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Chapter 2-14: Do you Prefer Roast Pigeon or Roast Rabbit? (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2260 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1372 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“Ah ~” I dipped into the hot water and sighed comfortably, “Sure enough, only hot water can soothe my mental fatigue.”

The things that I did with Carol today obviously didn’t require much physical effort. So I don’t know why I feel so tired. It’s even more tiring than spending an entire day learning the dragon language.

“Speaking of which, it’s only been half a day since I came to the human world.” Yet after only half a day, I got involved in a plot to rescue slaves; it seems that I have a constitution like the protagonist in novels that attracts trouble.

“Regardless, it doesn’t matter since I already promised to help Carol. Let’s just consider it as a virtuous act!”
“But why do I feel so restless?”

“Ah… forget it… just let me indulge myself for once.” I shoo away the annoying thoughts in my head, close my eyes, and lie in a more comfortable position in a wooden barrel.

“Creaaaak.” The door opens.
“Huh? A thief?” I sat up sharply.

The restaurant’s guest room is a twin room. You can’t see the outer doorway from inside the bedroom, but I still stare in the direction of the door, secretly holding the storage ring in my hand.

After a few minutes, nothing else happened.
“Did I imagine it? Thinking on it, how could there be thieves in the middle of the day, it must’ve been from next door.” I deliberately made a loud noise, then closed my eyes again, and laid back again.

Rustle. Rustle. Although the sound was very subdued, I still heard the footsteps. A dragon’s senses are very acute, I can hear the footsteps of cats at this distance, not to mention humans.

I listened carefully to the footsteps, then suddenly opened my eyes when I heard them get close.
Then I saw Carol trying to sneak in.

“What are you doing?” I asked her while covering my private parts.
Seeing me suddenly open my eyes, Carol froze for a moment then stopped hiding. She straightened her back, curled her lips, and said, “I want to take a bath too.”

“I said you could take a bath later, go away and eat or something.”
“Uuu… shelled peanuts don’t taste good.”

“Didn’t I ask the waiter to boil some eggs for you.”
“I’m allergic to eggs.”

“Then you can order something else from the waiter instead, get whatever you want. That’ll be fine right? Just hurry up and go.” I quickly dismissed her. Even if I may be a girl now, I still feel embarrassed from her staring.

“But Alex said I can’t eat too much before taking a bath.”
“…you, what the hell do you want?” I suddenly had a bad feeling as I looked at Carol, who was getting closer and closer.

Carol walked directly to the edge of the barrel, smiled wickedly, and then began to undress herself.
“Alex said that girls can be honest with each other and deepen their friendship in the bath. As partners who are going to do big things together, this kind of team building exercise is necessary.”

“Who is Alex supposed to be? Just stop, did you know only those female perverts would do this kind of thing?”
However, Carol ignored me. As her dress falls off her body, her dirty arms, legs, and breasts are exposed.

“… What the hell are you doing to get so dirty in your clothes?”
“Don’t worry about trivial things like that.” Carol stepped in with her leg, hmm… this thigh is quite sexy…

Sexy looking your head! This isn’t the time to think about that, I quickly pushed Carol out, however, because of my posture, I couldn’t muster any strength and Carol came in with my hand.

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“Ah… the water…” I pointed to the water that turned black as soon as Carol entered. “Carol, what did you do to get so dirty? Roll around in a mud pit every day?”
Carol laughed, trying to play it off, “Haha, don’t worry about such trivial things.”
“I’m very worried, I’m trying to bathe, not be dyed black!!”

Carol didn’t care about my scolding and wonderfully ignored me. She simply moved past me and took aside the soap fruit (a plant used in this world to bathe), crushed it, and used it to wipe herself down.

“You!” I was seething with rage, I threw out my hand to grab Carol, but my hand stopped in the air.
I couldn’t tell before, but when Carol cleans up it turns out she’s actually a beauty.

Her pretty face, big lustrous eyes, and her cute little nose all fit together perfectly. Her neck was slender like a swan and following the graceful curve below….


When I was still living on Dragon Island, my mother would change me into all kinds of clothes every day, and a large number of them were black.

“Ah, the black gooey is thinning out,” she said, but I didn’t understand at all. Black is black, what thinness is there to be found?1 If wearing black was enough, then why aren’t more fat people losing more weight?

Now… I finally know, many of the facts passed down by the elders have some truth in it!

I hadn’t noticed it when she was wearing dark grey clothes, nor had I noticed after she undressed due to how dirty she was, but I found out once she’d cleaned up and shown off her white and tender skin.

Her breasts are not a pigeon sized, but instead a pair of white rabbits!

That’s right … pigeon breast, white rabbits2, cows, these are my own classifications of the useless fat that came in a pair on the chest, because I find that if it is just the dry letters of ABC, I can’t interpret them.

To gain strength, one must understand strength. Therefore, I am not a pervert.

“What’s wrong? Does Lilith like this as well?” Carol saw me staring intently at her powerful chest. She came over deliberately, wrapped my arm within that lump of power and said, “Would you like to feel it for yourself… ”

Wow… this feeling… this softness…

I’ve felt similar things on my mother’s body a countless number of times, but due to the difference in size, this also has a distinct flavor.

“I didn’t expect Lilith to like this so much as a girl…” Carol stared down at my flat chest, deliberately covering her mouth in surprise, and continued with a smirk, “Yeah, I forgot Lilith didn’t have this, oh wow … so poor so pitiful… ”

Then she held my head and said with tenderness, “Lilith is so pitiful, even though she said she is an adult.”

Her tone incited feelings of revenge in me that I couldn’t hide.

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“Burn.” A phonetic word came out of my mouth, and as the sound was made, a hot flame formed in my hand.

This is one of the basic magics that I can use with the fifty words of the dragon language I learned. It has no special effects, it just formed a ball of flame that can’t be extinguished by water in my hand.

“Whoa … Lilith, what are you doing … Your hand is on fire …” Carol saw the flame coming out of my hand and was so scared that she fled directly to the edge of the barrel.

However, the barrel was only so big, so where could she hide?
I approached Carol with a smile and asked in a gentle tone, “Do you prefer roasted pigeon breasts or roasted rabbit?”

“I…I…I prefer teppanyaki…”
“Hehehe … All right, the roast cow you ordered will be here soon.”

“Awawa… Lilith, I was wrong … I won’t ever mock your chest again …”
“Rest assured my dear guest, I’ll make sure to knead and bake them simultaneously. I’ll guarantee you a feastful meal.”


On the other side, a waiter who was passing by the guest room rubbed his nose and said oddly, “Huh? Why is there a burnt smell? Did something catch on fire?”


  1. Silva is also confused by this
  2. Silva believes white rabbits to be C-cups

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