.

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