Chapter 38 – The Start of my Journey (Part 4)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2030 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1416 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

“Finish… Finish class?” Professor Flint looked back with an expression that read ‘are you joking?’, “But our class only lasted for ten minutes, where in the world would you find a class that ends in only ten minutes?”

“No no no,” I shook my finger at Professor Flint, “It looks like you don’t know this, but teaching for ten minutes then taking a break for forty minutes is actually the most scientific way to teach, not only does the combination of rest and work improves efficiency, but it also prevents the students from becoming mentally exhausted, dozing off, or getting stressed.”

“Isn’t that true everyone?” I turned around and asked the other dragons, the threat in my eyes was evident.

“… true true true, the Royal Princess is absolutely correct.”

“Yes, if only I had mastered this scientific method earlier in life, it wouldn’t have taken me a thousand years to learn Elvish.”

“Indeed, the Royal Princess is truly deserving of her title.”

When I was satisfied with the answers I turned back to Professor Flint with a victorious look in my eyes. The professor froze for a long time before finally putting down the pointer in his hand, “Since the Royal Princess has decreed it, class is dismissed.” 1

I gave Professor Flint a thumbs up, “As expected of the best Dragon Language instructor, you are a sensible man indeed.”

Then I turned and immediately slipped away. As for whether I had returned to class after forty minutes… that’s another story that we’re not gonna talk about now.



Time flies like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and in the blink of an eye three years had passed since I was born in this world.

These past three years, I spent every day with my schedule crammed full of important matters.

Every morning, I practiced controlling my lifeblood. After my first schizophrenic event, my mother told me that the reason it happened was because I couldn’t control the great ancestor’s blood essence that’s raging within my body and if I want to be able to do so, then I shouldn’t avoid it. If I want to control it, then I need to embrace it and use it repeatedly.

Therefore, every morning I had to spar with the training partners my mother caught from various locations.

However, the race of my training partners was always the same: Deep Sea Giants.

Once, it had nearly led to a war among the dragon races, but mother single-handedly shut that down.

And that other personality of Lilith had appeared more than once. It happened every time I lost to my training partner and was hammered into the ground. She would brutally murder her opponent with battle instinct and base power which is simply incomparable to my power in my normal condition. Therefore, it can be concluded that she only appears and takes over my body if I’m facing an opponent that I can’t deal with on my own.

But, just as mother said, I was still me at the time. It was only because of my poor control over my lifeblood that my personality and thought processes were affected. I’ve been told that my personality, when influenced by my blood, is rash, bloodthirsty, violent, crazy, and vengeful. All my little discontent would act as the fuse for me to act out violently at that time.

As a result, I also tore up Akarin’s Magical Girl Book, beheaded the sexy statue of the sculptor, and tied Fenice’s tongue in a sailor knot.

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Therefore, whenever my personality switched, all the dragons on Dragon Island, aside from my mother, would take their treasures with them and teleport away, waiting for me to turn back to normal.

And when my other self finally started to tear apart mother’s collection of ten-meter tall statues, she also decided to run off like the other dragons.

I studied the Dragon Language with Professor Flint every afternoon. I studied attentively for ten minutes and then took a break for forty minutes, there were three classes every day on that schedule. How well did that work out? Well…

Bang! Bang! Bang! With a few cannons, the ribbons that had been fired fell on my head…

“Congratulations, Crown Princess!!”
“Congrats, Crown Princess!!”

Each tree in the forest was covered with ornaments. At my usual place of attending language classes, a huge cake was placed. On the blackboard, there was a message that read, “Hearty congratulations to Crown Princess Lilith for learning fifty words of the Dragon language!”

You didn’t misread that, it took me merely three years to learn fifty characters, not only that but I also learned some low level spells that I can cast using those fifty characters such as ‘Ignition’, ‘Freeze’, ‘Breeze’, and so on.

Most importantly, I remembered my name!

The Chaos Dragon, Artemis Niger Lilith, I remember all thirteen characters of my name! I didn’t even expect to be able to do that.

So I am a genius after all.

“Crown Princess is a genius.” See, even they said so.

“That’s right, it only took you three years to learn fifty characters. If this keeps up, then memorizing all five thousand should only take, lemme see… one… two… three…”

“You idiot, how long do you intend to count for. It should take about five hundred years.”

“Yes, that’s right, five hundred years is enough. And here I thought that the Crown Princess would need to study for more than a thousand years. I’m so shortsighted I should punish myself with three cups.”

“Yes, three penalty drinks. Cheers!”


Those guys completely forgot about me and drank from a barrel-sized cup.

But there’s no way for me to enjoy it since this body can’t handle alcohol, the last time I tried to take a sip with my tiny mouth nearly all of Dragon Island was destroyed and since then no one offered me even a drop of wine to drink.

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Seriously, how frustrating! I was the God of Wine2 who wouldn’t even get drunk from a thousand cups in my past life, so how come this new body of mine can’t even handle a drink?

Forget it, just eat cake. If I can’t drink then it’s better not to think about it…

“Crown Princess, could you wait a moment.” Professor Flint suddenly called me.

“Professor, is there something you want?” I turned to look at my teacher who seemed to have aged too much in the last three years.3

Professor Flint hesitated for a moment, “this humble one has… come to resign.”

“Resign?” I look him straight in the eyes, “how can you resign after doing such a great job? Don’t tell me, is getting to class too exhausting? Is your salary not enough?”

“It’s not that.” The professor promptly answered, “It’s not exhausting, how can it be exhausting with only thirty minutes of class every day? And a salary of ten gold coins per day is more than I would’ve ever imagined at my previous job.”

“Then why are you resigning?”

“That’s because…” Flint paused. He seemed to be thinking about whether he should say it. After hesitating for a moment, he continued, “The Princess has only learned fifty characters in three years. It is really a waste.”

“How is that a waste? Dragons live for tens of thousands of years.”

“I mean I can’t afford it,” Professor Flint trembled sharply, he shook so bad, you’d think that someone had dug up his ancestral grave. “This year I’m turning eighty-one, I already have one foot in the grave. It really is a waste.”

“…” I almost forgot that humans had such short lives.

Professor Flint twitched and retrieved a letter from his arms, “I know why Your Highness has been so slow to learn, that is because it’s too boring to study alone.”

He handed the letter to me, “This is a recommendation letter for St. Caroline Academy. It is the most prestigious magic school in the Holy Dragon Empire. There is a special dragon language department in the school. I recommend you to go there to study, Crown Princess.” 4


  1. Silva pities the prof. And laughs at him…
  2. Lil Red Imp is proud that he was really a god of wine because of no lightning; she laughs at this developement
  3. More pity from silva
  4. An excited silva cheered for the “fabled” school arc.

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